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  1. Exactly. I don't think it will happen soon, but I think Terry has the potential to be the prime time host.
  2. Maybe this is being discussed elsewhere, but I haven't seen it. Cudos to VANOC for the versions of national anthems that I have heard. I thought Beijing's version of the Star Spangled Banner sounded like a dirge and no one could find a way this sing it. This version has strength and passion. I like it a lot. Cudos to all Canadians who belt out "O Canada" with joy. Special marks go to Virtue/Moir who sang with gusto after winning the Ice Dance competition. What fun to see it. Cudos to those athletes who tried to sing even though they did it through their tears. Xue Shen and Yu Na Kim come to mind. Note to Olympic athletes - If you are lucky enough to hear your National Anthem at the Olympics - SING IT. This is one time that no one cares whether you can sing or not. Belt it out - through tears or not. Shannon Bahrke is a great example. Final Note - I loved hearing Tenley Albright's story about winning the Gold in Cortina Italy in 1956. When she stood on the podium they played "My Country 'tis of Thee". and not the National Anthem. Oops.
  3. Just came back to say that I have enjoyed watching Al Michaels more as the Games have gone on. He sort of settled in after a few days. As a fan of figure skating I appreciated his interviews with those he has worked with over the years. I also enjoyed the stories about the 1980 Hockey competition. If I understand it correctly, Al has a very bad back - thus he is always sitting down. I remember seeing him having problems with his back as far back as US figure skating Nationals in 1993. I wonder how much trouble he has now. I thought he was a good edition to the commentating team. I also enjoyed the extended news and preview coverage on Universal - all five hours every day.
  4. All of the above. - Both Davis/White and Virtue/Moir have made great strides this year and have stand out programs and choreography this year. I think Davis/White have several new lifts and not just revised versions of old ones. - Linicuk gave Belbin/Agosto quintasential Linicuk programs this year. Trouble is, those programs and very european/Russian in flavor and this is a North American couple. They didn't suit them. Plus it seems that the dancing world has finally progressed beyond those types of programs - at least for now. - Was there ever a way that the judging panel would allow a podium with 3 North American teams? No Way. I think Belbin/Agosto should have won bronze. I suspect that 4 years from now only one of the top three teams will be back. No particular reason. I'm just looking at history. Injury, age, other priorities............ I was hoping for a "mariachi band" folk dance in the OD. Maybe next time.
  5. Announcers are live. Sometimes the announcements are pretty scripted and timed - especially at the Olympics. There is a core group of announcers that do this type of work in each country where there is a major figure skating presence. It is a coveted assignment, just as being selected to be a judge, accountant, or part of the technical team. Sympathies to Joannie Rochette and her family.
  6. I think there is progress in skating. For 50 years or more the ISU has been giving lip service to the idea that figure skating includes both spins and footwork as well as jumps. We used to see skaters win with simply terrible spins and no footwork. One of the good thing about this scoring system is it finally puts some teeth in the need for an overall performance. It's so nice to see real effort put into the other elements of skating. At one point several years ago, I wondered if spins and footwork would start to disappear. So the pendulum has swung in one direction. With the comments of Plushenko and Stojko, it may start to swing back the other way. Great. Finally, Lysacek and Plushenko skated under the same scoring system. Evan (and Frank Carroll) paid attention to gaining points. Plushenko (and Mishin) thought he didn't have to pay as much attention. He was wrong. He could have garnered more points - especially in the second half of the program. He didn't. Evan won.
  7. I have always appreciated Jim Lampley's personal commitment to the Games, but have never been a big fan of his style. Al Michaels is fine. I will give him a shot at this. I think the future for anchors may be with Terry Gannon who is anchoring the Universal coverage. Terry did figure skating for several years and proved himself to me by learning and respecting figure skating and not just playing TV announcer.
  8. Isn't Lambiel supposed to be back as well? I haven't seen his name in any conversations for a while.
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