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  1. The torch lighting will be a shameless advertisement of Canadiana. It will consist of a seadoo coming into false creek, passing off the torch to a skidoo that will ride into the stadium along placed snow. There it's passed off again, but no one is talking about the final leg at all so we'll have to wait. The torch will be fuelled by Hydrogen though to show the world that Canada is at the leading edge. The whole thing seems way too cheesy to me.
  2. Talks are back on with Dupont about a sponsorship deal on BC Place but at a lower rate then originally.
  3. Some of us have jobs and can only check in when we're in town. I am pleased to announce though that Vancouver will be hosting the 2011 RBC Open. Also there is talks about Vancouver hosting the Superbowl post 2011, the province has offered the stadium for free to the NFL, the province would eat the costs of the rental with all proceeds going to the league, including a cut of the concessions. the Province wants to show off its new stadium and capitalize on the Vancouver name brand. Apparently there is no talk what so ever of getting a team, this is strictly a one off. The province has been told by the league that it's very doubtful for a non-market team to host the big show but maybe the $$$ might tempt them.
  4. He did buy everyone that attended the meet a hotdog, maybe you should have attended instead of yapping your gums over the internet. Pretty sure he doesn't work for the city but he is well connected.
  5. I'm around I just don't see the need to post unless I have something useful to add.
  6. I'm not sure he's sick, I think he's just really slow. Should we get NBC to warn people that Vancouver is subject to flooding, or being hit by a metorite? Can you imagine the liability if an earthquake strikes Vancouver during the games and NBC is proven to have known that Vancouver was on a fault line and it didn't inform people. Funny that the roof is managing this record snow storm without issues, could it be that the last failure was human error and not the roofs fault????
  7. This just in from the R&D labs from NASA, The stupid posts by Towerguys/Jamie25/Footballer/Harrry/Yellowvest all over the internet have resulted in a measurable amount of increased greenhouse gases. The amount of power consumed by his ridiculous posts and by those reading them has enlarged the size of the ozone hole to an area equivalent of 6,358,422 time the size of BC places roof. This very same hole is now causing an increase in radiation that is assisting in further damaging the roof, along with the climate change caused by in the increased power comsumption of his posts it now appears that the roof might be in danger soley due to his own doing. Good job Harry.
  8. I've always said you're a moron, and now you've admitted that I was right all along. Thanks we already knew though. Should be interesting to see what happens next, sounds like Dupont is now getting cold feet on the naming deal.
  9. Oh the never ending saga Vancouver MLS bid getting cold feet VANCOUVER — Should we pay or should we go? That's the question facing the Vancouver Whitecaps and five other ownership groups bidding for two Major League Soccer franchises as a global recession forces them to reconsider the $40-million US franchise fee. A Montreal bid from the Saputo and Gillett families was rejected by MLS two weeks ago because they wanted to pay less than $40 million. A SportsBusiness Journal report this week said the Vancouver group won't fully commit to the expansion fee until $350 million Cdn is secured for the renovation of BC Place Stadium. However, former Yahoo! executive and Vancouver bid applicant Jeff Mallett stressed the group is confident that planned renovations will proceed at BC Place, making it MLS-ready by the time the Whitecaps begin play there in 2011. He said his group still expects to pay a $40-million fee if it is selected to join the league. Toronto FC paid a $10 million franchise fee three years ago while Seattle and Philadelphia paid $30 million each to begin play in 2009 and 2010, respectively. "We know the league is looking for $40 million and we respect that," Mallett said in an interview. "All our financial modelling has been done around the $40 million. "When it gets down to the final face-to-face meetings, both sides will look at all things considered and make the appropriate move at that time." Mallett is part of a four-person ownership group headed by Whitecaps owner Greg Kerfoot, along with NBA star Steve Nash and Boston Celtics part-owner Steve Luczo. Other cities bidding for franchises include Portland, Ottawa, St. Louis, Miami and Atlanta. Uncertainty around the $40-million franchise fee appears to be growing as the St. Louis bid group is reportedly okay with the fee as long as credit markets improve. The Miami bid group indicated it would pay $40 million as long as no one else pays less. MLS senior vice-president of marketing Dan Courtemanche said the league has no plans to cut the fee. "Clearly with trying economic conditions, it's a concern for every business as to how they're investing their dollars," he said. "But we still have more interest in MLS expansion now than at any other point in our history. "The groups understand the fee and they are moving forward under those guidelines." Courtemanche said the fee is based on several factors, including the $30 million paid by Seattle and Philadelphia and the fact that a 50-per-cent interest in the MLS Houston Dynamo recently sold for more than $22.5 million. The franchise bidding process has clearly hit a few bumps, with the departure of the Montreal bid and a demand from Miami bidders FC Barcelona and Marcelo Claure that if selected, they be allowed to begin play in 2010 instead of 2011. Courtemanche said the league would be flexible on that issue. "If we have the right ownership group with the right facility in the right market, we'll go when they have the best chance for success, whether it's 2010 or 2011," he said. The Whitecaps have signed a letter of intent to play in a renovated BC Place for five years, starting in 2011, but a formal lease has not yet been completed. Stadium owner PavCo plans to spend $65 million renovating the stadium before the 2010 Olympics and then an estimated $200 million-plus on a retractable roof, using the same technology found at Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, Germany. PavCo president Warren Buckley said it's too early to determine the final cost of the roof project. "I don't know the number yet. We haven't even gone out to tender," he said. "We're about 60- to 65-per-cent done on the design and hope to tender the steel and the fabric by early 2009. We haven't even had a speculative number from the engineers." Buckley said the business case for the roof project must be approved by the province based on final costs and the value of the land to be developed around the stadium.
  10. Haha you just proved you are Harry. As Harry was emailing everyone in the media to see who would bite. I wonder if Tom's banned your email address now too, I'll ask him next time I see him. Pretty soon you'll be the biggest joke in the industry. That's funny that you claim you leaked this info to Tom before I posted it, that would mean you knew about it, but as you can see in your first posts to my newsleak you were claiming them to be false. So which one is it Harry?
  11. Only thing I see in that picture is an overly confident Whitecap organization, note the scoreboard shows the Whitecaps in the MLS and beating Toronto FC 3-0. I do like the way the new Dupont turf looks though.
  12. Well looks like someone in the media has picked up on the story I leaked weeks ago. Still glad I never published it as sometimes you need to protect your sources, besides no one is going to confirm this for months. Enjoy the read though, it's almost word for word what I leaked here well before this thing was every published. Of course I'll still enjoy watching Harry guess who I am. One of these days he might figure it out but I think we'll be watching the Stanley Cup parade down Georgia St before that. Team 1040 story on Dupont field at BC Place
  13. Acutally after the city council meeting I went to your house and sent your mom into "cunvulsions". Looks like the story about the Dupont sponsership might break soon David Podmore slipped up last night at the meeting and mentioned there was a sponsership deal in the works. One of the local sports radio personalities has been sniffing around as well and did a segment on it already.
  14. Acutally sunshine the city didn't approve any buildings around BC Place last night, they approved an ODP. For any Construction of a new building to take place there will have to be a rezoning (12months) followed by a development permit issusance (6 more months) so we are looking at 18months minium before any new construction can begin. Some of us were at that meeting. By the way it doesn't appear that the roof blew off during the concert as you had predicted.
  15. Harry you need to give it up. I created this username to annoy you, but the only one getting annoyed is me. You have no idea who I am and keep taking shots in the dark. I have never said there wouldn't be a retractable roof. Fact is I don't care if there is or isn't I only care on reporting the news, not so much on what that news is. I have not been posting as there has nothing to post. At least until tonight. As per David Podmore the scheduled completion date for the upgraded stadium is March 2011, but there is a one year flexible deadline meaning that it's possible we won't see the stadium completed until March 2012.
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