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  1. Is Catalonia declaring independence from Spain? Or else how is it Barcelona followed by Madrid?
  2. Barcelona experienced something similar. As much as it is the golden standard for an Olympics meshing with economic revival, a lot of long-time locals were never happy because it turned the city into something of a tourist trap after a wave of gentrification, which as always is a double-edged sword. Dropping a ton of housing onto a city can have its benefits, but also its drawbacks as well.
  3. I'll send you an e-mail. Have a feeling I'm about to be your new best friend!
  4. The argument for Salt Lake would be like this.. That is all. This is not a competition won on technical merit. You're right that it's pretty even on that basis. And I don't think Vancouver can play the "most of our facilities will get old in another 10 years" card saying that 2030 is their time. Plus, as you noted, one of the big hurdles for Vancouver would be the matter of the Olympic Village, and their 2010 efforts on that one weren't exactly a highlight of the organizing committee.
  5. It's less about matching up against Sapporo and more about better timing for the USOPC (not to mention 2034 will be the first Olympics of the new TV contracts, so that could be better for the IOC as well). That said.. let's see what the appetite is for a Winter Olympics in Japan after what it's going to cost them for 2020 2021. Either way, hard to envision the next Winter Olympics in North American anywhere other than Salt Lake. Is Vancouver really in a rush to get themselves another Olympics so soon? That's everyone's economy at this point. At some point, Vancouver will likely put
  6. Canada is still probably licking their wounds from how the Calgary 2026 bid fell apart. Not a smart idea going up against Salt Lake and a United State bid. Somewhere down the line, Vancouver will probably be a good bet for another Olympics in Canada. But not 2030. And using St. Mortiz 1948 isn't a great example. That was the first post-WW2 Olympics and it was awarded to Switzerland on the basis of them being a neutral country through the war.
  7. Actually, I saw this story pop up earlier.. Olympic men's football age limit raised to 24 after Tokyo Games postponement
  8. Actually, and this is proof that we are in fact living in a bizarro world.. baron does have a point (sort of). Russia is trying to appeal the ban. So perhaps with the Olympics pushed back a year, it gives them more time to appeal. Obviously they would need to win that appeal, which yes, does seem pretty unlikely
  9. Had to happen. Olympics move a year back and just about everything else needs to get out of their way
  10. Makes sense. Everything moves exactly 1 year minus 1 day. Should be relatively easy to reset
  11. Too early to know what will happen to the world economy. Yes, this has the potential to be a major blow to their finances, but speculation at this point is probably very premature
  12. Would be convenient if they could build the new arena to open in 2028, leave the existing forum up, use both for the Olympics and then demolish the other one (my understanding is that they are NOT at the same location). But sports and construction timetables rarely are that convenient so I doubt it will work out that way
  13. Interesting news regarding a 2028 venue... Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Agrees to Buy the Forum from MSG for $400M in Cash
  14. Not true. It's a reason, but it's not THE reason. That's the preferred timetable for a lot of sport federations and other entities. It's not mainly for the benefit of American television
  15. And then Paris wouldn't host 100 years after the first time they hosted
  16. Decades from now, there will be a trivia question "what year were the 2020 Olympics held?" Not a trick question, but a very interesting blip on the radar. Notable that they're keeping the 2020 branding. Happy the Olympics will still happen, even if we have to wait another year for it
  17. Why wouldn't it be? The Euro and the Olympics were originally supposed to be in the same year. Now they're still in the same year. Again, remember that the men's tournament is U-23, so it's not the same kind of tournament. The question is what happens to the Women's Euro, which was slated to be held next July/August, so right in the window the Olympics is likely to occupy. That may have to get pushed back to 2022. Helps that the Men's FIFA World Cup isn't until November, so that Summer window is potentially open
  18. UEFA is the least of their concerns. Both events were supposed to be this Summer. And remember the Olympic tournament is primarily U-23. Agreed about the 2022 Winter Olympics. Either Summer 2021 or Summer 2022 puts them in the same proximity time-wise to Beijing. Don't forget the matter of the Paralympics though.
  19. Exactly. All of the qualifying will need to be rescheduled, so many countries and sports federations will need that time to ramp up properly for the Olympics
  20. Probably has to happen during the Summer
  21. Actually, upon further inspection.. this is just Dick Pound saying it. Don't know if this qualifies yet as "official," even though it confirms the prevailing sentiments from the past 24 hours
  22. Shows what I know. Didn't think they would reach this point so quickly
  23. I saw this posted on another thread. This is excellent analysis of what the IOC and the Tokyo OCOG are facing right now (read through the whole thread).. In short, there are massive legal ramifications involved with the decision of a postponement/cancellation. The host city contract is an agreement between the organizers and the IOC. If 1 side pulls the trigger before the other, they could claim a breach of contraction and the ensuing fallout could take years to sort out. That's why it need to be a mutual decision between the 2 parties, not to mention everyone else involved (i.e.
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