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  1. Had to happen. Olympics move a year back and just about everything else needs to get out of their way
  2. Makes sense. Everything moves exactly 1 year minus 1 day. Should be relatively easy to reset
  3. Too early to know what will happen to the world economy. Yes, this has the potential to be a major blow to their finances, but speculation at this point is probably very premature
  4. Would be convenient if they could build the new arena to open in 2028, leave the existing forum up, use both for the Olympics and then demolish the other one (my understanding is that they are NOT at the same location). But sports and construction timetables rarely are that convenient so I doubt it will work out that way
  5. Interesting news regarding a 2028 venue... Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Agrees to Buy the Forum from MSG for $400M in Cash
  6. Not true. It's a reason, but it's not THE reason. That's the preferred timetable for a lot of sport federations and other entities. It's not mainly for the benefit of American television
  7. And then Paris wouldn't host 100 years after the first time they hosted
  8. Decades from now, there will be a trivia question "what year were the 2020 Olympics held?" Not a trick question, but a very interesting blip on the radar. Notable that they're keeping the 2020 branding. Happy the Olympics will still happen, even if we have to wait another year for it
  9. Why wouldn't it be? The Euro and the Olympics were originally supposed to be in the same year. Now they're still in the same year. Again, remember that the men's tournament is U-23, so it's not the same kind of tournament. The question is what happens to the Women's Euro, which was slated to be held next July/August, so right in the window the Olympics is likely to occupy. That may have to get pushed back to 2022. Helps that the Men's FIFA World Cup isn't until November, so that Summer window is potentially open
  10. UEFA is the least of their concerns. Both events were supposed to be this Summer. And remember the Olympic tournament is primarily U-23. Agreed about the 2022 Winter Olympics. Either Summer 2021 or Summer 2022 puts them in the same proximity time-wise to Beijing. Don't forget the matter of the Paralympics though.
  11. Exactly. All of the qualifying will need to be rescheduled, so many countries and sports federations will need that time to ramp up properly for the Olympics
  12. Probably has to happen during the Summer
  13. Actually, upon further inspection.. this is just Dick Pound saying it. Don't know if this qualifies yet as "official," even though it confirms the prevailing sentiments from the past 24 hours
  14. Shows what I know. Didn't think they would reach this point so quickly
  15. I saw this posted on another thread. This is excellent analysis of what the IOC and the Tokyo OCOG are facing right now (read through the whole thread).. In short, there are massive legal ramifications involved with the decision of a postponement/cancellation. The host city contract is an agreement between the organizers and the IOC. If 1 side pulls the trigger before the other, they could claim a breach of contraction and the ensuing fallout could take years to sort out. That's why it need to be a mutual decision between the 2 parties, not to mention everyone else involved (i.e. sponsors, TV rightsholders, etc.) who have their contracts as well. That's why the IOC is talking about a 4 week timeline and assuredly will not give 2 shits about the "dripfeed" of sports bodies, who all likely understand what's at stake here. If we go more than a week without an announcement, I don't think it will be that amazing. We have no idea at what pace this will all develop, but I wouldn't assume it'll happen sooner rather than later
  16. Social media pressure is a thing, but I don't think it will force a premature announcement, let alone that it has to be today. Again, so many things to sort through. Let them do their work and then they can tell everyone. And everyone in the mean time screaming on social media for them to postponement can just calm the **** down and wait for what they know is coming.
  17. Glad to see how quick you've come around on "they'll hold the Olympics in 2020 or they won't hold them at all" Yes, lots of questions to be answered. Which is why they need time to sort everything out
  18. I don't know if it'll be that quick. I read on Twitter that Japanese business executives tend to be very careful and deliberate about their decisions, so it's likely them more than the IOC that is holding things up. I think the danger in saying postponement without a plan is there will be too many unanswered questions. Schedules, ticket sales, sponsorships, security, etc. They need to figure those things out BEFORE they make the announce to postpone, not after
  19. Just saw the tweets about it. Kinda gives away the IOC's plans if they're already starting to talking about 2021. I can't imagine they'd mention that without some knowledge of potential scenarios
  20. That's the read I'm getting. It's being hinted that the IOC has already decided on postponement, they just don't have everything in place to make an official announcement. Along those lines.. Canadian athletes will not compete at Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to risks of COVID-19
  21. Hard to have a sporting event when no sporting events can be held. Of course, that's what YouTube is for
  22. That's going to carry a lot of signifigance. The 2021 World Athletics Championships would likely be postponed as well if the Olympics were moved to next summer. For all the calls for China to lose the Olympics, if you want to pin this on them, there would need to be proof that their government was complicit in all this. Easy to make that claim. Not so easy to try and make it stick
  23. I am hopeful as well, but this can't ignore what is missing from the lead-up to these Games for so many athletes. So the question to be answered is this.. Is it better to hold an Olympics on schedule which will undoubtedly lack spectators and where the competition has clearly been compromised? Or deal with the headaches of a postponement in hopes of creating a more level playing field? Tough to decide which of those is better
  24. A full cancellation is a lesser evil than a postponement? Seriously? Again, we are living in unprecedented times. I had said for weeks that a postponement would be nearly impossible. Well, now the limits of possible are going to be tested. There's going to be an Olympics in Tokyo, I'm very confident of that. But I don't think pushing them back a month or 2 will be the answer. I think we're looking at a full postponement. And I'm more confident of it now that you don't think it's possible
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