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  1. From today's Michael Hiestand column in the USA Today... NBC to air more Games games Like 19th-century Native American hunters who famously used all parts of the buffalo they hunted — unlike wasteful European hunters who just made off with the prime pelts — NBC doesn't plan to let anything go to waste at the Summer Olympics. The latest wrinkle, to be formally announced Thursday: two sport-specific, ad-free channels — basketball and soccer — carrying every game in those sports in Beijing. Games slated to air live on NBC or its cable channel will be shown later on the specialized channels. NBC also will roll out what it believes will the first U.S. Olympic channels in languages other than English or Spanish: a channel using Mandarin and one using Korean. NBC's Olympics deal gives it a monopoly on all video showing competition — whether it goes to TV, online or on cellphones — except for brief video snippets that can show up on other networks' news coverage. And NBC, which will make the new channels available to about 80 million households getting cable or satellite TV, can tap the Olympic world TV feed — which shoots every second of competition and is available to networks with Olympic TV rights. NBC Olympics president Gary Zenkel says the new channels are part of NBC's effort to "cast the widest possible net." Thanks to the world TV feed, the announcers on the Mandarin and Korean channels won't have to actually be in China — they'll be in New York.
  2. I made this point in another forum.. I don't think it's so much about the "secondary sports" moreso than it is about non-USA centric events. I think there will be a lot of emphasis on the team sports, including ones like basketball and soccer which you'd expect to get a lot of coverage. Take the first day of the men's basketball tournament, August 10th. It's all but a foregone conclusion that NBC will air that live. Then perhaps 1 other game makes it onto television, let's say it's the Lithuania-Argentina game. After that, any game that's not televised will more than likely be shown online. So think of your sports like basketball or soccer or baseball, etc. It stands to reason that every game in all of those sports will be covered, either on TV or online. Here's where the contradiction comes in, though.. We now know that nothing that gets televised will also get live streamed online. No surprise there, almost seems redundant anyway. But we're also expecting 'full event replays' of the big events, which I'm sure involves a lot of the USA games in the team sports. So if they weren't online in the first place, do they appear online later? There's a lot of questions left and considering that we're probably less than a week away from the full official announcement, it's almost not worth speculating anymore. We'll see what happens, but I'm definitely getting more and more excited by the day.
  3. Here's the link to Wikipedia's page for Athletics, it has the dates and times for each of the events. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see links to pages for other sports, many of which contain a breakdown of dates and times for those events. Athletics at the 2008 Summer Olympics
  4. There is a detailed schedule. On the second link that you have there (the official Beijing website), scroll down to the bottom where it says Download the Competition Schedule. Or click the link below. This doesn't have an exact breakdown of each session, but it does give all of the times for everything, so that should be a start. Competition Schedule (by session) Version 2.09
  5. That won't happen. NBC in particular, who paid almost $900 million for the rights to cover these games, is not suddenly going to come to the realization that it's worth losing all that money, especially after what I'm sure is millions of dollars worth of ad inventory sold. The only way NBC or any other network would ever pull the plug is if they feared for their safety being in China in the first place (aside from being a cost-cutting measure, remember a lot of NBC's crew will be working from studios in the US as opposed to being on site in China). I think in the end, the IOC will pressure the Chinese organizers to make sure everything runs smoothly or else they'll never have anything to do with China ever again. Can you imagine the reprecussions of any major coverage pulling their media coverage from the games? I can guarantee 3 things that will happen this August... the Olympic Games will go on as scheduled, media outlets from around the world will cover them, and be it good or bad the world will have a much updated view on the country of China.
  6. According to the official competition schedule from the Beijing website.. no classification games for men's or women's. The women's side is explainable, probably to give more of the players extra time to get back to their WNBA teams where necessary. As for the NBC scheduling aspect, I'm still convinced they got the schedule they wanted, save for the final not being available to them in primetime. Like you said.. it's no longer a foregone conclusion that the US Men will dominate (or even win) all of their preliminary round games, let alone make it to the gold medal game. At the very least, NBC probably would have been better off with the medal games late in the evening in Beijing and early in the morning in the US like the women's finals, and not buried in the middle of the night.
  7. I can proudly say... I was there!! 3rd straight year I've got to the track meet at Icahn Stadium, I'm still in disbelief he set the record, even after last year when Tyson Gay ran a wind-aided 9.75. It's gonna be some event in Beijing that not only are there several runners capable of winning the 100m, but many of them will probably be looking at Olympic or even World Record times.
  8. Here's something to keep in mind from the standpoint of an American viewer... You look at sports like swimming or gymnastics or track & field, this is the biggest stage they get, so it's easier to advertise an athlete like Michael Phelps than it is, say, Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant who are about to play in the NBA Finals. Olympic basketball is a big deal, but I'm sure most players in the NBA (especially the American-born plays) would probably rather win an NBA title than an Olympic Gold Medal. That all said.. it will be a big deal if the United States is playing for the gold medal, but preliminary round basketball games are better served during other timeslots, where they can be shown in full and not have to contend with needed commercial space. As for NBC's power.. this isn't like Seoul where it seemed the entire Olympic schedule was built around American television, most notably the opening ceremony. NBC fought for a lot and got a little, and you can be sure they won't make light of it in Beijing, especially the swimming events where I'm sure at the very least, the Australians will have their negative commentary on the switch. Here is 1 thing that surprised me though, especially following the games in Athens where basketball is an immensely popular sport... all 5 of the Greece men's team's preliminary round games (plus their quarterfinal as well) were played in the same 10:15pm time slot, the last game of the day. Different story in Beijing where more of the games are in the afternoon. I hope that all those fans you speak with tickets to China's games don't turn into empty seats for games later in the day. Just because a ticket is sold doesn't mean there's gonna be a person in the seat, especially in the case of corporate sponsors. I hope that doesn't make FIBA and the organizers bad for making those scheduling decisions.
  9. this isn't the Dream Team days in Barcelona and Atlanta where preliminary round basketball games were worthy of getting shown in primetime. NBC has made it clear over the past couple of Olympics that team sports are best served for the cable networks and then the weekday afternoon coverage on the main network (which is why NBC is starting weekend afternoon coverage at 10am almost every weekend day). If a game was shown in the morning Beijing time and was made available for NBC primetime, do you think they'd show it over, say, live swimming or live gymnastics? Not a chance. NBC pushed to get the gold medal game for basketball to be played in the morning so that they could show it in primetime here, but that didn't happen (as such, NBC will still show it live at 3am ET). But they certainly didn't ask for that kind of treatment for the rest of the games. For Athens, the majority of the US games were shown in the same slot (7:30am.. which made for live broadcasts on USA Network). I'm sure that wasn't a coincidence. Similarly for Beijing, again all of the US games (men's and women's) are in pretty consistent time slots, and it's probably no coincidence that it's around the same time slot in the US that the games were in Athens. So jiejie... you can argue where NBC is likely to get themselves the most viewers, but I think it seems pretty clear that NBC asked to get games in certain timeslots and got what they wanted.
  10. Keep in mind that those numbers are preliminary, but they also represent minimums. i.e. It's going to be 150+ hours on MSNBC and 175+ on USA. So the rest of differences on the cable networks from 2004 are pretty neglible. If the NBC schedule I saw is correct, that's 169.5 hours of coverage. If you subtract the primetime encores from Athens, the numbers are almost identical. The only real differences for NBC are a 3-hour weekday afternoon show (instead of 3.5), and slightly more coverage on the weekend afternoons, in addition to an extra few hours of late night for live coverage.
  11. Men's Schedule Women's Schedule As expected, the U.S. gets their wishes... every men's and women's game is either at 8pm or 10pm Beijing time to accomodate NBC (similar to in Athens where the regular start time for U.S. Games was 7:30am Eastern Time).
  12. NBC tried with the basketball, but to no avail. Their goal was to get diving, track&field, and the basketball finals all in primetime as well as swimming and gymnastics, but couldn't get it all. But you're right.. the official Beijing competition schedule has the bronze and gold medal games being played from Noon to 5pm Beijing time, so the 5am off time for NBC makes perfect sense. I'm a little surprised that NBC is staying on until 5am ET to show the basketball final. With the exception of the 2002 World Cup final which ABC showed at 6am ET, I can't think of another event that got live network coverage in the middle of the night like that. As for the odd late night times, there's an easy explanation for that... gymnastics. Unlike the swimming finals which should all be done by Midnight ET each night, the gymnastics ends at somewhat odd times, including 1 night that goes until 2am. I fear we could be seeing some 'plausibly live' coverage that NBC invented for us in Atlanta. A couple of other time notes... the 7:30pm start times on 8/16 and 8/23 coincide with the running of the marathons, so those will both be shown live. And the 10am start times on the weekends will afford some live basketball coverage, including what I assume will be USA-China on 8/10 and USA-Spain on 8/16, as well as the Women's final on 8/23
  13. And here's another big piece of the puzzle... http://www.wtap.com/sports/misc/7296006.html Scroll down to August. I'm sure that schedule is still somewhat tentative, but here's the info. Possibly the most interesting of all of these.. look at NBC's last block on August 23rd. Fri., Aug 8 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies 8pm-12am (NBC) Sat., Aug 9 Olympics (NBC) 10am-6pm 8pm-12am 12:30am-2am Sun., Aug 10 Olympics (NBC) 10am-6pm 7pm-12am 12:35am-2am Mon. Aug. 11 Olympics (NBC) 10am-1pm 8pm-12am 1:05am-2:30am Tues., Aug. 12 Olympics (NBC) 10am-1pm 8pm-12am 12:35am-2am Wed., Aug. 13 Olympics (NBC) 10am-1pm 8pm-12am 1:35am-2:30am Thur., Aug. 14 Olympics (NBC) 10am-1pm 8pm-12am 1:35am-2:30am Fri., Aug. 15 Olympics (NBC) 10am-1pm 8pm-12am 12:35am-2am Sat., Aug 16 Olympics (NBC) 10am-6pm 7:30pm-12am 12:30am-2am Sun., Aug 17 Olympics (NBC) 10am-6pm 7pm-12am 12:35am-2am M-F. Aug. 18-22 Olympics (NBC) 10am-1pm 8pm-12am 12:35am-2am Sat., Aug 23 Olympics (NBC) 10am-6pm 7:30pm-12am 12:30am-5am Sun., Aug. 24 Olympics (NBC) 12pm-4pm CLOSING CEREMONIES 7pm-11pm
  14. Olympic Baseball Tournament Field includes 4 teams from Asia, 3 from the America, and 1 from Europe. For those in the US, here's the preliminary round schedule for team USA (times are ET)... Wednesday, August 13 - 6:00am - United States vs Korea Wednesday, August 13 - 10:30pm - United States vs Netherlands Thursday, August 14 - 11:30pm - Cuba vs United States (first Olympic meeting since the 2000 Gold Medal game) Friday, August 15 - 10:30pm - Canada vs United States Monday, August 18 - 7:00am - China vs United States Tuesday, August 19 - 7:00am - Chinese Taipei vs United States Wednesday, August 20 - 7:00am - United States vs Japan
  15. NBC showed everything from Athens. That was part of their advertising, that for the first time in history, all 28 sports would get at least some exposure in NBC's coverage. Obviously for a lot of sports, that only meant small amounts of coverage on cable, but compared to NBC's coverage in Sydney (the original Games boasted as "The Complete Olympics") which didn't hit every single sport. In Beijing, it goes without saying that this is the first time we'll see large amounts of coverage from every sport, including preliminary rounds of events that would never see the light of day on television, even with 1200 hours of coverage.
  16. NBC's 3,600 hours of coverage doesn't come straight from the 4,000 that BOB is producing. If you take just their 1,400 hours of broadcast coverage, that includes studio segments, highlights, replays, etc. Plus what will probably amount to around 300+ hours of commercials. And don't forget, that 1,400 hours is probably going to double-count a lot of the coverage that is broadcast in both HD and SD, as opposed to in Athens where the 399 hours of HD coverage was completely separate from the SD coverage. Now for the broadband coverage, there you might see some of the BOB logo. It seems likely that NBC will be very reliant on the world feed video and, as opposed to the usual broadcast coverage where almost any event is part of a larger show, here they can just show straight world feed video from the very start of the event to the finish (I certainly hope they broadcast their Internet coverage like that).
  17. It was actually a part of the running of November's New York City marathon. The main race was that Sunday, as usual, then there was an additional race on Saturday that served as the Olympic Trials (I remember specifically because a friend of mine was in the race). I think NBC did some sort of recap. If memory serves, it might have aired twice in NYC around coverage of Sunday's race.
  18. Normally I don't make a point of trying to record everything from the trials, but this year.. why not! Wish I had discovered this 2 weeks ago so I didn't miss the beginning of their coverage, but there's a total of 46 hours of coverage across 3 networks, so plenty left to be had. U.S. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE ANNOUNCES U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM TRIALS TELEVISION SCHEDULE U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Women’s Marathon Sunday, April 27 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Women’s Triathlon Sunday, May 4 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Canoe/Kayak (Slalom) Sunday, May 11 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Men’s Triathlon Sunday, May 18 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Weightlifting Sunday, May 25 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. vs. Argentina Men’s Volleyball Exhibition Sunday, June 1 Noon-2:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. vs. China Softball Exhibition Game Sunday, June 8 Noon-2:00 pm ET MSNBC U.S. vs. Croatia Men’s Water Polo Exhibition Sunday, June 15 Noon-1:30 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Cycling (BMX) Sunday, June 15 Noon-1:30 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Diving Saturday, June 21 3:30-4:30 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Men’s Gymnastics Saturday, June 21 4:30-6:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Women’s Gymnastics Saturday, June 21 8:00-10:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Wrestling Sunday, June 22 Noon-2:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Diving Sunday, June 22 3:00-6:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Women’s Gymnastics Sunday, June 22 7:00-9:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Friday, June 27 Midnight-1:00 am ET USA U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Saturday, June 28 8:00-9:00 pm ET NBC U.S. vs. Brazil Women’s Volleyball Exhibition Sunday, June 29 Noon-2:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Sunday, June 29 7:00-8:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Sunday, June 29 8:00-9:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Monday, June 30 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Monday, June 30 11:05 pm-1:00 am ET USA U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Tuesday, July 1 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Wednesday, July 2 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Thursday, July 3 8:00-9:00 pm ET USA U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Thursday, July 3 11:00 pm-1:00 am ET USA U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Friday, July 4 8:00-9:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Friday, July 4 11:00 pm-1:00 am ET USA U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Track & Field Saturday, July 5 5:00 -6:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming Saturday, July 5 8:00 -9:00 pm ET NBC U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Gymnastics Sunday, July 6 Noon-2:00 pm ET MSNBC^ U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Swimming and Track & Field Sunday, July 6 7:00 -9:00 pm ET NBC U.S. vs. Australia Women’s Water Polo Exhibition Sunday, July 13 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Boxing Sunday, July 20 Noon-2:00 pm ET MSNBC* U.S. Olympic Team Trials Anthology Show Sunday, July 27 Noon-1:00 pm ET MSNBC*
  19. My best guess is that USA is focal point of coverage on the cable side in Beijing, similar to MSNBC's role in Athens. If a US team is in an event that is going to be televised, that's where it's going to be (time constaints permitting, of course). Whereas MSNBC will likely take charge of events that don't necessarily involve US teams (i.e. other soccer matches, basketball games, etc.) By default, since their window is 5am-5pm, that means most of their coverage will be on tape, whereas most of USA can be live.
  20. Looking at the cable schedules as they stand now.. it looks like between MSNBC, CNBC, USA, and Oxygen, no more than 2 of those will be on air at the same time (I think from Athens there was only 1 time where 3 of the cable nets were on at once). But that's not counting Telemundo and NBC; it looks very probable that there will be a few spots where there 3 or 4 broadcasts on at once. Sounds like that could be somewhat of an issue for you.. and also why I'm very glad I've stuck with cable into of switching over to DirecTV.
  21. As matt suggested, I think we're all just going to be each other's backups. With as much coverage as there is out there, we're all bound to miss a few things here and there. And depending on where everyone is in the country, I'm sure there's other stuff out there to record (i.e. Olympic Zone, the Today Show, the MSNBC Olympic update shows). I'm sure we'll wind up having a thread somewhere on here devoted to what everyone has managed to record or not record.
  22. I remember seeing in some of the promos that BMX will go being going live in NBC primetime. The timing works out perfectly, the elimination rounds go from 8:45am to 10:30am in Beijing, so those all fit perfectly for NBC primetime. And we should be getting some baseball coverage this time around, helps that the US team actually qualified (still can't believe they didn't make it to Athens.. would probably have made life a lot different for Roger Clemens, he had really wanted to play in the Olympics that year). And Durban.. that reduction in coverage on NBC might mean the elimination of the primetime replays, that would explain a lot of the missing hours this time around.
  23. Not record everything??!? Who would do such a thing!! Then again, who would tape everything. Oh wait, that's right.. me and several of us on this board. Insanity at its finest. I think part of the issue with that is that not all of the competition schedules have been finalized, especially in the team sports. We all know that NBC will wield their muscle with a lot of the schedule as best they can to get US teams in favorable timeslots (especially in sports like basketball where the US team is a big draw). And it will make things more interesting that there are at least 3 more US teams That said, here's a few notes and nuggets I've gotten by going through the schedules thanks largely to the good folks at Wikipedia... Basketball - The times aren't set, but the matchups all are for the preliminary round. And if Athens is any indication, the US teams will have a consistent timeslot, 1 for the weekend and 1 for weekdays. Game times each day are (this is Eastern time).. 9pm, 11pm, 2:30am, 4:30am, 8am, 10am. The 2 biggest games the men's team has in the first round are Sunday 8/10 against China and Saturday 8/16 against Spain. If I were a betting man, I'd bet the farm that the US-China game is the last game of the day (10pm local time, 10am here in the US), just like the US-Greece game was in Athens, and it'll allow NBC to come up at 10am Sunday morning with the game. I could see the Spain game getting similar treatment. Tough to tell where other games will fall. Also look for the women's final to appear on NBC, that's at 10:30am on Saturday 8/23. Boxing - Not surprisingly, the CNBC schedule seems to closely coincide with most of the live boxing from Beijing (the early session for most days is 1:30am-4:30am ET while CNBC has an on-air block from 2am-4:30am. There's also a 2nd boxing session from Beijing, look for that one to be taped and shown in the 5-8 block. Overall, boxing fans are probably going to get even more from Beijing than from Athens. Soccer - Preliminary round matches are set. The US Women open August 6 against Norway (7:45am ET, so we know that'll be live on MSNBC) and the US Men on August 7 against Japan (5am ET, no doubt MSNBC will have that live as well). The other prelim games are in those same time slots, we'll have to see if the plan is for MSNBC to come up at 5am with soccer on days there is a game or if USA Netowrk is in fact for all the big US games are shown. The men's final is at Midnight on August 23rd, no doubt that's a live broadcast on both CNBC and Telemundo. Softball - The full schedule was released a couple of months ago. Perhaps coincidentally, 6 of the 7 preliminary games for the US team are at noon Beijing time (midnight on the east coast here). Possibly a regular slot to be put on CNBC before they head over to boxing? We shall see. That's all I've come up with so far. Again, I think we won't get a formal announcement from NBC for at least another month or so, until more of the competition schedule is finalized. Can ya tell I need my Olympics fix here!
  24. I don't think that was the case in Athens. Since the time difference is 7 hours, when it hit Midnight in the US, that made it 7am in Athens, too early for any events to have started (ditto for London which is 5 hours from the East Coast of the US). Now if you're in Calfornia or somewhere out West, then it's a different story since MSNBC and CNBC don't have separate East and West coast feeds. So the coverage you were watching was live, but you saw your primetime show 3 hours later than on the East coast. The drawback with that for Beijing is that we won't see any live coverage of the next day's events until Midnight ET (Noon in Beijing) or even possibly 2am ET if they want to hold back stuff until after NBC does the late night show. The formula will work much better for London where live competition can start around 2am or 3am ET at the earliest (similar to Athens) and Midnight in London is 7pm in the US, so there can be live events almost right up until primetime. Of course, if any of you are like me (and clearly you are), we'll love playing this guessing game up until NBC makes the official announcement. Fun to speculate until then, as we will continue doing.
  25. I'll be interested to see how NBC handles coverage on August 8th. Obviously their primetime show will be live starting the following night, but do they do the primetime show on the 8th live with all the taped coverage from the Opening Ceremony. Seems to me they almost have to in case there's any breaking news they need to cover. And why not get Costas and the whole crew used to coming on the air at 8am anyway.
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