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  1. The Olympic Zone is most definitely back. A couple of online tv listings sites didn't have it for a while but it'll be there every night of the games except for Sunday (including the 2 Saturdays where coverage starts at 7:30pm instead of 8:00 to accommodate the start of the marathons). dtd2.. you're right, they started the first Olympic Zone programs on the Wednesday prior to the opening ceremony of Torino. Here's the 1 thing I'm curious to see. According to NBC's schedules, coverage of the Opening Ceremony goes from 8pm until Midnight (can't mess with tradition.. that's the exact same tim
  2. Pretty much the same for me as it was for Athens and Torino.. make my big spreadsheet of what to record where and when and hope that nothing screws up! And if it does, have a backup somewhere. My collection is more like Infinite... I break up stuff by day and network, I'm not going to go so far as what Durban is doing to re-organize everything by sport. Although like he said, it's great having nbcolympics.com to let us know where everything is. And I'm hoping and praying that the good folks at Time Warner have their VOD stuff like they did for Torino which should give me more to work with.
  3. Whoops, ignore the central time zone note.. realized that only happened by clicking on the link from Infinite_Olympics. My bad
  4. Why in the heck are all the times listed in Central Time? That's odd. Also of note, the breakdown of the game times on the soccer and basketball channels is here... http://nbcumv.com/assets/press_kits/2008_s...ympic_games.pdf
  5. Torchbearer.. I have the same thing, a DVD recorder with a 250 GB hard drive. Calculating how much fits on 1 disc, the HDD holds the equivalent to 53 discs. Assuming your unit is approximately the same, figure that's a little over 100 hours at good quality (2 hours per disc) or about 210 ours at okay quality (4 hours per disc). If you do eventually transfer your recordings to DVDs (and remember, a hard drive is NOT designed for permanent storage of recordings), you can buy your blank DVDs in bulk and they're dirt cheap then, as little as 25 to 30 cents per disc.
  6. For a while I thought I was the only person crazy enough to make such an effort to record the Olympics. I know of a few people (online, no one I know personally) who have big collections of other sports, but it's good to see there are people on this forum who have the same passion that I do. Here is what's in my collection. If you're interested in making a trade, please let me know, although I'm probably going to hold off on any trades until at least after Beijing. 1992 Albertville - Pretty much everything but late night, including almost all of the TNT coverage. I've gotten some of the l
  7. Interesting. I have a few of NBC's past viewer guides (including some I purchased off of eBay). This one says it's only 12 pages, the ones they've had in the past are full magazine size, upwards of 100 pages. That said, if there's coupons involved, maybe it's not such a bad thing after all.
  8. In an effort to keep this nice long thread going, here's the latest from the good folks at NBC... NBC Beijing Media Guide Would have been nicer if this wasn't a bad copy job, but lots of good info in here including the latest broadcast schedule and bios on all of NBC's talent and main executives.
  9. NBC ANNOUNCES TALENT ROSTER FOR BEIJING OLYMPICS – 106 COMMENTATORS IN ALL I'll leave you to read the full text of the article if you want, but here's the summary list of commentators NBC is deploying for Beijing... HOSTS • Bob Costas (NBC Primetime) • Jim Lampley (NBC Afternoon) • Mary Carillo (NBC Late-Night) • Alex Flanagan (CNBC/USA) • Matt Vasgersian (Baseball and Softball) • Melissa Stark (MSNBC) • Bill Patrick (MSNBC) • Fred Roggin (CNBC Boxing) • Lindsay Czarniak (Oxygen) CORRESPONDENTS • Cris Collinsworth • Mary Carillo • Jimmy Roberts GYMNASTICS • Al Trautwig, Play-b
  10. First off, here's the link to the CNN article Durban and Infinite mentioned, it's an interview with Perkins Miller, NBC's senior VP of digital media for sports and Olympics... Network opens its online Olympic coverage Second.. Durban, I think you're still a little confused with the numbers NBC is throwing out at you. The 3,600 hours of coverage they're providing (and according to NBC's release, that doesn't even include the 4 Olympic specialty channels) is not a subset of the 4,000 BOB is providing. That 3,600 is the sum of the 1,400 hours of television coverage plus the 2,200 of online co
  11. Been waiting for that headline for a while now. Just like I called it.. exactly 1 month out from the games, here it is.. NBC UNIVERSAL ANNOUNCES UNPRECEDENTED COVERAGE OF THE 2008 BEIJING OLYMPICS And for those who want to brave the full 65-page release, here that is... http://nbcumv.com/special/C__Documents_and_Settings_206070849_Desktop_24_Hour_Li stings_Doc_PDF.pdf ://http://nbcumv.com/special/C__Docume...gs_Doc_PDF.pdf ://http://nbcumv.com/special/C__Docume...gs_Doc_PDF.pdf ://http://nbcumv.com/special/C__Docume...gs_Doc_PDF.pdf
  12. Some news from the NBC front although we're still waiting for the big mega-announcement (which I'd like to think is coming today since we're exactly 1 month out from the Opening Ceremony)... CNBC Olympic Programming Schedule Not exactly brand new information for those who have been following this thread, but at least it's maybe a pre-cursor to the big announcement.
  13. From today's Michael Hiestand column in the USA Today... NBC to air more Games games Like 19th-century Native American hunters who famously used all parts of the buffalo they hunted — unlike wasteful European hunters who just made off with the prime pelts — NBC doesn't plan to let anything go to waste at the Summer Olympics. The latest wrinkle, to be formally announced Thursday: two sport-specific, ad-free channels — basketball and soccer — carrying every game in those sports in Beijing. Games slated to air live on NBC or its cable channel will be shown later on the specialized channels. N
  14. I made this point in another forum.. I don't think it's so much about the "secondary sports" moreso than it is about non-USA centric events. I think there will be a lot of emphasis on the team sports, including ones like basketball and soccer which you'd expect to get a lot of coverage. Take the first day of the men's basketball tournament, August 10th. It's all but a foregone conclusion that NBC will air that live. Then perhaps 1 other game makes it onto television, let's say it's the Lithuania-Argentina game. After that, any game that's not televised will more than likely be shown onlin
  15. Here's the link to Wikipedia's page for Athletics, it has the dates and times for each of the events. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see links to pages for other sports, many of which contain a breakdown of dates and times for those events. Athletics at the 2008 Summer Olympics
  16. There is a detailed schedule. On the second link that you have there (the official Beijing website), scroll down to the bottom where it says Download the Competition Schedule. Or click the link below. This doesn't have an exact breakdown of each session, but it does give all of the times for everything, so that should be a start. Competition Schedule (by session) Version 2.09
  17. That won't happen. NBC in particular, who paid almost $900 million for the rights to cover these games, is not suddenly going to come to the realization that it's worth losing all that money, especially after what I'm sure is millions of dollars worth of ad inventory sold. The only way NBC or any other network would ever pull the plug is if they feared for their safety being in China in the first place (aside from being a cost-cutting measure, remember a lot of NBC's crew will be working from studios in the US as opposed to being on site in China). I think in the end, the IOC will pressure
  18. According to the official competition schedule from the Beijing website.. no classification games for men's or women's. The women's side is explainable, probably to give more of the players extra time to get back to their WNBA teams where necessary. As for the NBC scheduling aspect, I'm still convinced they got the schedule they wanted, save for the final not being available to them in primetime. Like you said.. it's no longer a foregone conclusion that the US Men will dominate (or even win) all of their preliminary round games, let alone make it to the gold medal game. At the very least,
  19. I can proudly say... I was there!! 3rd straight year I've got to the track meet at Icahn Stadium, I'm still in disbelief he set the record, even after last year when Tyson Gay ran a wind-aided 9.75. It's gonna be some event in Beijing that not only are there several runners capable of winning the 100m, but many of them will probably be looking at Olympic or even World Record times.
  20. Here's something to keep in mind from the standpoint of an American viewer... You look at sports like swimming or gymnastics or track & field, this is the biggest stage they get, so it's easier to advertise an athlete like Michael Phelps than it is, say, Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant who are about to play in the NBA Finals. Olympic basketball is a big deal, but I'm sure most players in the NBA (especially the American-born plays) would probably rather win an NBA title than an Olympic Gold Medal. That all said.. it will be a big deal if the United States is playing for the gold medal, but
  21. this isn't the Dream Team days in Barcelona and Atlanta where preliminary round basketball games were worthy of getting shown in primetime. NBC has made it clear over the past couple of Olympics that team sports are best served for the cable networks and then the weekday afternoon coverage on the main network (which is why NBC is starting weekend afternoon coverage at 10am almost every weekend day). If a game was shown in the morning Beijing time and was made available for NBC primetime, do you think they'd show it over, say, live swimming or live gymnastics? Not a chance. NBC pushed to ge
  22. Keep in mind that those numbers are preliminary, but they also represent minimums. i.e. It's going to be 150+ hours on MSNBC and 175+ on USA. So the rest of differences on the cable networks from 2004 are pretty neglible. If the NBC schedule I saw is correct, that's 169.5 hours of coverage. If you subtract the primetime encores from Athens, the numbers are almost identical. The only real differences for NBC are a 3-hour weekday afternoon show (instead of 3.5), and slightly more coverage on the weekend afternoons, in addition to an extra few hours of late night for live coverage.
  23. Men's Schedule Women's Schedule As expected, the U.S. gets their wishes... every men's and women's game is either at 8pm or 10pm Beijing time to accomodate NBC (similar to in Athens where the regular start time for U.S. Games was 7:30am Eastern Time).
  24. NBC tried with the basketball, but to no avail. Their goal was to get diving, track&field, and the basketball finals all in primetime as well as swimming and gymnastics, but couldn't get it all. But you're right.. the official Beijing competition schedule has the bronze and gold medal games being played from Noon to 5pm Beijing time, so the 5am off time for NBC makes perfect sense. I'm a little surprised that NBC is staying on until 5am ET to show the basketball final. With the exception of the 2002 World Cup final which ABC showed at 6am ET, I can't think of another event that got liv
  25. And here's another big piece of the puzzle... http://www.wtap.com/sports/misc/7296006.html Scroll down to August. I'm sure that schedule is still somewhat tentative, but here's the info. Possibly the most interesting of all of these.. look at NBC's last block on August 23rd. Fri., Aug 8 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies 8pm-12am (NBC) Sat., Aug 9 Olympics (NBC) 10am-6pm 8pm-12am 12:30am-2am Sun., Aug 10 Olympics (NBC) 10am-6pm 7pm-12am 12:35am-2am Mon. Aug. 11 Olympics (NBC) 10am-1pm 8pm-12am 1:05am-2:30am Tues., Aug. 12 Olympics (NBC) 10am-1pm 8pm-12am 12:35am-2am
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