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  1. Different opinions are not only allowed, I would like to think they're encouraged! But.. if you're going to hold an opinion and argue for it, it should be backed up with some sort of intelligent reasoning, and not mere personal intuition with little basis in fact

    1. Quaker2001


      And before someone jumps all over me for being a hypocrite.. I'm probably guilty of that more times than I'm aware of. Pretty sure all of us here are.

    2. Alexjc


      True...ditto, but your point is valid

    3. mr.bernham


      Where's the like button?

  2. Why? Seriously.. why? I don't understand. It's baffling at this point. I'm still in disbelief.

  3. GamesBids would like to announce a new sponsorship deal with Kit Kat. Gimme a break, gimme break, break me off a piece of that GB Forum!

  4. Suffering from Olympic withdrawl already :-(

  5. Just to point out.. you say you're locking threads because of undeserved criticism. But isn't that exactly what you're doing to other people? I get you that have some element of seniority here, but that seems very hypocritical of you to stop others from going off on you and then you continue to go off on them. A little humility would go a long way because every once in a while.

  6. I didn't want to post this in the 2024 thread..

    The list of threads that have gotten deleted or locked today include your Reno 2022 stadium joke and the thread promoting your book. Not to mention comments on multiple people's pages (probably this one too eventually). Maybe it's time to give it a rest.

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