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  1. Very surprised I'm beating REDWHITBLUE to the punch on this one. Looks like his favorite senator is at it again...
  2. If you say so. I think that notion is so ingrained in your head, you assume it'll happen without any real evidence. Just generic hearsay and conjecture. It's possible that it might happen, but it's going to take a lot more than someone simply saying the word "boycott" to make it so.
  3. Who is "plenty of people" that think that? Are they the same people that still think Trump won the election? And I can assure you that Joe Biden is going to get negative fucks about Trump TV and anything that gets said by them. They're undoubtedly going to find 1,000 things to criticize Biden about. The United States' participation in the 2022 Olympics is going to be really far down that list. I'll say it again.. for crying out loud, please stop pretending like there's more than a tiny handful of people that care about this as much as you want to think they do.
  4. I still have doubts that there will be larger organized boycotts on the level of what we saw in the 1970s and 1980s. Individuals may make those decisions, but I don't see a scenario where an entire country says "we refuse to send our athletes to Beijing." It's possible, but I don't see what the goal of that is intended to accomplish as if anything will result from it
  5. Do you honestly think at this point in time that Donald Trump gives 2 craps about the 2022 Olympics? That he will make any sort of executive order affecting the USA's participation? If he had won the election, then yea, this could have been a thing at some point. But you need to move away from this idea that anything is going to happen 15 months away from the Olympics. Next summer after Tokyo, then there will be more focus on China. Not until then
  6. My goodness, man.. get off Pavlovian streak of yours when you get excited anytime you see the slightest hint of what could look like a boycott. You do realize that Trump is about to no longer be president, right? Short of one of the biggest political coups ever, Joe Biden is about to be POTUS. He doesn't need to take a stand on China to help get elected. The vote already happened. And what is a "pro boycott order" anyway? Do you think with all that's going on right now that either Trump (likely not going to be the president in 2022) or Biden is thinking about the Olympics at this
  7. I'm not celebrating yet, but there is definitely some optimism on the horizon that wasn't as clear a week ago. And yes, as for the 2022 Olympics.. much less concern there will be any intervention on the part of the government now that we are going to have Biden instead of Trump. Can't really see him getting involved here trying to use the Olympics as a statement on China.
  8. Dude, you need to stop it with the "reward" narrative. We all know China unleashed this plague on the world. They already have the Olympics. That "reward" is NOT going to be taken away from them. Because the only people that can take that away from them is the IOC. And there is ZERO chance they do that. Because if they do, there will be no Winter Olympics in 2022. And that's not an option. It is too late to move the 2022 Olympics, in spite of what the thread title says. Will some athletes decide to make the decision not to support China and refuse to travel and compete there? I'
  9. Don't overestimate how popular a boycott of 2022 will be in most countries. Let alone a year from not when who knows where we are in the pandemic (or other socio-political matters), let alone how people feel about China. This is the textbook definition of putting the cart before the horse. You think a vocal minority (and they're very much a minority) will push for a boycott and it's on the NOC's and the athletes to oppose it. That's not how this is going to go down. I don't believe when it comes down to it that government leaders will impose their will and think they're making some so
  10. So I guess they're not quite ready for the next step, are they. Smart move, IMO
  11. I don't think it's a matter of praise. The Japanese don't seem like the kind of people that would be influenced by that. The IOC needs to make sure it will be financially viable. And that's where they may or may not be helping out Tokyo as much as they need to. So it's more like "the IOC's every other sentence to the Japanese Olympic Committee should be that they will make sure a Sapporo Olympics is not a financial burden because of the IOC." That's the reassurance they need to offer right now if they want Sapporo to play ball with that
  12. Just to clarify.. I was sharing the tweet more in the "look of the games" mode rather than to offer up commentary on how or why it got built. There's another tweet in response that makes it clear it was absolutely Japan's decision to build the venue, not something they were forced into or to criticize that decision
  13. 2nd to last paragraph is all that matters. Salt Lake wants 2034 to distance themselves from LA. But they'll be on the ready for 2030 in case the IOC is desperate and I'm sure the USOPC will milk that for every dollar it's worth
  14. They're not trying to host the Olympics in Spain right now. They're looking at a decade from now, when (hopefully) COVID is a distant memory. Economic troubles are nothing new for Spain, as we learned with their Madrid 2020 bid. I agree I don't think this is a great idea, but like the story noted, they're at the point where they need government approval, so good luck on that one because it seems like the government could and probably should shoot them down.
  15. At this point in the world, Tokyo might *not* get cancelled. Either way, it will have no bearing on what happens with 2022. China was "rewarded" with the hosting rights to the 2022 Olympics more than 5 years ago. There are signed contracts between China and the IOC where neither side can back out on a whim. Despite what you have as the title of the thread, it is way too late to move the 2022 Olympics from China. So the IOC has 2 choices.. hold the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing as scheduled. Or cancel them entirely. Do you think for a split second the IOC will consider doing that? Ze
  16. That'll be interesting. So we'll go from "athletes shouldn't make political statements" to "every athlete is making a political statement." Hopefully most people aren't that vapid to think that any athlete who wants to compete in the Olympics is supporting China. Again, tell that to every athlete who missed out on the 1980 Olympics and never got another shot
  17. And how exactly would that work? Is the UK going to stop funding Summer athletes too? Because that's going to be a terrible optic to fund athletes for Tokyo and then not fund athletes for Beijing 6 months later. Even if there's a pretty obvious political motive behind it, the messaging is likely going to get lost and in the end, the only thing that will have been accomplished is that Great Britain will have stolen what could be some athletes' only shot at the Olympics
  18. Are you seeing the pattern develop here? Politicians are calling for boycotts. Those who actually have a stake in the Olympics and Olympic committees are essentially telling them to piss off.
  19. Have you noticed the common thread running through a lot of these articles? Politicians want boycotts. But they don't seem too eager to impose that upon the athletes. In other words.. exactly what I've been saying this while time. Will the Australian Olympic Committee or the British Olympics Committee or whoever else tell their Olympics they're not going to compete? Because it remains a question whether or not the threat of withholding funding would even be on the table. To say it yet again.. I'll believe it when I see it
  20. Let's revisit that one a month from now and hope and pray that there is hope for the future and not that the American dream can officially be dead and buried
  21. Once again for those in the nosebleed seats.. this is not 1980. This is not the cold war. China as the United States' biggest enemy in 2020 is a completely different situation than the Soviet Union as the United States' biggest enemy in 1980. I'm losing track of how many times this needs to be said to you... none of this implies there will be a boycott of the 2022 Olympics. You keep wanting to jump over that step and you need to stop doing that
  22. Because this isn't 1980. That was the height of the Cold War. The Soviet Union was our sworn enemy. And because this is how history looks back on what happened.. Jimmy Carter’s Disastrous Olympic Boycott Folks on this site have a habit of saying "there's this thing that happened, so I think it can happen again" while losing any and all context. You can't over-simplify this all to say there was a boycott in 1980, so that's why I think there will be a boycott in 2022. What exactly did the 1980 boycott achieve? Other than a whole lot of nothing. The lasting effects where that it h
  23. 2 senators out of 100 is not "plenty." No, I don't think those people will then try and get an athlete boycott happening. It's one thing for a politician to feel strongly about something and work to make it happen. It's another thing entirely for that same politician to force that on somebody else and basically say "I hate China, therefore I demand that you athletes not go there." Good luck with that.
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