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  1. I saw someone come up with an acronym on social media that it's all a bunch of FUD.. fear, uncertainty, doubt. But yea, this happens every time. It's easy to dwell on the negatives in the lead-up. Then once the games start, for that brief 2 week period, we get all the good stuff and some of the issues seem somewhat trivial by comparison, particularly the ones that were over-hyped as being major issues (think Zika and the water quality with Rio) We'll see what happens as the Games go on. It's a lot of political games they're playing, so I don't know they'll reverse course and obviously a lot depends on COVID. Numbers are still rising sharply, so as long as that's continuing, a good argument can be made it's not advisable (although again, they have fans at NPB games, so that's still a thing)
  2. No shot. They spent a crap ton of money, so the will won't be there to do it all again anytime soon knowing certain plans (i.e. the Olympic Village) will have to be drawn up from scratch. They'll much sooner push Sapporo IMO than trying to have a "proper" Olympics with Tokyo to make up for this one
  3. A ton of fans showed up for the finish to the cycling road races, so clearly they'll have people willing to show up in support. And hopefully it will make for some nice visuals after 2 weeks of empty venues
  4. I 100% get their opposition to the games and part of that animosity is also pointed towards the country's leadership which they're not too happy with now. And who have been playing a lot of political games with these Olympics. But here we are 2 days in and for all the folks loudly proclaiming "OMG COVID, it's a disaster, it'll be a super spreader for sure," the silence from them now is deafening. Sure, we're had athletes and some events affected by COVID. I don't want to jinx it but saying anything, but let's leave it at that. More than anything, the level of satisfaction I'm going to get from the NOlympics crowd will be through the roof. They can all STFU right now and shove their fearmongering where the sun don't shine.. even in the land of the rising sun!
  5. Very literally not true. This explains why..
  6. I was wondering how so many people were there. Someone still needs to explain to me why NPB games can have people in attendance but Olympic events cannot
  7. Yes. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer both hosted ceremonies during their time with NBC. It's extremely common.
  8. Part of the deal where baseball and softball are being treated as the same sport. I saw 2 of Israel's pre-Olympic games here, so that's definitely a "wake up early" game for me when they play the US!
  9. 1 important thing to keep in mind IMO that has both a positive and a negative aspect to it. It's hard to ignore the fact that there are different rules in place for Olympians (and everyone associated with the Games) and the rest of Japan's citizens. Understandable and if I were a Japanese citizen, I would be upset by that. But I would be upset at the system that created that, not at the people entering my country who are subject to stricter protocols than everyone else. I've been reading stories about 6 or 7 hour waits at the airport to clear through all the COVID protocols and everything else needed just to leave the airport. And this is in a country where, to my knowledge, there aren't strict lockdowns and it's more that the state of emergency reads like a bunch of suggestions than enforceable rules. Maybe it's my arrogance as an American where some of our sports leagues have so much money to throw around that they were able to create a proper and secure bubble for the NBA and NHL playoffs. And managed the MLB and NFL seasons through the pandemic. Obviously I understand the size and scope of an Olympics is much greater, but did Japan not plan properly for this? If their safety protocols aren't secure, then who is responsible for that? Either way, the idea that all these people are bringing COVID to Japan with them.. well, this is what testing is for, to help prevent it from spreading further. And from the numbers I've seen, the Olympics have NOT exacerbated the numbers or the percentage of positives anymore than was already there. Time will tell. It's going to be very easy for Japanese to blame the Olympics for their woes. But the flip side of that is that their leadership might just be pushing through with the Games as a cover to deflect for their poor management and vaccination rollout.
  10. If public relations was an Olympic sport, the IOC wouldn't even have the qualifying standard. They are terrible at messaging and it doesn't help the cause when the underlying function of their organization is swamped in corruption and greed from the get go. And this continues to be their downfall, because in a situation like this, they'll want you to hear the positive spin about how they're making the Olympics happen during a pandemic. But when we get to China next Winter, they'll want to silence any notions of negativity that they tried to push China to improve on their human rights record after 2008 and it didn't happen
  11. Oh, I already engaged with him on Twitter. I almost hesitate to give him the attention here, but... I feel like we should put MisterSG1 and AA in a room together and see what happens. That would be some great theater!
  12. We learned this last year with the NBA and NHL. Only qualifies as a true bubble if access is strictly controlled. That's not the case here. It was never going to be 100% secure
  13. Usually the only people who say "I'm not trying to troll" are people who are trying to troll. It's like saying "no offense" right before you say something offensive, but think that makes it okay. If you're looking for a forum to **** on the Olympics, this isn't it. Especially if you're going to be a complete and total asshole about it. Any Canadian athlete should be shunned by society? What kind of garbage is that. I would love for you to meet up with a Canadian Olympian and see you try and tell them to their face they deserve to be jobless. So nothing good has come from the Olympics in 125 years? Really, nothing at all? The Games aren't being held because of my insistence. They're being held because the IOC doesn't want to return their sponsorship money. They're being held because the Japanese don't want to lose face and offer the realization that they mis-handled the pandemic. And the level of paranoia and fear-mongering that's accompanying these Olympics as if this event is going to kill thousands of people is way over the top. I wonder if the people making those claims have been following the 2022 World Cup and are aware of how many people have *actually* died so that Qatar can host the World Cup. The fact you still have a Toronto 2024 image in your signature is probably evidence enough that you shouldn't be taken seriously. If you want to troll, then own the fact you're a troll. Certainly wouldn't make you the first place here to fall under that heading.
  14. It's inevitably going to happen. Some event is going to get postponed or maybe even cancelled. Or some team is going to have to drop out of a competition.
  15. Disney had a chance to take over the show back in 2011 when Comcast had just taken off NBC and were preaching that they didn't want to over-spend. Easy for history to forget it was not a given that NBC would win the rights for the 2014-2020 package. There were serious doubts back then. But in the end, NBC was willing to pay the big bucks and Disney was not. There is a lot of sentiment out there that the Olympics perhaps are no longer in the 21st century what they were for most of the 20th. That a worldwide celebration of athletes doesn't resonate the same way as it used to, particularly given the burdens in places on certain people and places. I don't know what can be done about that, and maybe some of that negative sentiment will subside after Tokyo and Beijing are in the history books. The only thing that gives me hope, and maybe this is a myopic view as an American, is that Los Angeles is on the horizon. And while I'm not counting on them to be the same kind of savior to the Olympics that the `84 Games were, at least I remain cautiously optimistic that it can be successful enough to silence some of the critics, even if it's only temporary.
  16. A year ago, the prospect of a Tokyo Olympics followed shortly thereafter by Beijing seemed like a great thing. Now, not so much. I'm sure there's more than a few people within the IOC that just want to get through the next 8 months and then start focusing their sights on Paris and hope that the Olympic movement hasn't been permanently damaged.
  17. There is ZERO chance of a last minute cancellation. I really dislike the "they didn't rule it out" element of reporting. It would take an act of G-d at this point to stop these Olympics from happening.
  18. You know, I clearly meant to say IOC when I typed NBC. I don't think there's much of anything NBC can do here. They're a partner, just like the host cities. They have their financial interests, but there's only so much they can do as a rightsholder. Their job is to cover the event, not to become a part of it. How they present that coverage to their audience is a separate issue altogether than that of the host cities.
  19. It's similar to what they did with 2018 in PyeongChang where a lot of NBC's coverage is delayed, but it's events and coverage that will have aired already elsewhere. The vast majority of the diving competition will be live on cable. Track and field and gymnastics will both be on Peacock. And yes, not 1, but 2 networks with round the clock coverage. From a programming and scheduling standpoint, hard to find too many faults in this plan. The amount of coverage across all the cable networks in primetime is extremely impressive and very welcome.
  20. Diplomatic boycotts will start to gain some steam once Tokyo is in the rearview mirror (and perhaps in part spurred by any pandemic-related fallout from that). But it won't be more than that, IMO
  21. History will be the ultimate judge, but Bach will likely have been at the helm of 6 Olympics.. Sochi, Rio, PyeongChang, Tokyo, Beijing, and Paris. The first 3 of those were awarded before he was president, but that's not a great track record. And even if Paris is a huge success (which we know will rankle a certain journalist who still probably thinks "LA should go first!"), he'll probably be judged more for the negatives than the positives
  22. Has he though? Is the Olympic movement truly reformed or is it the same bunch of aristocrats with little regard for their effect on the world? Remains to be seen if the games are sustainable. The IOC caught a break that there were 2 cities left standing for 2026, but who knows what they'll get for 2030. I don't think Bach's legacy will be a positive one. Let's look back a year from now and see how the world perceives him and the IOC, especially after Tokyo and Beijing.
  23. At this point, it's all but a statement of fact that the IOC is woefully corrupt. The problem is that at this point, they are the Olympic Games and there's no way to separate the 2. And I can totally understand the sentiment from a lot of people that the Olympics need to be dismantled for that reason. When people bring up there's a history of racism with the IOC and a whole long list of terrible things associated with them, they're not wrong. So yes, like you I'm torn between wanting to view and experience the Olympics solely as a sporting event, but have trouble separating out all the politics and other unavoidable negatives that have permanently sullied the Olympic movement. We all want the IOC not to be terrible and for the Olympics not to be a burden on the host city. But they are. And I don't know what the solution is going forward, because it'll take a massive reform on the part of the NBC to take the stink off of the monster they have created in the past couple of decades.
  24. And the World Athletics Championships rescheduled to 2022. And the FINA World Championships rescheduled to 2022. Plus others I'm not thinking of. It's really easy for you to sit there and say "just move it to 2022 and tell Beijing to slide to 2024." Do you understand how ridiculously difficult those undertakings are? When exactly was the IOC supposed to make the call on this one to enact this one. You think the Japanese would suddenly warm up to the Olympics if added a trillion yen to the price tag to host them? You're right it's a once in a century situation, but Japan had 1 and only 1 opportunity to postpone and find a new date for the Olympics. It really sucks we're still in this situation, but last March when they made the call to move back 1 year, would have guessed that would be enough. Sadly it's not, but you're in a land of some of your own delusions if you think your plan could even get considered. You know what's funny is that a lot of people figured Japan would be a good location to be able to get their act together and be able to find a way through this pandemic. Instead, here we are with Tokyo in a state of emergency. Is that the fault of the IOC and the Olympics? Yea, this country was a shitshow a year ago and we managed to get a large percentage of this country vaccinated. I'm sympathetic to what's going on in Japan where there's a lot of mistrust in the country's leadership. I'm aware the rest of the world isn't as fortunate as we are. But I still find it curious that they are allowing fans to attend NPB games, but not Olympic events. So yes, forgive me if I'm questioning what it is they're doing over there in a country that I expected more of. TF are you talking about that we didn't have lock downs. Don't stereotype our entire country because the Trump supporters kept pushing bullshit propaganda that the virus was a hoax. There were massive restrictions throughout this country (how strongly they were followed is a different story). Public facilities were shut down the entire time until the vaccines started doing their thing. Don't be so butthurt if Americans win a lot of medals as if the only possible reason for that is that we had fewer restrictions. Take a longer look at the "state of emergency" they have in Tokyo right now. That's not a lockdown. It's more along the lines of voluntary restrictions where they're asking businesses "will you please shut off your karaoke machine after 8pm." The Capital of Kazakhstan isn't Almaty, it's Astana. Or at least it has been since 1997. And apparently Astana isn't even called Astana anymore. Did you know that? The IOC is doing this for all of their corporate donors, not just NBC. They want their Olympics because if they don't have it, they won't get all those bundles of cash everyone promised them. No, please remind me more about the history of Olympic bidding. I really need you of the 82 posts you've made on here to explain it all to us. We're well aware of the IOC's general shittyness. But all they need is 1 willing partner and they can ignore the mess they've made for themselves that we've about to have a 3rd straight Summer Olympics host awarded without a vote. If you need a history lesson, read up on how Oslo told the IOC "no thank you" to a 2022 bid because of the laundry list of demands and the the IOC basically told them to go **** themselves. No kidding they're a self-indulgent organization that uses cities and countries to do the dirty work for them. We all know that here. We don't think otherwise. But again, if you're going to come on here with some cockamamie plan to save the day, don't be so insulted that we're laughing at you in the process of trying to explain to you why you're wrong
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