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  1. NBC announced that Tirico will host primetime again. And that they'll also use him on daytime coverage which will have many of the marquee events live. Don't know who they'll use beyond that
  2. And the even more unfortunate part of it is that it has likely soured a lot of people in Japan on the idea of hosting the Olympics again, what may happen with Sapporo notwithstanding. So who knows if they'll be able to have a good vibe about another Tokyo Olympics until the memory of 2020 has long since faded. They do have the World Athletics Championships in 2025 (I might have to attend that one as my next big sports trip), so at least they have that on the horizon. PEYTON MANNING RIDES GIANT FLYING BAGUETTE TO KICK OFF NBCUNIVERSAL’S FALL CAMPAIGN FOR ITS COVERAGE OF OLYMPIC GAMES PARIS 2024
  3. I heard that about the World Cup, although I started my trip in New Zealand and didn't hit Australia until after the Matlidas had played 2 games, so they were already into it at that point. But I could imagine there wasn't much to the lead up. I agree with your line of thinking about Paris. It's not like, say, London where they could point to the transformation of the East End as a sign the Olympics were coming to town. We're too much of an in the moment society in the social media age to think that far ahead sometimes, even for an event like the Olympics that has several years of a lead up for the host city/country. We learned that first-hand here in NYC when we had the Super Bowl. When the Super Bowl is in a place like New Orleans or Indianapolis, it takes over the town. Here, not so much. I don't think it's necessarily analogous to the Olympics though. There's so much going on with the Olympics that it's hard not to notice everything that's going on. It won't get lost in a place like Paris. Wait until closer to games time and then I'm sure will get that circus. That's part of the other issue the Olympics has existing in the 21st Century. I doubt there's going to be too many people watching Paris 2024 that haven't seen an image the Eiffel Tower before. People have seen Paris so I doubt this is going to be a major tourist travelogue for them. Contrast that with Sydney 2000 where showing off the city was very much of part of their desire to host the games so that it would encourage people to visit. Which it did for me, albeit more than 2 decades later. It's a crying shame how the Tokyo games will be recorded in history. It could have been such a wonderful showcase for the city and the country and instead, it'll be one where people look back and see empty stadiums and people in masks and realize it was anything but a joyous celebration. You definitely speak for me on that one! And NBC is already heavy into promotion mode (if France isn't that enthusiastic, Comcast/NBC Universal sure is!), so clearly this will be a very big deal for them
  4. I think part of that - and this is similar to Paris 2024 - was that they didn't have that climactic moment with a vote that they could celebrate. We know how many people were watching the 2000 vote in Sydney despite it being the middle of the night in Australia. Brisbane didn't have that. And there's still 2 Summer Olympics in front of them. Maybe it'll get more real when we get to the handover ceremony in LA. Either way, I think that's just the state of the Olympics these days. It's not the stop-what-you're-doing spectacle that it once was where everyone gathered around the TV to watch. That's a sign of the times IMO more than anything
  5. Once upon a time, the Olympics could be sold as a civic improvement project. Host the games and we'll drop a bunch of new housing into the market, clean up some parts of the city, and maybe make things a little more livable for citizens. Sadly, that's not the case anymore. These days, the fear is how much taxpayer dollars are going to be used and who will benefit from hosting an Olympics. Probably not the citizens. I think once the Olympics get closer, the hype train will start to rev up. As noted, France has another major sporting event right now. So it's somewhat understandable that the Olympics aren't ramping up the excitement level just yet. Whether or not France is into a 2030 Olympics will be less about the French citizens' excitement for it and more about leadership (government, businesses, etc.) being able to make the sell. Again, selling it to the people may not be the most important part of that
  6. They're more beholden to the sponsors and the advertisers than they are to individual citizens. Yes, they need people to watch, but how much money they take in isn't a linear equation that goes along with viewership. And with Brisbane, they already had NBC locked in for those games in 2032. Maybe it'll affect a future rights negotiation, but that's it.
  7. It's the IOC. Tough to figure out what motivates them. And when have they ever gave a crap about the average person.
  8. If they were so sure that Brisbane was the best choice, that's all well and good. But they were really in a position to make that decision in all the uncertainty of the pandemic, with 2 Olympics just a few months apart, and all the fallout from the Tokyo postponement? Still feels like they wanted some sort of positive vibe to come out of Tokyo in case things went south at all. In hindsight, they probably couldn't have expected what kind of a mess they would wind up in here, but again, maybe they should have put more emphasis and attention to that knowing there were cities in the mix for 2032. At this point, I don't think they know what they're doing. Seems like holding out for France is a risky strategy because how could they pull that all together when they're so heavily invested in Paris? I think right now it all hinges on Sweden. That's who they're waiting on. If they're good to go, they get it and that's the end of it. If not, keep Switzerland or France on notice to get ready. All the while telling Salt Lake to not rule out 2030 and be prepared to have that conversation with the USOPC "how can we compensate you to make this work?" The probably with engaging multiple parties is that if they have to leave 1 or more on the table, what then of 2034? Granted, given what we saw with Brisbane, the IOC would have no issue shoving any of them aside and going with Salt Lake. Still easier said than done though, especially if there's still talk of some sort of future rotation. Either way, as I've been saying.. the first and foremost priority needs to be 2030. Everything else at this point is secondary
  9. They would if they were on this and touring the sports precinct.. Melbourne Sports Experience
  10. The Summer Olympics are a once every 4 years event. They should be primarily for the most famous of cities. It doesn't have to be the biggest of the big and I say that as a New Yorker who knows well enough that LA is much better suited for an Olympics than we are (and 1 of my tour guides in Melbourne even gave me crap in a group that included someone from Rio and someone from Tokyo that I was the one who isn't from an Olympic city), but this is supposed to be a major showcase for a country. If India is showing themselves off to the world, are they really hoping that Ahmedabad is going to be that draw? Not Mumbai or Delhi?
  11. The narrative from the Salt Lake folks had generally been that 2030 because the wait would make all their facilities older by the time they host. The USOPC was never so eager to follow that same line publicly. They've always known it was in their better interests to hold off for 2034, but they knew 2030 could be on the table. My guess is at this point, the SLC folks and the USOPC aren't saying anything. It's up to the IOC to come to them and tell them what's going on
  12. Hindsight is 20/20. Never could have known what kind of mess we would be entering into this time around back in 2019. That seems like an awfully long time ago at this point in the context of Olympic bidding
  13. 5 years is enough for Salt Lake and probably for Sweden. I'm skeptical that Switzerland or France could get their act together that quickly. And if anything goes bad due to a lack of preparation time, that's going to be a bad look for the IOC. This is not what the new norm is supposed to be about. This is not a good look for the IOC right now that they don't even know at this point when they'll have any actual bids to consider other than the 1 they clearly don't want to go with for 2030. There's was a touch of sarcasm in that initial post. I don't actually think that will happen, although this is a little sketchy for Bach to wait that long to pick a host and then hand the reigns to someone else. So much for that 2023/2024 timeline you were so sure of not too long ago
  14. At this rate, it's not unthinkable we could have a 2036 host before a 2030 host. How much longer does the IOC think they can kick this can down the road and not have it lead to problems for whoever is hosting 2030? They really don't want to give 2030 to Salt Lake!!
  15. There's good and bad with the new norm. It's great that cities are no longer on the hook to spend tens of millions on a bid to potentially walk away with nothing. The "fewer losers" mantra is a good path. But I agree with Rols.. there needs to be some level of transparency, especially if this is the bid the IOC prefers. Tell us why you believe this is where you want to hold your once-every-four-years event. We've seen the IOC struggle with new frontier type bids like they did with Rio in 2016. Looked like a great choice when they were selected in 2009. Less so 7 years later. Having a longer runway to prep themselves is obviously a good thing. In the case of India though, they have a lot of question to answer whether or not they can pull this off. I remain highly skeptical this is where they want to be, the IOC's usual diplomacy or otherwise
  16. There isn't the slightest doubt in my mind they'll have announcers on site for the marquee sports. I'm sure the lesser sports will be called from their studios in Stamford, but they'll want a big presence in Paris. Track & field, gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball will be on site. Diving is a question mark since that was held back from Tokyo (odd since it shared a venue with swimming). Maybe a few others will be there. And remember they announced they'll have live coverage of the big ticket events on the NBC daytime show, a stark contrast from their past programming. So I'm very much looking forward to seeing that
  17. Usual diplomacy from Bach and the IOC. Waiting for the sell from India to be "we now have more people than China" and playing their own one-fifth of humanity card. Of course, Bach will probably be gone by the time this decision gets made, so he's just paving the runway for the next president.
  18. I'm okay with that, mostly because I don't trust the IOC to make the right decision. Let the sports set the criteria, hopefully restrictive enough that anyone with even a hint of support of the war on social media is already excluded. No more of this "Russia Olympic Committee" nonsense that the IOC thought was the solution the last 3 times around. Try that in Europe and see how it goes over with the crowds there
  19. Good. Let them try to break off and see if anyone else misses them
  21. There's no "turn" with these things. That's a myth. As big of an event as this is, the prestige level is well below that of the Olympics. That's why certain places - particularly the United States - haven't been as eager to bid for the event. Track and Field in the Olympics is a different story which is why there is little doubt that the Coliseum will be packed through late July in 2028.
  22. Normally their window is similar to the Olympics where it's held in August. 2019 in Doha was an exception, that one was in late September/early October and some of those events, most notably the marathons, were held at Midnight in order to avoid the heat. The next World Championships is in Tokyo and that one is in mid-September for better weather. I may need to attend that one in person since Japan is now high up on my list of countries I want to visit! This may be what we see more of going forward.. event start times avoiding the hottest parts of the day, but events still conforming to the traditional calendar. The 2027 event has 5 suitors (supposedly), including Istanbul and Beijing. Seb Coe has said they'll listen to places like Saudi Arabia, but.. World Athletics pledges to put crowds before cash at world championships
  23. I'm not saying that and you know that's not what I'm saying, so if you're going to intentionally twist my words, do a better job of it. Of course the USOPC is going to pursue another Olympics at some point. Are they going to start that pursuit in 2029? Far from a guarantee, so I wouldn't go betting the farm. But that said, your initial response about Texas and Greece and Rome was "So don't think that can be said with any level of confidence at this point". I'm not ruling out those cities for the rest of time. I'm saying they're not interested right now. If they become interested later on, that's a different story. You can't bring future hypotheticals into the equation and pretend like any city or country that might be interested later on is interested now. Not that it's going to stop you from doing that. 2022 was supposed to be Europe's to lose. How did that work out for them? The notion of what continent is preferred for an Olympics doesn't hold as much water as it used to. In an ideal world, sure. But the IOC may not get ideal. Even more disingenuous arguments, because I feel like you don't really believe in minimizing Milan's issues into something previous Olympic hosts haven't had to deal with. But you'll make that argument here so that you can make a case for Rome just to refute me. Go find AF and ask him about his list of interested cities. If Rome pops up there later on, great. But they are not there right now. So once again, is it too much to ask to listen to the points I'm making, not to argue against the ones you think I'm making just because they're the opposite of what you're saying? Well yea, I guess I'm dealing with actual reality, not speculation about what might be coming "pretty soon." Of course you can think about the future. This site would be pretty boring if you couldn't. But let's be smart enough than to blur the lines between "right now" and "at some point" to pretend like some future hypothetical is happening at the moment and we need to treat it as such. No, I get what you're aruging. Would I be correct in saying that you believe "at some point" that certain cities that might otherwise bid in the July-August window will tell the IOC they only want to bid later in the calendar due to the weather? If there are 6 interested cities in the Olympics and 5 want to bid in September and 1 wants to bid in August, it's not a very real problem. If the number that want to bid in August is 0, then yes it's a problem. But I don't think we're headed in that direction. Not in the next 20 years. 50 years down the line? Well let's all pray that somehow the planet has managed to get things under control by then or again, when the Olympics are held might seem pretty trivial. Oooh, don't let AF here you say that! Them's fightin' words! We're seeing that theory play out on the Winter side. I think we're much further away than you seem to want to believe from it happening on the summer side.
  24. Wow, talk about disingenuous arguments. The USOPC is focused on LA and Salt Lake right now. After 2028, maybe they're looking at the next Summer Olympics they might be interested in, but that's a future hypothetical, not something they're entertaining right now. Likewise with Italy, they've had some struggles in trying to put together all the pieces for the 2026 games. Another total hypothetical saying Rome could be in position for 2036. Right now, there is no interest there. If that's incorrect, feel free to prove me wrong. Otherwise, spare us the "could be" arguments as if we have to imagine every possible future in the current moment. Yes, the way the IOC operates now gives them the freedom to look more long term than they have in the past. That said, that freedom to do whatever they please somewhat nullifies the "the IOC will have to abandon their rule" argument as if they won't have any other options. It already starts in July in parts of the country... ‘Back to school’ means anytime from late July to after Labor Day, depending on where in the U.S. you live But that's not a new phenomenon. I'm used to the Northeast calendar were school doesn't start until after Labor Day. That still hasn't moved. A lot of other places have been earlier than that for years. It's not some sort of massive creep up where the things are likely to change. Of course, that doesn't stop you from making another "pretty soon" hypothetical. Maybe that's your new thing? Another disingenuous point. A vague generalization with no timeline, so this feels like another "pretty soon" argument. Remember after 9/11 how security costs for the Olympics skyrocketed? Did that challenge change how the IOC or host cities operate other than to deal with that cost? Not really, although terrorism is hardly something the IOC wasn't aware of before then for obvious reasons. If you want to argue that turned off some prospective cities from hosting, I'll totally give you that. But it's not an example of the IOC not being able to play the game how they want. Much like COVID isn't do that either. Just another element - yes, along with the effects of climate change - that they need to think about and that other cities need to factor into the equation. Well la dee freakin' da for the Midwest. Let me know when Chicago - a city that's not even a World Cup venue for 2026 - gets interested in the Olympics again and they have to take the hear into consideration. So "at some point" or "pretty soon" is that narrative not as easily obtainable? Or is it not obtainable at all? Once again, all the IOC needs is 1 willing partner to give them what they want. And you're right, they're a business, so that business sense will likely dictate the same window. Until there are 0 willing partners for July-August, they have little to worry about in terms of finding a future Summer host (Winter is different, as we both have acknowledged)
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