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  1. The baron is back! Yea, I saw some posts about this on Twitter. Mostly from people who don't understand how things work. No, Stefan is right and this is a dumb question that I don't actually think you care about, you're just trying to stir things up. The IOC isn't going to give a rat's ass about this. Nor should they. Keller hasn't been an active swimmer for a decade. USA Swimming probably doesn't care about him anymore. Let me ask you a question.. should the IOC take away Oscar Pistorius's medals away? All he did was murder his girlfriend
  2. Advocating something and actually doing it are 2 completely different things. The default is and always will be that a country will send its athletes to an Olympics. In order for that not to happen, someone (and someone high up in the chain of command) has to say "we will not send our athletes to the Olympics." Let's say who is willing to put their political capital on the line to say that. The assumption you need to work off of is that athletes will be attending the Olympics because that's what athletes do. You can't use the "well, we don't like China" as the starting point and think the
  3. In fact, it's all but a mathematical certainty that the IOC is not going to give 2 shits about where the UK commons thinks the games should be held. Do you still not understand how all this works?
  4. So where the headline says Canadian Olympic Committee says boycotting Beijing Games would be 'misguided', that means nothing to you? Where in this article are you seeing "significant support in Canada"? Once again, you need to stop treating anytime someone tweets their thoughts about a boycott as "significant support." It takes less than a minute for someone to write a 280 character message indicating they favor a boycott. Much MUCH harder to actually advocate for that with the people that actually make the decision.
  5. There's no less than 5 airlines right now offering direct flights from Heathrow to mainland China and 2 with direct flights to Beijing. What planet are you living on that you think there will no longer be flights from Western nations to China? Popular support from who? You're right, I don't know how the UK as a whole feels about China. But you're making a lot of assumptions here about how that is going to manifest itself into an Olympic boycott. And I think *you* are under-estimating what a major step that is and the process to make it happen. That's not a small political statemen
  6. You are really detached from reality right now trying to push a narrative. On what planet is there any expectation that the Olympics wouldn't be allowed to go ahead? You're bordering on trolling right now
  7. What kind of a bet is "refuses to rule out" supposed to be? So you're saying they're *not* going to make a decision? Way to go out on a limb on that one. If there is going to be a boycott, at some point, some official (who actually has the authority to make a decision, not simply a politician with the ability to put pressure on someone else) has to say "we refuse to send our athletes to the Olympics in China." It can't be as simple as a double negative, they would have to rule *in* a boycott. And that's not a small step like you sometimes want to make it out to be. The default s
  8. Spoken like a Trump supporter. You keep posting opinion pieces but how often have we heard from any actual officials about the possibility of a boycott? It's not as likely as you want to think it's going to be. I said it before, I'll say it again.. if you're talking about a boycott of politicians and other dignitaries, that I could totally see happening. But a mass boycott of countries preventing athletes from competing? That seems a lot less likely.
  9. I'm knowledgeable about 1998 on CBC because I saw it with my own eyes. No idea how Canadian coverage handled Ben Johnson. I know NBC dedicated a ton of time to it as it was probably one of the biggest stories of those Olympics. I know CBC had the Summer Olympics that year after CTV had the Winter Olympics. According to Wikipedia, Brian Williams was the host, so I can imagine he had a couple of opinions on that one and probably had a few things to say about American sprinters as well
  10. Another incident involving Canadians.. history generally remembers what happened with Jamie Sale and David Pelletier in 2002 in Salt Lake. What is not as often remembered is what happened to Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz. They were the Canadian ice dance pair who finished 4th in Nagano largely due to what was believed to by bloc voting by European judges to prevent the Canadians from winning a medal. That one rankled Brian Williams and company as well, so it was more less than objective commentary coming from them. But in many ways completely justified.
  11. Remember that one as well. I think it took over most of the programming that night, but after that it was reserved more for news coverage, even though all the anchors in Australia certainly made mention of it the remainder of the Games
  12. Ross Rebagliati. I remember that very well. They were extremely outraged over that decision unlike it was eventually reversed. A lot of people have said over the years that American TV coverage is overly jingoistic. They don't hold a candle to some of that I witnessed from the Canadians.
  13. It already happened in Switzerland. The event was in January of 2020, so it was before the pandemic and the lockdowns. Fortunate timing for them since it meant they were unaffected by COVID.
  14. See, this I agree with. Individuals may say that their personal ideals are worth sacrificing the Olympics for and decide to say they refuse to go to China. Or at the very least speak out against them. This OTOH I don't agree with. Brits are not going to completely sever ties with China over government sanctions. I know it's a strange scenario involving Olympic athletes because they are government funded, but sanctions should not imply that a boycott is then automatic. Especially since that's a big "if" you're offering up there
  15. A Vancouver 2030 Olympics in no way prevents a Salt Lake 2034 Olympics. Might make it a little harder depending on the competition. But the idea of "SLC will have to wait" simply is not an accurate statement. And given the recent state of affairs with the IOC, there's a halfway decent chance there may be some desperation there
  16. Japan GDP = $4.872 trillion, 3rd highest in the world behind only the United States and China Greece GDP = $203 billion, 51st highest in the world, slightly higher than Iraq and Algeria, slighly lower than New Zealand, Peru, and Romania The 2 situations are not even remotely comparable.
  17. You need to stop taking any slight hint of a boycott as a strong indication it's going to happen. It's probably not going to happen. It'll take more than a leader that is "pro-boycott"... John Ivison: Boycott of Beijing Olympics is no substitute for a proper foreign policy Canada won’t lead boycott of 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing
  18. Countries aren't going to boycott an Olympics out of hate. That's dumb and pointless. For years, the criticisms about China have been about major political issues. That's why the talks to boycott go back much further than the start of the pandemic. For the umpteenth time.. I know you get excited anytime you hear any talk of athletes or nations skipping the 2022 Olympics, but what is that supposed to accomplish? If it's about "hate" and payback for the pandemic, how does that hurt China or make them change their ways? You think they'll care if even a major country like Canada or Great
  19. Are you going to continue to post every time you see someone call for a boycott? I get that's the purpose of this thread, but it's going to get annoying and overbearing really quickly. If it hasn't already. Sure, because the Aussies are really influential when it comes to the Winter Olympics. Once again, to point out the obvious.. did you forget there's another Olympics on the calendar before Beijing? How we view China in relation to the pandemic could be a lot different a year from now. And thru the lens of the Olympics, we need to be on the other side of Tokyo before we can
  20. That's an opinion piece from a publication based on a town with a population of 12,000...
  21. Very surprised I'm beating REDWHITBLUE to the punch on this one. Looks like his favorite senator is at it again...
  22. If you say so. I think that notion is so ingrained in your head, you assume it'll happen without any real evidence. Just generic hearsay and conjecture. It's possible that it might happen, but it's going to take a lot more than someone simply saying the word "boycott" to make it so.
  23. Who is "plenty of people" that think that? Are they the same people that still think Trump won the election? And I can assure you that Joe Biden is going to get negative fucks about Trump TV and anything that gets said by them. They're undoubtedly going to find 1,000 things to criticize Biden about. The United States' participation in the 2022 Olympics is going to be really far down that list. I'll say it again.. for crying out loud, please stop pretending like there's more than a tiny handful of people that care about this as much as you want to think they do.
  24. I still have doubts that there will be larger organized boycotts on the level of what we saw in the 1970s and 1980s. Individuals may make those decisions, but I don't see a scenario where an entire country says "we refuse to send our athletes to Beijing." It's possible, but I don't see what the goal of that is intended to accomplish as if anything will result from it
  25. Do you honestly think at this point in time that Donald Trump gives 2 craps about the 2022 Olympics? That he will make any sort of executive order affecting the USA's participation? If he had won the election, then yea, this could have been a thing at some point. But you need to move away from this idea that anything is going to happen 15 months away from the Olympics. Next summer after Tokyo, then there will be more focus on China. Not until then
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