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  1. He's only got 1 post left for the day, folks! Anyone want to take bets what thread it will be in?

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    2. Rob.


      To be honest, considering he's on 3 posts a day, I find it amazing that people don't just ignore him if they don't want to engage. Convinced some enjoy arguing with him over pointless things. Sigh...

    3. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I'm with Rob on this. He's easy to ignore. And he has so few posts, it's not even really annoying any more. Anyway, he and others seem to have settled into a nice, predictable routine. He makes 4-4 posts a day, usually dumb or pointlessly argumentative. And then others take tag team turns to answer back and give him the trigger to start the process again the next day. Everyone wins.

    4. Quaker2001


      That's the beauty of it.. he's only here for about an hour a day, makes his hit and run posts, and then we all go back to our normal conversations for the next 23 or so hours.

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