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  1. Okay seriously.. ban them. Ban them both. Please. It has gotten to the point where the 2 of them are doing almost nothing useful but using public threads to insult each other. Someone please put a stop to this nonsense because it has gotten way out of control

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    2. krow


      he certainly could do with a few weeks suspension to think some things over. or at least to brainstorm a new topic of conversation if nothing else.

    3. Quaker2001


      I'm not really all that bothered by it. I can keep posting memes and be perfectly happy to react to their nonsense that way. But it's not good for the site and it's not like we can ignore them if others are still talking about it.

    4. Quaker2001


      And honestly, krow is right.. I almost think for his own good that the best thing that could happen for Tony would be to not be able to post here. Obviously not my call, but it would almost be doing him a favor IMO

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