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  1. There was a certain "other" poster here that was rooting hard for that, if nothing else just to rub it in my face that I said it wouldn't happen. Thus is the craptasticness of this website. It was one thing when once upon a time you had American posters and Canadians posters fighting with each other, but at least there was some substance behind it. In contrast with "I'm going to make an argument to oppose you for the sake of being a contrarian because me.. like.. trolling!" I get that there's not much to talk about here these days since we're likely 4 years away from the next Olympic host being determined. And that there's not that much news to be consumed. It is what it is. The funny thing for me is that I love the Olympics a lot more than I love Olympic bidding, but there aren't exactly a lot of forums out there like this. If someone wants to point me to somewhere where they actually treat the Olympics as more than "2 ceremonies and some filler in between" or "let's spend a week analyzing their choice of a color palette for their logo", please let me know!
  2. The phrase "highly unlikely" is being pretty generous IMO. If it's that unlikely, why does there *always* have to be the question? Because it happened once, we need to acknowledge it as a possibility every time now? Can we as a forum that's supposed to be knowledgeable on these things be fucking smarter than that? Is that too much to ask? The answer to that rhetorical question sadly is yes, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The IOC didn't do what they did with Paris and LA to avoid criticism. There was certainly a level of diplomacy there because it required making a deal, but that didn't come without a cost. It shouldn't be the default assumption that because that happened once, somehow there's a precedent there that we need to have in the back of our minds. And yes, I will continue the ranting about this because it symbolizes what this site has somewhat tragically devolved into. Which is a crying shame and I don't think it happened just because Olympic bidding got boring in the past few years.
  3. I really hate what this website has become that this is still a discussion. That the narrative is still "that thing that happened once and we know is unlikely to happen again.. let's talk about it more because we're fucking bored here and it'll make things more interesting." What happened to when this place used to be smarter than that? This idea of "maybe solid hosts will entice future bidders" still falls very flat to me. What is it about Salt Lake or Sapporo that other cities will see that's going to entice them to bid? To say nothing of the fact that neither of those will happen for more than a decade. Do you really think the IOC is projecting ahead to 2038 or 2042 and worried about what the consequences of the next bid cycle will be that will affect that? That's the kind of crap GamesBids wouldn't have been talking about a few years ago. Now, it's about wild speculation with very little reasonable thought behind it. Let's say we have Salt Lake and Sapporo bidding for 2030. What's the upside in awarding them both? As opposed to letting them duke it out and producing a winner (and yes, a loser). Does anyone think if SLC lost, they wouldn't bid again for 2034? Ditto with Sapporo. They'll be in this for the long haul. What happened with Paris and LA was the perfect storm of circumstances to create what the IOC wound up doing. It's next to impossible for that to repeat itself for the IOC to be compelled to do it again.
  4. Bullfuckingshit it's very likely. That was a one time deal. I see no reason they would be compelled to do it again.
  5. Might also have had a little something to do with the fact that Japan is already hosting an Olympics and bidding for another one (especially when that other one is having budget issues) probably wouldn't be the smartest idea. I think Sapporo will bid for 2030. SLC is the obviously front-runner, but I have a feeling the IOC will encourage Sapporo to give the appearance of a competition and then if nothing else, it gives them a leg up for 2034.
  6. I know. Best I can do to avoid my response being "this site has gone to sh!t and you're all a bunch of bloody wankers"
  7. What happened in Tiananmen Square is one of the most infamous and iconic protests in recent history, particularly in the era of live television coverage. Hundreds if not thousands of people were killed. The current death total from what has happened in Hong Kong is still in the single digits, all of which - to my knowledge - have been suicides. Not quite the same as an all out military assault on the protesters. We don't know what history will tell us about what's happening in Hong Kong right now or where it could lead to. Do we really want to imagine the worst possible outcome in the context of an Olympics bids forum? Again, maybe let's not hyperbolize these protests as if there's a likelihood it will escalate to the same level as Tiananmen Square.
  8. Exactly. In order for China to not host the 2022 Olympics, 1 of 2 things would have to happen. Either A.) The IOC would have to tell China they are ripping up the host city contract and telling them they are no longer hosting the Games. I think we all know there's virtually zero chance of that happening because I doubt the IOC has a backup plan, nor would they want to follow through with it. Or then it would have to be B.) China decides they can no longer host the Olympics. Again, it's going to take a lot more than some protesters in Hong Kong for them to even consider that. I know it's the nature of this site these days that we're bored because there's not much to talk about, but let's not resort to insane theories involving events we'll probably barely remember come 2022.
  9. If there's an Olympics in 2022, they will be in Beijing. If Beijing for whatever reason can't host the Olympics, it probably means there won't be an Olympics in 2022. Virtually every Olympics has negative stories in the lead up that make us question whether or not they will happen. It happened with Sochi. It happened with Rio. It happened with PyeongChang. It's happening with Tokyo. So why would Beijing be an exception? It is way way waaaaaaaaaay too early to assess what these protests mean for the Olympics. To try and put a number on it is an exercise in pointlessness. Especially since it's still 2019 and we have nearly 2 1/2 years to go. No Durban, that's not what Quaker is saying. The IOC is not going to apply pressure. They chose China. They have no choice but to accept the consequences of that decision. It's outside forces that would pressure the IOC, not the other way around. The IOC will do what they need to do in order to give off the impression that there are no issues with a China-hosted Olympics. Just like they did with 2008. As you alluded to, it's not like the IOC was unaware of China's history then. This likely won't phase them.
  10. I doubt it. The IOC was not unfamiliar with China when they awarded them the 2022 Olympics. There may be pressure on them, but what's the alternative? Can another city/country take over with a little over 2 years to go? I doubt it, so it's likely Beijing or bust for the IOC and 2022. And you know darn well the IOC isn't going to tell China they're not hosting the Olympics anymore.
  11. Some nuggets on NBC coverage from Tokyo, including the 1 notable one quoted below https://www.inquirer.com/sports/nbc-2020-olympics-tokyo-comcast-plans-20190729.html
  12. Yes, this has long since been established. Likewise, I doubt Wallechinsky cares what you think or prefer. You and I were once a part of his audience and would pay for his work. Times changed and I moved on. You should do the same because for better or worse, those books aren't coming back and no amount of change to the IOC or the Olympics will make it happen.
  13. Gonna be honest.. I literally had absolutely no idea the Pan Am games were going on until I came across an ad. Wasn't even sure if ESPN was covering it and neither of the 2 press releases give much in the way of a schedule. Shows where this event falls on the spectrum of importance in the United States. May check out some of it tomorrow, but I'll be spending most of my Olympic sports viewing this weekend on NBC with the Tour de France and the FINA World Championships.
  14. You're in the minority on that one. Very few people (especially those outside of the demographic of "older than dirt") will pay money for a book that gets outdated every 4 years and whose contents can be found online for free.
  15. Tennis won't be an issue. A city can built tennis courts that can be used recreationally (as opposed to a slalom canoe course.. not so much) and then the main court can incorporate temporary stands to keep the costs down. So it wouldn't necessarily be an expensive venue to construct and it's one where if planned properly could see usage after the Olympics. I used to be a big fan of the Wallechinsky books, but the Internet killed the market for that. Why buy a book when all that information is available at a moment's notice online? The number of sports has nothing to do with it, nor does all the posthumous results changes.
  16. NBC and Twitter to Team Up on Limited Live Olympics Coverage
  17. They changed the format for Tokyo to reduce the number of games (teams will play 3 games in the preliminary round rather than 5), probably in response to the addition of the 3x3 tournaments. Perhaps LA is proposing to go back to the previous format and decided it would be smarter to hold the women's games in a smaller venue rather than to use the Staples Center for 6 games a day 10 straight days.
  18. Tokyo 2020: Additional sports to be broadcast live.. A total of 21 Paralympic disciplines from 19 sports will be screened
  19. What krow said. If no one really cares, why are we discussing this? Drug cheating is different because you can take away a person's medals, although if it happens after the fact, isn't that a FUGGEDABOUT IT? Hard to leave something for posterity that doesn't match with what people experienced. You're right that it would be tough to figure out what happened. For an organization like the IOC thought that's trying to regain the public's trust and desperately trying to prove to cities it's still worthwhile to host the Olympics, this is not a good look. If anyone involved in this (whatever it was that happened) is still connected with the IOC, then it's absolutely worth pursuing to throw them out on their asses. Yes, the IOC will probably get through this even if it turns out to be a bigger deal than it seems. But maybe they shouldn't be so quick to say "oops, we missed it.. oh well, what can ya do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯." After all, it was years before they figured out what went on with Salt Lake and they still dealt with that.
  20. As much as Rio didn't go well (although some of the negative stories that were predicted never came to pass.. as it is with most Olympics) and there was some political fallout, I don't think this is something that will cast a black cloud over the IOC in terms of future bidding. Salt Lake certainly didn't, as if this is something the IOC hasn't dealt with before. And yes, I'll be curious to see how it goes for FIFA with Qatar. Because usually once the games start, most of the minutiae gets pushed off to the backburner. Might not be quite so easy to do that with the World Cup.
  21. What does 1 have to do with the other? And what statute of limitations are we talking about? Athletes have been stripped of medals years after the fact. Obviously Brazil can't un-host the Olympics, but if there are people still with the IOC who were involved in wrongdoing, then they should get kicked out of the club. If Brazilian officials were involved, that's for them to sort out on their own. Either way, this is definitely not a case of "well, the Olympics already happened, so who cares to do anything about it"
  22. My thoughts exactly. With Salt Lake for 2002, I would have taken a lot of votes to change the outcome. With 2016, not so much. So yes, this definitely creates the possibility that it affected the outcome of the vote.
  23. IOC makes sweeping changes to their host selection process. And around a week later, this news comes down. Not a good look for the IOC
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