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  1. Great stuff from Morrison! Thrilled for him Luge team got the error from the Austrians in front they needed, but the Latvians got past them, now two fourth places for the luge program, they must be gutted; should be an interesting team relay, the question will probably be how much Edney gives up to Demchenko and Zoeggeler. Austria and Italy didn't have a woman in the top 10, that'll be where Canada will have to make up a lot of time.
  2. Crazy to see that 7-ender From what I saw, US had a couple of bad draw, McCormick flashed when she tried to hit and bail them out, and by then they decided to try and draw to give up 2 or 3 instead of more, but missed three straight draw. Just a disaster for them. Sweden, China and Norway all undefeated for the men, British at 2-1, Danes and Swiss at 1-1. Jacobs better get his team going, he can't afford to lose more than one more game; 3 losses is still in the playoffs, 4 you need help and tiebreakers. Switzerland-GBR probably the most interesting of the day on the men's side. Norway have had a really soft schedule so far, it'll be their fourth game before they play anyone with a win currently. Canada beat up the Swedes on the women's side, Jones looks totally set, very impressive. Swiss are undefeated too, then a big group at 1-1. Big game for Russia tomorrow to stay up near the top, and Canada-Scotland shoul be a fun one to watch.
  3. We haven't really had a surprising medal yet. Well, I guess Lamarre wasn't expected, but we did get two medals at the last worlds and infostrada had us for two in slopestyle, even though it was Turski with Howell. Hopefully someone can come through tomorrow, keep the ride going! Pretty nice of Gilmore to give up his 1000m spot for Morrison, seems like a great story to finish with a happy ending And faster, if you like poor medal predictions, the AP is really having a great time; I think they've got the US with as many medals missed as they've won so far.
  4. Bit early to say that, he curled really poorly and still gave one of the favourites a close game. He's gotta find it fast, but if he can get the form he had at the trials again, no one in the field is on that level.
  5. Good start for Edin, the only team at 2-0. Big game for Jacobs against Sweden, starting 1-2 would put Canada in a bit of a tough spot, not much margin for error. DEN-RUS was a ton of fun to watch, crowd was fired up but clearly doesn't understand curling too well. Jones looked good on the women's side, from what I saw the chinese third was making some quality shots early, but Wang couldn't do much with the chances, and Jones pulled away. Looked like a ton of rocks in play in Scotland-Sweden, had one end where 15-of-16 rocks were still in at the end! Sweden-Canada should be interesting in the morning, also looking forward to seeing if Russia or Korea can get a hot start.
  6. Hopefully we can get some good showing in slopestyle, looks like it could be a quiet day otherwise. Gough looks like she'll need to be good and get a little help from Hamlin to have a chance for a medal, and there really isn't much else of a good hope on the day. Maybe Harvey can have a big day in the sprint, but I'm not sold on it. A big game for Jacobs tomorrow, if he loses to Edin he'd be 1-2; not a disaster, but with Scotland and Norway still to come it'll leave him no margin for error against the lesser teams the rest of the way.
  7. That was a hell of a run from Bilodeau, no run all competition within a point and a half of him. Tough for Gagnon in fourth. A great day!
  8. Tough for Le Guellec, had the lead after the second shoot, but fell and was totally out of it after that. Gough and McRae with a decent start in the luge, doesn't look like there'll be much in it for medals. Great stuff from Bilodeau and Kingsbury in the qualies, really looked the class fo the field.
  9. Was worried about Alex Gough after her first training times didn't look too hot, but she was top 3 in the last two runs, well behind Geisenberger, but at least in the hunt. Should be a fun day tomorrow, with hockey, curling, luge, short track, moguls, combined, biathlon, etc. I'll say three medals (two moguls & Hamelin), but if things break right it could be an even bigger day. Maybe I'm a bit optimistic, though.
  10. The round robins get started tomorrow, looks like a few interesting matchups. I figure for the men that Canada are definitely the favourites, with Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Scotland the main potential challengers. Denmark's a dark horse, Rasmus Stjerne and Frederikson could get into the playoffs for sure. Murdoch and Edin have good records, but haven't done a lot this season (Edin went 5-4 at Europeans), wouldn't be surprised to see one of them have a tough week. I guess I'd go with Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden in the playoffs. Looks like a cracker of a tournament for the women, there's a lot of quality, looks hard to predict. Jones has a great record in Canada, but hasn't been great internationally; Muirhead, Wang, Ott and Sigfredsson are all capable of taking it. Sweden hasn't been great this year on tour, but won Europeans, while China were poor for a couple of years, but have played pretty well lately. I'll go with Scotland, Canada, China and Sweden in the playoffs, with the Swiss being the surprise team to miss out. I think only Scotland would surprise me if they didn't make the playoffs, I think Muirhead's just great, can make a ton of shots. Gotta admit seeing Homan blow the field away in Montreal this week makes me wish we could have seen them in Sochi instead, but Jones should be fine. Some good games on day 1, especially for the women, Wang-Jones and Muirhead-Sigfridsson should be interesting. Tough start for the Swiss men, getting Edin then Jacobs. Only other interesting game of the day for me on the men's side is Edin-Murdoch in the evening. Anybody else looking forward to the tournament?
  11. Should be an interesting pursuit tomorrow, looking forward to it. The time trial style start races are fun, but these head-to-head ones are where biathlon really shines. Can Bjorndalen manage to make it two? He's clearly on incredible form. I hope it'll be him or Fourcade (or Leguellec, in a long shot). But a fair amount of quality up in that top group, the two Austrians, Moravec and Shipulin all within a loop's time and Svendsen close enough to be dangerous.
  12. Just missed out by four seconds, great result for him, and he'll get a nice start in the pursuit.
  13. JP Leguellec shoots clear in the sprint, definitely right there for a medal chance, might just be a few seconds in it!
  14. 4 medals from Cross-Country and Alpine skiing combined seems really optimistic to me, I think 2 total would be a success, let alone 2 each. Frankly, I think getting 0 from those two sports is far more likely than getting 4.
  15. Toronto wins on ballot one!!! Great news! Toronto 33 Lima 11 Bogota 6
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