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  1. adrianme17

    Paris 2024

    Very clever - like the melange of the medal - the flame & The Marianne. Not keen in the font though! Still one the best logos in many a year!
  2. adrianme17

    Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

    not sure whether it is the logo or an element/elements of it? the main bit seems to represent the letter B?
  3. adrianme17

    Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

    some more examples of it in situhttps://twitter.com/BhamUpdates/status/1153225903977226240?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1153225903977226240&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.skyscrapercity.com%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D1954875%26page%3D134
  4. adrianme17

    Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

    they are launching the logo on the 27th (this Saturday) - they have changed the landing page of the website and looks "interestind"https://www.birmingham2022.com/
  5. adrianme17

    Tokyo 2020 Torch

    i really like it - stunning in fact! not keen on the rose gold as i think this makes it look a wee bit cheap!
  6. adrianme17

    Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

    really enjoyed the flash mob in victoria square - camera work and production was flawless - sham there were no blue skies - lol!
  7. I liked the opening ceremony - closing was werid and I liked the live performance from Birmngham (thought the production and camera work were great). Birmingham will have an identity problem when compared to the Gold Coast - climate and scenary wise. The games certainly had an amazing back drop and that came across well on TV. The games were ok - they suffer for a UK audience from being on in the early hours and then when most people are at work. I think believ a lot of athletes outside of Australia weren't that bothered about participating as April is so early the Northern Hemisphere's sporting calendar. Enjoyable to watch when I had the time and energy to be bothered to!
  8. adrianme17

    Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

    Was a wonderful ceremony - found it quite moving & beautiful. Thank god it stopped raining - well done Australia & the Gold Coast! Really looking forward to the games now - which will be fab - cue the lack of sleep for us in the UK! Lol!
  9. adrianme17

    Pyeongchang 2018: Your verdict

    The hosts did a grand job - well presented - good ceremonies and loved the "look of the Games". The venues were spectacular especially the sliding and ski jump venue - I just don't see how their legacy will pan out and it does all seem to be a huge waste of money in that direction. For me the games suffered from a lack of "atmosphere" on TV - low crowds and I wasn't really keen on the BBC coverage with the main team based in Media City Manchester. For me the games also suffered due to the time zone (all action taking place in the small hours and when I was at work) and in winter I just can't gather the energy together to stay up late in to the wee hours. The BBC coverage seemed to revolve around curling and was slightly nationalistic and bombastic - the hyping up of poor Ellise Christie being a good example. The next two games are all in the same time zone give or take an hour - so not desperately enthused about those either and I guess it is just one of those things. Well done Korea and roll on Tokyo!
  10. Would love to see Toronto host and also Singapore. It would be great to see London host - if only so I could volunteer & post brexit and psot UK - I think I may need cheering up - lol!
  11. adrianme17

    Euro 2020

    Yikes - not keen at all! Each host city logo will feature a famous bridge from that city - hence Tower Bridge for London. The theme being building bridges etc ....
  12. adrianme17

    Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony Live Chat

    Thought the music for the flame extinguishing was absolutely beautiful. What a voice and one of the most moving flame extinguishing moments ever at an Olympic games!
  13. Rio is putting on a good show - I'm not in Rio but the city look breathtaking on TV. There are a few spoliers though 1) lack of spectators in the stadia - although as we have entered the 2nd week this seems to be getting better 2) the lack of finishing on the venues (here I mean the lack of decoration and application of the look of the games) and the lack of the look in the streets 3) the olympic park doesn't look great on TV - like a big industrial estate (could have done with more application of the look of the games) & 4) the opening ceremony was rather underwhelming That said I'm not there on there on the ground and just watching on TV and what I am seeing is great sport! I also appreciate that Rio has had to cut a lot back due to the financial crisis - London also had to do the same thing. Enjoy the last few days y'all !
  14. adrianme17

    Scotland at Rio 2016

    come on Yorkshire!