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  1. I do a lot of fantasy baseball and football, so I get what you mean. Tough to do that with Olympians because there aren't really stats other than the medals and obviously it doesn't come around as often. I think your best bet is the sweepstakes that woohoo mentioned.


    Who is with me? Would anyone here be interested in joining?

  2. Hello. Yes I am new here but I do follow GamesBids during the election of the Olympics city host.


    I am wondering if anyone on this site does or knows of a place for fantasy Olympics. If there is one on here, I would like to join.

    Let me know if you have further questions or comments.

    Thank you for your time


  3. My idea


    Tokyo unless Pyeongchang win the 2018 Olympics




    Cape Town


    Time for a new thing: New Zealand

    (side note being 1/4 Guamanian(Guam) would love to see them there. Yes I know that will be like in the year 3000, but hey one can dream can he They have host the Olympics for the little islands there)

    North America:


    or Honolulu

    South America:



    Paradise Harbour

    King George Island

  4. Hold it in Honolulu, treat the IOC to a tropical vacation and have a huge Luau in their honor with hot-as-hell topless Hawaiian women as the servers. So when the USOC bids Honolulu for the 2032 games the IOC will be like "oh hells yes, that island was fuckign awesome! Damn straight I want to spend 2 weeks there at the Oahu Four Seasons"

    Yea I agree! Honolulu should bid for IOC session and then later the will win the Olympics.

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