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  1. http://www.fantasyolympian.com/ Who is with me? Would anyone here be interested in joining?
  2. Fantasy Olympics like the popular fantasy football (NFL) You are against other players. You draft Olympians. The better they do the more points you get.
  3. Hello. Yes I am new here but I do follow GamesBids during the election of the Olympics city host. Anyhow.... I am wondering if anyone on this site does or knows of a place for fantasy Olympics. If there is one on here, I would like to join. Let me know if you have further questions or comments. Thank you for your time 777rak
  4. How could you forgot about Shaun White? Also add out Hockey mens team.
  5. My idea Asia: Tokyo unless Pyeongchang win the 2018 Olympics Europe: Madrid Africa: Cape Town Oceania: Time for a new thing: New Zealand (side note being 1/4 Guamanian(Guam) would love to see them there. Yes I know that will be like in the year 3000, but hey one can dream can he They have host the Olympics for the little islands there) North America: Boston or Honolulu South America: Santiago Antartica Paradise Harbour King George Island
  6. Unless they arleady happened then fogget my question. When are the Olympic trials for these Olympics?
  7. Yea I agree! Honolulu should bid for IOC session and then later the will win the Olympics.
  8. I am a big supporter of wind mills for power. Take a look at this windmill article possibility
  9. Being a swimmer (I swam for Palomar Community College for two years) the aquatics center looks awesome. Wonder how fast it will be compated to the Cube in Bejing.
  10. No offense to anyone here, but I think one of the mascot should be a Royal Guard playing a sport, or would that offend them? If so sorry I brought it up
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