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  1. Hey Everyone,

    Well I only got into the Olympics when Sydney hosted it in 2000, so yeah. That was when I was 12 years old, but I managed to get someone to record the Opening and Closing ceremonies..... though I lost the Closing ceremony tape along the line somwhere. And now, since I bought the dvd to the Opening Ceremony last year, I am thinking of re-using the tape that has the Opening on it.

    Salt Lake City Opening Ceremony, my grandma taped it for me too, but I also lost this one. But that's ok, since I didn't really get into the Winter Olympics..... does any one remember that cocky guy who slipped in the Opening Ceremony part.... lol

    Athens 2004, I also taped the Opening and Closing ceremonies. As well as a few sporting events. But also, since I now have the dvd, (which I had to source from Greece on EBAY)........ I am re-using the tapes.

    Also have the Torino 2006 Ceremonies, as well as some of the figure skating events and that event where Dale Begg Smith won a gold......

    I plan to record as much as I can, mainly the Opening & Closing Ceremonies from Beijing 2008 on new tapes, and as much of the key sporting events (that feature Australian Athletes.....as well as the main team sports of Soccer & Hockey) on some older tapes...... getting off the subject a bit, but does anyone know how long it takes for a Organising Committee, to bring out a dvd of the Ceremonies?? I am assuming that they will, since they partially did for Sydney, and Athens had the whole thing with Olympic highlights as well..... and since these 2008 Games are more commercialised, its only a matter of time before they bring out the official dvd set....

    Also, does anyone here like the commentaries on the Olympic Ceremonies?? I personally find them annoying at times, its like they don't know when to keep quiet and just let us watch!!!! :rolleyes:

  2. This kind of ''gesture'' also leaves a add-on excuse if they're able to collect any medals after all, it's all because ''Oh gosh, it's the bad air did it, not me''

    Hey Maryjane, well in all honesty, you can't blame any athlete for wanting to better their chances. Though I only think that the most effected will be the marathon runners, and field & track athletes, so I would say that the rest of the athletes won't be very convincing if they used your excuse. A lot of events are indoors anyways, and I'm guessing that the home team athletes will have some sort of advantage, being able to be acclimatised to their surroundings. Also, I was talking about a "shorter" Parade of nations in the Opening Ceremony, so what "gesture" are you reffering too?? (do you mean the fact that some athletes are coming in later, when they need to ??)...... but yeah, if most of the top countries choose to do this with their athletes, then the playing field will be leveled in that respect and will depend individually on the athletes themselves.... ;)

  3. I don't know about the Canadian team but I would assume its the same. This is going to be a very, very small march of athletes considering there is probably gonna be at least a 100 athletes missing from each of the big teams from Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Russia

    Well, if that is the case with most of the attending countries, then I agree with it, if its better for them to come only when they have to. With around 205 different NOCs in the ceremony, I welcome a shorter parade of nations, I mean, I like this moment, but to me, it kinda gets a bit drawn out, "that's after your own country makes it appearance". Anyways, hopefully this will allow the Aussies to win a lot more... :P and maintain top 4.

  4. Hey Everyone,

    Looking at that arch type thingy, does anyone reckon that it looks inflatable? It does not appear to be that rigid, and there seems to be ropes attached to one side of it, maybe to hold it in place.... besides, if it was inflatible that would be one way to keep it under wraps and then inflated for the ceremony. Maybe, now just hear me out on this, if they get an entire ring of these blow up things around the roof, and then make them out to be loops of a dragon, with the head and tail being somewhere on the roof too, than that could be one plausible reason,..... my imagination is runing wild.... :lol: , or otherwise they could just be purely decorative structures....

    I know its too hard to tell from this one picture, but are there anymore of these structures appearing on the roof of the stadium? But yeah, I would have to agree with the others who say it might be apart of the opening ceremony...

  5. By the way, do they keep all, or at least most, of that stuff installed through the Games' two weeks so that they won't have to scramble on the last weekend to get things ready for the Closing Ceremony?

    Well considering that the Athletics will be held in the last 10 days of the games, (August 15-24), not to mention the Soccer final. Also, I don't think that they are going to the hole in the ground again. So the stadium floor should be at least flat (unless the cauldron is to stand there in the middle). Besides all they really need is a central platform for the singers and other performers, so that would really only entail a major re-surfacing after the last sporting events. As long as these special lightings, do not interfere with the athletes, i am sure that they will be kept up.

  6. welcome, TornerBlu.

    I think most of the ideas have already been threshed out and exhausted on here. Why don't you review past threads so there is no need to rehash everything again?

    Hey Mr Baron....... ;)

    Yeah, I know that i may have repeated a few things,..... but not on this thread anyways.... besides I have read alot on this forum site, and it has in some way been most enlightning. It's just that with everything being so 'hush hush' concerning the ceremony (and i am glad it is, to some extent), I thought it might be fun to hear what others think the cauldron might look like... if there is a thread for this topic, i haven't found it yet....

  7. Hey,

    I read that Celine Dion and Jay Chou will be singing in the Opening Ceremony..... though i read this on Wikipedia, so I dunno if the validity of the information can be relied upon. Also, another point that everyone has seen, is the wires that run laterally over the cauldron, across the stage area in the field, so from that, we can expect to see more flying characters..... maybe a little 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' esque kungfu display.....

    As for the Athens-esque hole, I still think that the only thing coming from that is a stage/platform. Though it still might be a pedistal for the cauldron. Condensing China's great and long history into 50minutes will certainly be a hard task to do.

    One might guess we could see:

    a visit from the past emperors/dynasties


    the 12 Zodiac animals

    Giant Calligraphy display

    Peking Opera

    Though I would definately like to see the 12 Girls band perform again..... and while I like Jackie Chan alot, I feel that he has been splashed around alot recently in tie-ins for the coming games..... one thing for sure, with Zhang Yimou co-directing the ceremony, alot of colour will be present.... does anyone think a Chairman Mao piece will be in the ceremony??? :lol:

  8. The structural lifespan of the Birds Nest could easily be 50 years or much longer. I personally would not have a problem being inside it during a major earthquake, as I'm pretty confident about the engineering and construction of it.

    Hey, yeah i would have to agree with you on this part, though hopefully there will not be any more major earthquakes in the near future.... one is enough as it is. I guess as long as the Chinese continue to cherish their history and their newer Olympic history (that they are making right now), then the Stadium itself will be looked after for future generations to enjoy... albeit that there might be changes like you said ......

    Now that the 'Hole in the Ground' is covered by grass and at least a feet of dirt, I guess there will be a change for the substrate before the opening ceremony...... which means removing the grass over the hole and then replacing it after the ceremony...... either way you look at it, its a lot of work....... :mellow:

  9. Hey Everyone,

    After looking through all the past cauldrons and where they where placed, does anyone really think that there is a huge possibilty that China will redo an earlier idea? If the stadium is anything to go by, though limited in where to place it, the cauldron will no doubt be a talking point. On that note, it would be great to hear what other people think about the 'actual' design of the cauldron.... like the look of it.

    I personally believe that the Cauldron will match the themes of the Torch. This however is not a new idea, seeing as the Athens 2004 Cauldron resembled the Torch itself. Also that the Sydney 2000 Cauldron was still worked around the idea of water, fire and earth (Cathy Freeman, kicked ass when she lit it!!! :lol: )..... a theme that was embodied in the Torch too. So, barring that the colour red might make an appearance again, I reckon that the cauldron might again be metalic and invoke the symbol of the lucky clouds. Or failing that, One Gold Dragon spiralling around a giant pillar holding the flame in its mouth.....

    On the issue of the Vancouver Cauldron, that is indeed a tricky one, but from what i read in the other forums, will the roof covering the stadium even be built in time for the ceremony? Or will it be fully enclosed at the time of the ceremony? At the time of the ceremony, there might just be a conventional hole in the roof looking stadium, therefore it would eliminate the problems of hot air from the cauldron.

    Ok, catch ya guys later.....

  10. doesnt need a cauldron...they will set fire to Tibet for 16days.....

    Hah, very funny....... <_< Your missing the fact that China still regards Tibet as part of itself, and I would doubt that they would want to repeat anymore mistakes. Not with the whole world keeping an eye on them in this respect. And, no I don't like how China has acted over Tibet, I like the Olympics in general.

    Ummm, which logo are you referring to? You don't mean there's a Cauldron Logo do you?

  11. If you had read the discussion before, you would have noticed that it's absolutely not proven that this thing is the cauldron. It could be a ceremonial stage as well -- which is, in my opinion, far more probable than it being a cauldron.

    Two reasons for that:

    1) The dish on top of that structure looks too small and unimpressive for being the "flame dish" of a cauldron.

    2) I don't expect the organisers to be that uncautious and leak the cauldron design already more than three months before the opening ceremony. They've made a huge secret of most of the ceremonial details so far, so they'll probably try to keep the most interesting secret -- the look of the cauldron -- concealed as long as possible.

    Hello, I have read all the previous posts...... The point I am getting at is "If" that thing was the Cauldron, because I also believe that they would have done a better job at keeping it a secret.... that's why I said "so in a way its a bit impossible that they would let it get out". Anyways I do agree with Barstad that alot of this is speculation.

  12. Well, in any case, at least the final torchbearer will be kept a secret.... unless there is another leak. As for the case of the Cauldron, I am a bit dissapointed at the organisers for allowing such a big secret go out so early...... I mean, they could at least barred camera's during that day of construction....... so in a way its a bit impossible that they would let it get out, unless they are not big on surprises anymore....

  13. Hello Everyone,

    I have been observing this forum for awhile now... in particular this section of it. All I can say is that I like the stadium alot, to me its exciting and innovative. I especially find the pictures in this forum to be of great use, as I havn't seen so many good pictures of the stadium. I have been an avid fan of the Olympic movement, ever since Sydney 2000, when the Torch passed through my hometown..... and so I have followed all the games since then. My favourite would still have to be Sydney 2000 still.... (a lil' biased on this decision, I know....).

    Anyways, after reading all your responses, I am just wondering what you gain from guessing about the cauldron? Even if your guess is close to being correct.... isn't it about being surprised? Whats so fun about knowing? I say just let it happen, though I myself do agree with the theory that the cauldron "might" come out of the hole in the middle. Even if the cauldron does copy a form from the past, it will still be unique, because it will still be in China. Though, the designers will definately add a touch of the Orient to it. In terms of grandness, I am sure that these games, opening cermemony will top everything in the past. Anyways, thanks to everyone for a exciting read!

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