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  1. Australia grabs another Gold Medal thanks to Ken Wallace in the K-1 500m, Wallace managed to pull through from behind the leader, van Koeverden in the last stages of the race and win it! :lol:

    Still can't wait for the Women's Basketball final between our women and the Americans. Should be excellent!!! Fingerscrossed that our men's Hockey team can at least manage to get the Bronze.......

  2. There has been quite a few here in Australia, though I can't say all of them hit their mark. But to me, the top 2 would have to be this QANTAS commercial. It just has this inspirational feel to it, even though I am not an athlete, it sums up what the rest of the population has to say to an Athlete.


    The other one that I like, is the Bendigo Bank ad, I can't seem to find a link to it on here, but it has a yellow boxing kangaroo talking about the Olympics, funny and cute! :lol:

  3. I hope you do well, I like Australians.

    Just can`t understand how the cycling went so wrong. and the means swimming team. You will come back probably.

    I think South America deserve their time to shine in 2016.

    Yeah that was a real shame.... <_< , but again, we can only do better! Personally, I rather Chicago get it. Besides the main goal of the swim team for next time is to come back running and blow the Americans out of the water...... fingers crossed that it can happen in the future!!!

  4. I think Australia will never do as well as in Sydney or Athens for a very long time. Hmm Cycling you won I think 4 or 5 golds in Athens? you only got 1 silver this time. Do you know what happened?

    and the swimming, if liesel jones and trickett dont perform in London, where does Australia get their medals? Australia relied on swimming for its haul, now the mens team nearly didnt register on the medals table and the women had to rescue the team.

    i`m not being heavy on Australia sorry. but I think they can only expect a modest total in london and the games in Rio in 2016.

    You never know, 4 years is enough time to come back from where we are right now, more talent is yet to be found...... and why do you think its going to be in Rio for 2016?? But anyways, I am sure that we will do well in all the Olympics to come.

  5. Wont the Australians be disappointed to be beaten by the great british team?

    Speaking as an Australian myself, I am not dissapointed that 'Great Britain' is doing better in the medal tally, matter of fact, I say "Well Done!!!". I know that there is an innate sense of rivalry between these two countries, but I rather think that this will make us even more determined to beat them in 2012. We definately have to regroup and learn from these games, in order to maintain our place in the Olympics in the future, hopefully we can only get better.

    But maybe for Team GB it will be the case in 2012, of "Letting them have their cake and eat it too..."

    Oh, Congrats to Anna Meares in the Women's Sprint, a silver medal!! Lol, at least we got one in :lol:

  6. Damn, no medals for Australia yet, but hey its still just the first day and our main events haven't happened had a final yet.... so fingers crossed for a lot more medals.... USA has definately got a hard job in front of them, especially considering the strength of China at these games (home town advantage and all that).... personally, I would rather see China top the medal tally, though I love the USA, it would just be refreshing to see another country in the top position, kinda knock the Americans off their high hats, give them something to work for in future games.. :P .... maybe in Chicago... but yeah, still along way to go....

  7. Another thing that we can be sure of, is the after "The Cauldron Goes Out" Party..... which by looking back at past Closing Ceremonies, will of course have many Chinese singers, hopefully that will include some Hong Kong and Taiwanese singers as well..... maybe a few international acts...... wat ever they got plan, it will be one hell of an after party!!!! :lol:

  8. LOL all athletes will be carrying a torch and it will seem like a torch-wielding mob going on a witch hunt!

    What I have in mind is not something so literal. Maybe they can somehow activate/ encourage the flame in reaching the cauldron by doing some simple action together on the field eg. clapping, thumping their feet or setting off some ignition-popper given to them before they parade into the stadium.

    Something that doesnt need rehearsing, something simple and spontaneous which turn all the focus to the thousands of athletes on the field during the climax. Cos to me they seem like some human props at the end of the show, filling up the empty field.

    As interesting as your ideas sounds, it kinda of wouldn't fit into an opening ceremony. The athletes will be too excited just by the fact of just being in the stadium and 'clapping, thumping their feet' isn't exactly a show stopping moment. Lol, anyways, they can cheer and shout to "encourage the flame". As far as providing all of the athletes some kind of ignition device, that would be costly and again, kinda tacky.... I don't think that the "human props" as you think of them, think that they are what you say they are, after seeing the reaction from the Australian contingent, I believe that all the athletes are again, just thrilled being there... they are there coz they achieved something great, they are not there to be entertainment (that is what the cultural segment is for....), besides, the Ceremony is also a celebration of the athletes, so by having them in the centre, they become an integral part of the stadium....... they make the atmosphere in any Opening Ceremony uplifting... hmmm, you know, even though some people here hated it, I just relised that this Ceremony didn't have that big white sheet come down over the athletes.... I personally didn't mind it......

    Watever they choose to do, i highly believe that the main way of lighting the cauldron will still be 1 or a few people lighting the cauldron either directly i.e Sydney or indirectly i.e Torino..... you can't beat this tradition, or prestige bestowed upon that chosen person(s) and I doubt, no matter how "different" these 2012 games are, this tradition will stay, albeit with a London flavour....

  9. The Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008, would have to be one of the most memorable ever for me. I loved the start with the drums, the scroll, the Dynasty Ladies (weren't they just so pretty!!!!).... the moving type feature was also a great moment.

    My family and I especially love the picture that was painted by the athletes.... very creative and I wonder where they are going to display it??

    Was it just me, or did anyone not see the part with the Terracotta Warriors? :( I was lookin for them in the performance, but it appears to me that they had a costume change of some sort... i think that this was during the puppet Opera sequence....

    anyways, I won't compare this Ceremony to the others in the past, namely Sydney and Athens, coz they are all different... with very special moments in each........

  10. Australia's flag bearer will be known tommorow, during or after the Australia Vs Serbia, soccer preliminary match on Thursday evening, so unless some one beats me to it, I will post who it is after I see who it is...... my guess is that it won't be a swimmer......

  11. .... phoenix theories.

    And strange that they haven't removed the inflatable condom.

    Well there is the way that they are going to light the cauldron, maybe the phoenix theme will tie into that... I am guessing that they won't take down the "inflatable condom" till at least after the 'official' unveiling during the Opening Ceremony, anyhow it should be gone the next day.

  12. OK, so the program will be unknown until the end... Why do they do that? :rolleyes:

    Thanks very much ;)

    P.S.: Spanish Olympic Committee website had its "own Opening Ceremony program" but it was only about protocol: flags, anthems, oaths... without the artistic part <_<

    One could guess that the reason why they don't post any of these "programs" out early, is so it can make people aniticipate the show more, or just so they can surprise them. I mean, knowing what's in a show, kills the feeling of seeing it, do you know what I mean? Besides, if anything we know far too much.... with that Korean broadcast and by frequenting this forum... :lol: , if anything, trying not to find out is harder then wanting to find out everything..... especially with the news blasting out every bit of news regarding the Olympics.....

    Is athan your real name, or is it short for Nathan? or perhaps a mispelt Athens?

  13. Hey Maryjane,

    thanks for the post, though I am surprised that Beijing has not done a "Hong Kong" and put neon lights on its sky-scrapers. But then again, the main focus should be the Sporting Venues, the city buildings (if they are just regular, non historic buildings), should play a somewhat lesser role in promoting the city, (after all office buildings are just that).... you can find these sort of buildings anywhere.... buildings with chinese flavour should be the ones promoted......

    anyways, great job on posting pics...... :P

  14. Hi,

    I like the 'Lucky Clouds' and I like the use of rainbows. Refreshing, though it might seem out of place on some venues, where one or two predominant colours might be better suited. What ever the organiser's choice was, I am sure that one of the main goals was to make a 'Look', that would become instantly recognisable for Beijing 2008. In that regard, I think they have accomplished it. This look, also makes people talk about it, whether they like it or not. And whether you choose to like it or not, is up to you.........

  15. 53389001xi6.jpg

    I think Cauldron can come down, BECAUSE roof has cauldron rail (channel) till the end of roof rim. THINK AGAIN.....

    Hey Zain,

    love your sketches that you have done, on your ideas, my own ideas are quite similar..... I like you bird idea more though, but anyhow..... I hope that the cauldron does not have that final form, if it did, it would be a bit anti-climatic, no matter how good the lighting mechanism/technique is. Then again, what we have seen so far, it might be just a Part 1 Cauldron, with Part 2 to reveal itself when the time comes in the Opening Ceremony......

    PS. I'm Australian and I might sound a bit biased, But Sydney's Olympic Cauldron still kicks ass, even with the computer glitch.

  16. Athan, don't compare Torino's script with Beijing's -- otherwise you will be sorely disappointed. There will probablity be some similarities in terms of elements common to all Olympic Ceremonies -- the appearance of the 5 rings, youth, energy, sport, etc. -- after all these are the Olympics. But from what we know, the Beijing show will cover 5,000 years of Chinese history -- the longest, continuing civilization on our planet today; its 4 great inventions; and their vision (rightly or wrongly) of Beijing 2008 -- One World, One Dream. It wouldn't be fair to Beijing, and to yourself as well, to really use Torino as a template for the show happening in 3 days.

    Hi, the way I read Athan's Blog was that he (assuming that he is a he :P ), was just asking if the Opening Ceremony had a known program, that would then have the names of each segment. He just happened to use Torino's segments as an example. Of course the Ceremony will have segments, though we will not know the full extent and names (official names) of these until after the Opening Ceremony has finished. Someone out there, will most definately sum it all up on Wikipedia sooner or later after the ceremony has finished. But yeah, I do agree with you in general, Baron, in that it would be unfair to Beijing, to compare it to Torino, let alone any other Olympic City or Ceremony. Every Olympics is different, that is what makes them all exciting, no matter when you come from, or whether you happen to like a particular country. Though, I bet by the time London 2012 comes rolling around, there will be many people (most likely the British, being Patriotic), saying that their ceremony is superior, and I don't doubt that it won't be. All I know is that, come August 8, it will be Beijing's (& China's) time to shine. I personally can't wait till Friday :lol: , but then it will kick in that I will have to wait another 4 years till London....... <_< somebody build me a time machine.....

  17. ...while other side will display Roman characters at the same time III....II....I

    Hi, i don't think the otherside shows Roman Characters, rather they show the Chinese form of numbers, besides the point that Roman numbers would seem out of place in a Chinese ceremony....... :rolleyes:

    But yeah, I would agree with both suggestions that the countdown will start from 29 or 8 seconds... either way, it should be spectactular with all those light up drums...... ;)

  18. This may or may not be important information, but I just saw on the news tonight that countries will be marching into the Stadium according to the Chinese Alphabet, I didn't know they had one.... not like what we use anyways. Which means that Australia will be amongst the last countries to march in...

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