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  1. I had to wake up at 5am this morning to watch the ceremony and even got to work late... do I regret it..... NOPE!!! I LOVED IT!!! :D

    While Sydney 2000 will always hold a special place in my heart, London's Closing was AWESOME!!! All the songs were great, I loved Emeli's performance, the Spice Girls were great too IMO and I was genuinely sad to see the flame go out. I didn't get the fire-bird segment, but the ballet dancers were interesting.

    Eric Idle's segment was hilarious and I loved the Giant Inflatable Octopus that came out during Fat Boy Slim's performance. Also, was a surprise to see BOND during Russell Brand's part.

    Bit strange for me seeing Take That, without Robbie Williams.... but all in all, great performances.... Well Done London!!! :D

  2. Found this Seoul 1988 torch on eBay:


    There is a Sydney 2000 on at the moment too...


    It might just be me but for some reason, when I look at the photos provided by the seller it looks like the torch is shorter then usual.... especially prominent in the second picture where the torch is open.

  3. I could have gotten a Sydney torch and Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games baton a couple of years ago for 2,500-3,000.

    I'd say 2,000ish is a good mark, anything less is considered a bargain!

    I saw one on eBay recently, it went for around $1500ish, or maybe it was around 1600ish. The only thing was, it had a few flaws..... for one, the white paint on the bottom was chipped off and it was clearly burned (the top was dirty). Though I guess to some people, a torch is a torch...... But that's just me, I like my things in at least good condition.

    Those Commonwealth games batons? Isn't there only just one used in the entire relay? Or are we talking about replicas?? Would be awesome to own one....

  4. Hahaha congrats! Yes i do love the Sydney one too also like Torino i don't own any so can't answer those questions :)

    Thanks, Man! Its going to take me awhile to save up for another one.... I was meaning to ask you, why do you have the bid logos from 2012 in your signature? Just wondering......

    But yeah, definately tempted by a few of the other torches on ebay at the moment. Though I guess being an Olympic year, its torch season on there.

  5. I recently obtained a Vancouver 2010 torch :D , and OMG, I love it to bits! Its my first torch. I actually felt light headed when I held it up (and struck a pose, behind closed doors.... ;) , lol), I never relised how big it actually is.

    Questions for other torch owners...

    How did you feel when you obtained your first torch?

    How big is your collection ?

    and whats the one torch you want (if you don't already have it) above all others?

    My dream torch would have to be a Sydney one, solely because its the only one I have seen in real life, when it passed through my town of Katherine,NT back in 2000 and for the obvious reason, its Australian. My first games too.

    My aim is to have all the torches from Sydney 2000 up to the current day.... I guess its because I don't have any emotional attachment to the past torches or games before then. Other then that, London's one would be awesome.... but I guess I am going to have to wait a few years (that, or win the lotto or rob a bank... ^_^)... when the prices come down.... damn, I wish I had the money to burn... for now the Vancouver 2010 torch will have to satisfy my olympic torch mania.

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  6. From SSC someone mentioned that the cauldron will be lit by a child from the host borough (Newham). Love love the idea, it will be a very touching gesture and totally fit the motto of inspire a generation. I hope this is true, there's no protocol that said the cauldron must be lit by a prolific athlete no? SLC 2002 was lit by a bunch of firefighters

    Been reported that the flame will be lit by a child ( from the host borough )and not a athlete as part of

    " inspire a generation ".

    The Salt Lake City cauldron was lit by the 1980 Ice Hockey Team that won over the Soviet Union, not fire fighters....

    But yeah, having a child (with a sporting background) light the cauldron(s) would be a neat idea.

  7. Hi guys, Im new to this forum and I am so excited about the olympics! -------- :D what do you think ???

    Hi TJ18, WELCOME to the forum.... where you from mate?

    Your proposal is definately a logical one, given that so far we have not seen any suspicious construction near, in or around the stadium. But hey, the opening ceremony is still quite a few weeks away.... so we might see a "quick to assemble" cauldron appear over night. Maybe it will be in three pieces and they put it together during the ceremony. Still hope it is not attached to the Orbit.

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  8. Sydney had 3 Rings representations in total: Some time after the stockhorses formed the rings, the team of overweight Aussie blokes with big beer guts and wearing flip flops, floppy hats and shorts formed the Olympic Rings while pushing lawnmowers - hysterical! Then came the giant white Olympic Rings projected on to the massive cloth passed down over the heads of the athletes from the top of the stadium.

    Hey Mate,

    LOL, yeah it was fun...though I don't recall the "big beer guts", just colourful shirts.... Sydney was fun, Athens was drama, Beijing was grand. I hope that London is more inline with Sydney.

  9. Rio's handover is the most easily predictable. Riots of colours, samba, carnivals, noisy music, scantily clad women etc

    Hi Kevzz,

    Well, having never been to Rio let alone Brazil (though I do really want to go).... as with most of the world's population who tune into watch the ceremonies... I don't particularly find anything wrong with that. The handover, is a chance for them to introduce themselves. I say the more samba the better. Brazil is what it is.

    I would like to see at least 1 float, samba, capoeira dancers and something relating to the beach atmosphere of Copacabana.

    Sydney's and Beijing's handover stand out to me, even though they showcased a few stereotypical cultural depictions of their countries... which is not a bad thing.

    Reading people discussing Rio's handover brings it all home how close London 2012 is and how quickly it will be over. Those few weeks are gonna fly by

    ...too true daveypodmore..... I relized that at the 100 day mark, I was willing it to come but at the same time trying to delay it as much as possible, 2 weeks are definately not long enough....

  10. Food for thought ....


    Hey AustralianFan, looking at the picture above, it might be possible to have a zip line from the Orbit into the Stadium. Then the bearer could run up the tower, reach the top and 'for lack of the better word', "Zip" over into the stadium carrying the flame. As oppose to just entering the stadium on foot.

    I do kinda miss that giant hole in the ground, but I guess 3 times in a row is not innovative. The hole doesn't have to be clever, just what comes out of it though.

    I don't suppose they would ever imagine lighting the whole rim of the stadium on fire.... :D , that way, everyone in the stadium will get a view...

  11. Hey Kevzz, I imagine it would be a great sight to see, with the Orbit being as tall as it is. Hope to make it out there one day and see it in real life...one day.

    I have to say, it is looking more and more inevitable as we draw closer to the games that the Orbit is the Cauldron, or at least the supporting structure.

    Eitherway, I am sure I will like it.

    Kevzz, It must be hard to sleep being in the UK, I'm so excited and I'm miles away....

  12. Hey AustralianFan! + 1 to the Aussies here...

    Question, is there an AussieTeam2012 support page on here yet?

    Maybe its my love of surprise unveilings, but I kinda hope the cauldron is not attached to the Orbit.... I just can't imagine a giant flame burning on it.

    In regards to the cauldron in general, I hope they keep it simple and light it with the actual flame, no fireworks.

  13. Sydney was my first OC that I saw, from that my favourite segments would have to be:

    1. The multicultural segment and the climax at the end of the segment where the performers stood in an outline of Australia.
    2. The entire cauldron lighting segment (celebrating women at the Olympics, i think)
    3. The national anthem, I know I am biased, but i reckon its up there as one of the best renditions of any anthem performance.

    For Athens:

    1. The costumes in the historical parade. I particularly liked the hydra puppet.
    2. The giant head appearing from the centre of the ground and the DNA helix structure.
    3. I like the cauldron, simple and clean.

    On a side note, at the closing ceremony.... the handover to Beijing (with those girls playing "Mo Li Hua") and the giant red lanturn were also memorable for me. Oh, and the millions of fake wheat planted into the stadium floor.

    The Beijing ceremony was a grande experience, my most memorable segments would have to include:

    1. Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan performance of "You and Me", the smiley face fireworks and the kids on the umbrellas.
    2. The dream like music during the illumination of the rings on the floor and as they rise into the air.
    3. The dragon pillar segment, all those ladies in those costumes dancing. The giant scroll was great as well!

    Vancouver was interesting.... at the opening: the failure of the 4th cauldron arm and how they turned it into something humourous at the closing ceremony. The welcome by the indigenous nations (plus, the guy in the wolf costume, was hot). Alanis Morisette's performance of "Wunderkind".

    I can't wait to see what London has coming up. :)

  14. Hi,

    now that the games are completely in the pages of history we can look forward to the future cauldrons... but

    Does anyone have any idea of what became of the Beijing 2008 Cauldron? Like are they still displaying it someplace, or is it locked away in some warehouse destined to collect dust? Or completely dismantled and reused for other things (this would be really sad if they did this). <_< ??? Sydney's cauldron was turned into a fountain, still want to go see it... not too sure on Athens. Is there any legacy left by the cauldron and is there any more examples from past games??

    Also, just wondering where that big painting from the opening ceremony went... like its final resting place??

    Any information would be great!


  15. So these wonderful games are coming to an end, I just want to say Congratulations to all the Athletes... you guys did a top job!! Also, want to say congrats to the organising commitee for another job well done!!!

    This is the first time I actually took time out to watch the events, and am glad that I did. My favourite events would of had to be the Cycling and the Aquatics, Murderball was also interesting!!

    Looking forward to the closing ceremony, it should be another great party atmosphere.....

    Thanks Beijing!! Bring On London!!! :lol:

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