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  1. How do I close/delete my account on gamesbid.com?
  2. Well since the women did not work hard to have the required 2 world title competitions before 2010 (next year they will go for the first), there is no decision to be made.
  3. Youth Hostel on Thurlow Lemon curry
  4. Hahahahaha All the "copiers" as you call them, are mutlifunctional. Well, all the ones I have seen/used. They are printers, photocopiers, scanners and fax machines. Nice try yourself Ricoh. But I'm sure you'll tell me there's a Xerox in the men's washroom under the parking garage behind hte low rise. And I think it's 5 levels. By the time I started there were no more underground spots available. Now people get spots at the Sikh temple and shuttle (or walk) to campus.
  5. Dunno. But I was told the City of Van bought it and rents it to VANOC at a special rate, since they are a partner. There is/was an architectural company on one floor. Otherwise its all VANOC
  6. LOL. No, I would not ever say that. But I also am not naive. Walking up to a photocopier and taking its photo? Especially since I don't work on that floor? That's a little too high profile. Besides, unless the third floor is different, mostly we got Ricoh printers. There's one colour in each area; the rest are black and white. Is it Regina or Whitehorse? Because all printers are named (on the network) after major Canadian cities and towns. Ask your friend that (not you baron, the other person)
  7. You have no idea what your talking about. The only the Olympic Charter says about the Torch and the Opening Ceremonies is in Section 55: "55 Use of the Olympic Flame 1. The OCOG is responsible for bringing the Olympic flame to the Olympic stadium. All arrangements for any torch relay and any use of the Olympic flame shall be carried out in strict compliance with the IOC Protocol Guide." Don't make things up. You look stupid.
  8. No, but all-staff meetings tend to be more value-added. Guest speakers etc. And nothing over email either.
  9. This is one of those things that isn't being told to us either. Like the Mascots were
  10. 1. Officially 9-5, but it depends on what's on you're workload, what's coming up for deliverables, and your boss. If there is a sport event soon and you have a significant role the days are often 12 hours long. Other times we sneak out a bit early on Friday. 2. I think we're close to 1000 paid and a lot of part time volunteers and contractors too 3. very little, though it seems some who started in 04/05 are moving on now. One of the great things is that most people are smart, nice and dedicated. 4. I only know what's listed on the 2010 website. Sport seems to be getting bigger. And the timing people (like race timing...I forget the offical name) 5. Not a lot from what I see. The Gamers will move on to London or Sochi (or the next Pan Am, Commonwealth or Asian Games). Locals...some will go back to roles/organisations. But we all will get outplacement supports etc. 6. In total over 50 thousand "staff" are needed. But more than half are volunteers. I think alot of the "workforce" positions are about processing the volunteer applications that have been coming in since Feb. Several thousands more will be temporary service workers or contractors. So the actual paid VANOC staff are less than 3 thousand.
  11. If you mean the Beijing Canadian OLYMPIC TEAM clothes that's the COC, not us. But yeah, they're pretty fugly. HBC has the contract for VANOC uniforms (not Olympic teams, workers). And bear in mind that uniforms are prolly the thing that most people have the strongest opinions about. They got to be working outside and inside, snow and ice, warm and freeeezing cold. There are issues with HBC though. Ones that must be worked out by the end of 2008 for the Games (much much sooner for Sport Events).
  12. I will get fired if I am caught doing this. So no details about me.
  13. Downtown musta been sweet. I didn't start until after the move to East Van. Really the food is the part that bites. Otherwise they do a good job of making us all comfortable. Which is important, since sometimes the days are looooong
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