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  1. Lance Armstrong is a drug cheat and a bully who pressured others in to his drug cheating ways. I have heard his supporters say he was just doing what everyone else was doing at the time, but this does not justify his decision to systematically cheat the system for year. If everyone started robbing banks would that make it ok because everyone is doing it? I keep asking myself did he do all this work for cancer because he really cares about the cause or did he feel he needed to do something good to offset his cheating ways as a sportsmen? Did Lance ever do anything that did not have some sort o
  2. its different but i would have thought a hairy cow might have been more kid friendly rather than a plant.
  3. on the topic of Pin it looks as if they have put out 2 new puzzle pin sets a month after the games have finished http://www.londonpins.co.uk/ What were they sitting under someones desk and the forgot about them before the went to the Olympics very strange.
  4. i totally forgot about Casa Brazil until i had left London grrrrrrrr What was the book you got Rols? On a good note been working on the wife to get to Rio and might have talked her into doing a cruise while i go down to Rio.
  5. guess u dont want it that bad then. Didnt think Queenslanders were so tight with there money Try adding other stuff to your oders might get a few other things for the £7 postage to make it worth it
  6. i got a few things from a store called the entertainers in westfield stratford. got 20cm mascots half price 7gbp small ones for 3gbp and a big one about 75cm tall for 20gbp they also had cars and buses half price looks even cheaper now http://www.thetoyshop.com/toyshop/index.jsp if you want the daily programs or other programs they guys can help Haymarket magazines T: +44(0) 1795 414 608 F: +44(0) 1795 414 555 www.haymarket.com
  7. can i just say how great it is to be able to sell unwanted tickets on twitter! i got face value for the tickets i didnt want ans swaped a water polo ticket for athletics last night and saw Aussie gold! something Rio should look at having a twitter account for ticket swap or face value sell and set up collection points. Think its a good way to get more people acces to tickets. Both people i sold my tickets to couldnt get anything at olympic park but now they can.
  8. i have 1 ticket for each of the below for sale both cat A Hockey Women Semi Final HO032 (NED v NZL) 08 Aug 1530 for face value GBP95.00 block 212 row 15 Hockey Women Semi Final HO033 (ARG v GBR) 08 Aug 2000 for face value GBP95.00 block 211 row 23 can meet tomorrow at Stratford or in Olympic Park if not you would need to colled from Warwick Ave or Oxford Circus area on 8 Aug. Please follow and tweet on twitter @olympicpete2000 or UK mobile txt 07984729369 DO NOT REPLY HERE OR DIRECT MESSAGE HERE AS IT WILL NOT BE CHECKED!
  9. hmmm not so sure thats right i have just sent 3 days in Paris and it was cool and wet each day. Out taxi driver told us this weather was more like November than July. I also had to wait 2 hours at the airport to drop my bags off never had to do that in London
  10. im sure i got a stack of spectator guides in Beijing from cosports when i picked up my tickets and they had boxs of them to give away. i guess its a sign of the times save money in printing and make people print themselves at home.
  11. most of the mining camps in Queensland are dongas guess thats where he got the term from. I also agree no good for a games village have stayed in better backpackers then some dongas i know of
  12. just looking on LOCOG and Opening Ceremony have tickets in AA and A if anyone is interested
  13. got initial ballot tickets and on sat got Basketball ticket i bought earlier last week but still waititng for hockey tickets bought when live sales started in May
  14. just saw that when i log onto my ticketing account i can now see my seat numbers. I am still waititng on 2 orders of tickets bought in the last few weeks
  15. When i think or Regent St i think of the Xmas lights and think it makes it a bit special at night so would like to have seen something like that for the games. I do like the flags idea but like other have said maybe oxford St. Guess my thought might change when i see it up close in just over a month
  16. saw that as well and picked up a mens Basketball ticket for Aus v GB one i am sure we will win!
  17. be interesting if anyone on here got a $20.12 tickets to OC or even knows anyone thats got one
  18. the Newcastle rings look a bit like something i have seen before....... is it 2012 or 2000
  19. Not sure they are as we are a C and D and nothing as yet
  20. thing is i used a friend of a friends address in UK and they are coming out to Australia in early July so might have an issue if the tickets dont arrive before they leave. These were tickets we got in the 1st round so hope they are going in some sort of order. Tickets i got via Cosports i will pick up at will call window in London as almost A$50 for delivery was crazy
  21. be nice if people can let us know when you get your tickets in the mail. I have a tight window of someone being at the address and be nice to know if others are getting tickets sooner rather than later
  22. They look to have some good diving tickets just checked the 10m platform and could get tickets
  23. there is no way they can find the people that have morning tickets and kick them out. They just hope people will go after a few hours. I know they sold olympic park tickets for Sydney but not sure is the did a spacific time like London
  24. after an hour of requesting tickets i cant find anything that has come back available even random volleyball prelims. anyone else been lucky?
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