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  1. if you have extra cycling tickets let me know.
  2. i found in London twitter was the best option as i sold ad traded a few tickets successfully. the best was a person called vooly or something like that but stupidly i unfollowed him after the games thinking i will never need that again.
  3. Don't take it so seriously I realize this would not be the main exit
  4. Is there a chance that Aust ticket sales used some of the USA and others allocation of tickets by mistake hence the quick shut down and delay in any USA live sales? We all know a 10 year old could probably set up a ticket sales system better than cosport.
  5. I did 2 separate orders (so i got tickets before it crashed again) and 2nd order came up with message that this order will be shipped with other order so only one ridiculous AU$47 delivery fee.
  6. tried from 10am syd time but didnt see anything untill about 10.10am then i worked for a good hour with a few drop outs
  7. no track cycling but did get 2 cat C swim prelim and 1 cat C final. Also rowing, beach volly prelim, Ruby 7s only crashed on me once but thankfully it came up again with shopping basket still full so did a quick payment. I also went back and got 2 other ticket and it added it to my 1 shipping charge think for London every order had a new shipping charge of $47!!!
  8. cosport live ticket sales just stared and im not surprised i cant even get to event page to see what they have
  9. Get the tickets while you can. I had no problem in London getting ride of excess tickets using twitter. Both sold and swapped tickets so i am hoping it will be the same in Rio. You will always find somewhere to stay it just depends how much you are willing to pay. Anyone be interested in apartment shearing? have contacted a few of airbnb but as yet not taking bookings.
  10. I had 2 accounts 13 sessions in each. got 3/13 and 0/13. What could have cost me $9000 will now only be $244. Got Tennis quarter finals B ticket Canoe slalom final B ticket and ruby 7s QF B
  11. going over my wish list and working out AU$ costs (subject to cosport 50% extra) and got to Volleyball. Australia might make it again and I have never been to it so checked out the prices. Prelim A tickets BRL350 I can get Tennis Semi finals A tickets for less than that! Its either a misprint or Volleyball is extremely popular in Brazil.
  12. I am looking for someone who lives in Glasgow or is going to Glasgow who would like to do some shopping for me at the Glasgow 2014 store and post it to Australia. I have tried to get the online store to send good to Australia but they have refused. I have also contacted a few ebay sellers selling Glasgow merchandise but none are able to help so this is a last resort. Happy to pay in advance via paypal and also a little extra for your trouble and of course postage so if you’re interested please inbox me for more details. Thanks in advance Hobart
  13. Mossgreen Auctions in Australia give you an estimated price but you can open bidding at a certain % (think its 5%) below this but they can refuse the bid if its to low.
  14. Wonder if its the same one that sold at leski Auctions in May? http://www.livebidonline.com/catalogues/common/catalogue.php?pagecode=5TOLY&eventid=422#1449
  15. are they already running out of money coz they couldnt have paid anyone to come up with that c*@p could they. Maybe they spent all the degin budget on the mascot and it going to be the best ever but i wont hold my breath.
  16. Australian TV rights is being held up due to Cricket Australias TV rights as ch 7 and 9 see it as a better investment. Both putting big money behind it and the loser will get the Olympics for half the price they would have paid fror cricket
  17. looks like the IOC cant even give away the Australian TV rights could the Olympics end up back on the ABC? http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/all-sports/seeven-withdraws-from-bidding-for-olympics-as-price-tag-proves-too-great-for-tv-networks/story-fnduczvk-1226614834282
  18. Melbourne 1956 and more specifically the rowing in Ballarat as its where i live and go past Lake Wendouree and the rowing coarse a few times a week. Barcelona 1992 Atlanta 1996 Was it really as bad as everyone says? Calgary 1988 Salt Lake 2002 Bradbury! Vancouver 2010
  19. Like most people so far I thinks it’s a bit silly to drop wrestling but one thing is for sure in 4 years timewhen they are having the same executive board meeting to drop a sport I bet all 26 sports will be pushing their case and not taking their place in the Olympics for granted. I also feel that just a 14 person committee is a bit small for this sort of decision. I did read somewhere that they were given a document with statistics on all sports. It contains spread of medals, TV rating and Olympic attendance details. Does anyone have a copy of this document of know where it can bedownload
  20. Also shocked with this..... Hockey???? http://www.insidethegames.biz/1012857-xx-fighting-for-olympic-future-after-dropped-from-core-sports
  21. wonder if its both forms of wrestling that are gone. I also belove they go on to the list of sports trying to get into the 2020 games so could only be out for a few months. I also think that Golf should never have got into the Olympics.
  22. just picked up the Coke days of the games set half price http://www.pinsandthings.com/coca-cola/717-london-2012-olympic-coca-cola-pins-of-the-day-set.html
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