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  1. anyone that went to test events at Olympic park whats the aprox walk time from gates to aquatics or future arena? I see the spectator guides state its about 11 min from transport to gate so that about the same as London.
  2. any recommendations for the best app or website for public transport updates? What do the locals use to keep updated on public transport timetables and delays?
  3. http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1038153/rio-state-government-refused-loan-vital-for-completion-of-vital-subway-line-extension Transport is becoming a big concern. Still cant find any approximate times between venues.
  4. Im up to 17 sessions in 7 days but still have 2 mornings and an afternoon to fill. Im well down on finals as im going in he first week and have basketball, Hockey and rugby prilims.
  5. just so you know grass would not cope with 200,000 people walking on it all day for 2 weeks. It would be dead within 2 days. then its a mud pit when it rains. London had so much green coz it had a creek and wetlands running through the middle of it. I dont remember much green in Sydney or Beijing Olympic parks. London did have that cool bouncy colourful section.
  6. Rio website has swimming heats and rowing tickets available. I got a few hockey tickets and was very easy to use plus E Tickets how easy is that! much beter than a $47 delivery fee like cosports!
  7. With swimming finals not finishing until midnight some nights how do they plan for people to get around if train lines are all shutting at 1am? unless they hope to have travel time from Barra to Copacabana be travel time of less than 1 hour.
  8. Cosports currently have track cycling tickets available. Also still some swimming afternoon sessions and opening B seats. I suggest checking twice a day if you looking for something as stuff is being added all the time.
  9. venues in Barra look much closer than some were in London Olympic Park. Not sure its going to help with my 0 min event change swimming to basketball.
  10. defiantly a typo cosports has GA003 starting at 1830 just checked still opening ceremony on cosport australia but only cat D No Cycling Swimming heats also available most days
  11. HOCKEY TICKET SWAP I have a HO018 Wed 10 Aug 1700-2115 Women USA v Japan and Men NZ v Brazil I would like to swap with HO019 Wed 10 Aug 1800-2215 Happy to swap before event or prior if needed. Thanks I Also have a HO022 Thursday 11 Aug 1700-2115 Women Germany v Spain and USA v India. Grade A seat to swap or sell at face value.
  12. i am a little worried about this for hockey and rugby both events are quite long. As a single traveller i wont leave a bag on my seat to go get a snack or go to toilet. Guess i will need to stock up on food and drink befor even and take an empty bottle if needed.
  13. maybe the mayor of Rio would be better off spending his time getting the transport link to the main Olympic precinct finished on time rather than worry about what the AOC is saying. Imagine what the world will be saying about Rio is people cant get to events. I do have concerns about transport at these games more so than i did for Beijing. Very little detail on expected travel times between venues.
  14. What were the inconsistencies you are referring to?
  15. Cosports live ticket sales back online 7 Jan 16 time TBA
  16. found it now. shows about 20 min walk on current road configurations I'm sure it will take longer once venues are complete. Have tickets for canoe finish aprox 1610 and Hockey that starts at 1700. Only booked hockey in hope Australia are playing that night so have got a ticket for pitch 1 and 2.
  17. Anyone know the distance or time between canoe slalom venue and hockey centre? I couldnt find the hockey venue on google maps.
  18. Australian cosports also has a few more tickets inc Hockey and tennis
  19. Anyone looking for Athletics tickets or closing ceremonies this is another option. http://www.viator.com/tours/Rio-de-Janeiro/Rio-2016-Olympics-Mens-and-Womens-Athletics-Admission-Ticket-and-Transportation/d712-8753P29
  20. What are approximate travel times during Olympics Central - Deodoro - Barra or General Osorio - Barra? Just trying to work out best areas to stay in regards to travel times. Close to Central or close to General Osori. I have a feeling it could be a bit of a how long is a piece of string question given the transport is still under construction.
  21. i am more worried about being mugged than snakes and spiders.
  22. I am looking at booking accommodation in Copacabana and wanted to know if there are any areas to avoid in Copacabana? I know all cities have good areas and bad so looking for some local advice.
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