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  1. if anyone was robbed mugged or dead please post here. Also if you got Zika let us know. I did 8 days and the worst i got was 2 mozzie bites at the Hockey and very sore feet from walking so much.
  2. Went to Deodoro yesterday and man the walk is long and doesn't need to be. Should be about a 10 min walk but the make you walk past the entry gate cross a closed road to walk another 10 min back o the gate. On a positive when you exit you leave from the station inside the venue not sure why the couldn't use it for entry as well rather than a 30 min walk.
  3. The 7 app isn't working. Have looked a few times and always says they are having technical difficulties.
  4. Seen a few people on Twitter saying cosports ticket pick up is a mess. 2.5 hour wait systems down and people being turned away. Sounds like fun
  5. I'm like you travelling alone and have swimming finishing at midnight. Put phone in your front pocket. Have a small amount of cash in a wallet in your pocket so that if you get robbed you just hand it over and don't lose your whole wallet. I'm also taking about 5 pre paid credit cards so if they take one I will have back up at mt accomodation. I am also putting cash and credit card in a wallet and keeping it inside my pants on my hip so they won't even know it's there. as for bags I'm hoping they just want a wallet for the cash. Not sure how I'm going to take my tickets as if they ta
  6. From the photos all venues look to have plenty of leg room I front of seats
  7. I have a stack or pre paid credit cards to take so if they do get me they can't get much $$ and I will still have access to money. It's easy to stuff a credit card down your pants but the Olympic tickets are quite large.
  8. In the likely event of being mugged and having a bag stolen with paper Olympic tickets in them can they be replaced? no info on paper ticket just on e tickets. I have messaged them but don't think I will get a reply.
  9. jūjutsu Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon. Yet he got held up at gun point.... i smell a rat with this one
  10. Australians are used to bringing our own inflatable kangaroos. I have 3 in my bag already but needing to bring plumbers and electricians is a bit much to ask.
  11. looks like they still have plenty of work to do. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/olympics-2016/there-are-major-concerns-over-the-state-of-rios-olympic-village-less-than-two-weeks-from-the-start-of-the-games/news-story/e2d9537c65b18caa16364e08e9915951
  12. Cosports have advised my tickets are now enroute. I had ordered tickets after the cut off date so that was the issue apparently. General admin sounds like a good chance of getting from a cat C seat to a cat A seat
  13. I have been advised today by cosports that my tickets will not be sent to me as they are still waiting for tickets from Rio. Have asked if they can send what they have and I collect what's missing in Rio.
  14. No email from FedEx so got tracking number from cosports. FedEx website says label created on 30 June but never collected. Have had to chase cosports 3 time so far to find out what's going on. Have you got tracking email? FedEx use air express part of Aus post to deliver I know they are going to tell me to collect them in Rio but they will be refunding my (over priced) postage and will be opening the office early for me to collect.
  15. got 1 they other it still missing in action. Fedex saying it hasnt been sent yet
  16. Well it's that time when cosports are (trying to) sending out tickets. I have an order that the FedEx postage label was created in US on 29 June and FedEx tell me it's never been collected. Contact cosports and they tell me to monitor it online. No dude you need to contact the US and find out why it hasn't been sent yet! I also got tickets in the wife's name and they arrived with no issues a few days ago. How is everyone else going getting there tickets?
  17. Cosports also have A and B opening tickets A B and C closing
  18. Cosports currently have swimming ticket for ALL sessions available. Finals are only cat A. Rio site has had some over the past few days and new ones added at very random times but they do go quickly.
  19. It would be so much easier and cheaper if cosports offered e tickets
  20. Sydney was the "green" games and Olympic park had very little green space http://www.gettyimages.com.au/pictures/general-aerial-view-of-the-olympic-park-in-homebush-bay-news-photo-1047101#sep-2000-general-aerial-view-of-the-olympic-park-in-homebush-bay-day-picture-id1047101
  21. i did see you are staying in the same area. Are you in a hotel or appartemnt? I am staying in an Air BnB on Rua Joaquim Nabuco, Copacabana, about 10 min walk to General Osorio.
  22. From General Osório Station to Deodoro what's the best route via Barra metro/BRT or via metro through central? This is my 5th olympics and by far the most challenging in regards to transport.
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