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    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    for Rio i had 2 account and submitted the same requests on both accounts. Requested 13 sessions on each account and got 0/13 and 3/13 all at lower ticket category. Also found this in the ticket request conformation Something Cosport have never done before so this might suggest that price conformation will not be completed before the 31 May cut of date.
  2. Hobart

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    I have a few accounts but in different Names address and credit cards and have done this for the last 3 games. you just might find you end up with extra tickets that you have to try and get ride of but that generally not to hard.
  3. Hobart

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    Just called Cosport Australia and spoke to a lovely lady who was very helpful (unusual for Cosports) they are till waiting for pricing approval. Cosport set prices/fees then AOC have to approve and then Tokyo 2020 have to approve, its awaiting Tokyo's approval. She was sure it would be approved before the 31 May cut off date. If for some reason the prices were not approved before 31 May she said submit your request and any tickets you got that were over your budget they would let you cancel just the tickets that were to expensive. The exchange rate and fees are capped and can not exceed 20% of the face value of the ticket. Higher priced tickets also have a cap on the fee so a AU$2000 wouldn't have a AU$400 fee it would be a lower fee. Deliver fee will again be AU$47 or 48 and you will only be charged one fee even if you have multiple order. We also had a quick chat about Rio and will call windows and she said Tokyo was much better organised and ticket collection will be much simpler and faster.
  4. Hobart

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    can i attach a pdf on here or is that just for premium? message me your email and i can send you a copy.
  5. Hobart

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    JPY ticket prices and venue category map can be found here. I did have to us a VPN to download as im not in Japan it just send me to the ATR list. https://tokyo2020.org/en/games/ticket/type/
  6. Hobart

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    Cosport is now live and lets you request tickets for all session and categories but no prices. How can you plan a budget for tickets without prices.
  7. Hobart

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    At this stage i haven't even found what the costs are in JPY normally there is a pdf with all session cost and ticket categories. Im amusing they will do the usual JPY to USD at an inflated rate then USD to AUD at another inflated rate plus the $50 delivery fee. Japaneses ticket site goes live in about 30 min so hopefully i will be able to see the JPY cost per session.
  8. Hobart

    Tokyo 2020 News - General

    Swimming finals in the morning is much better for spectators than 10pm start time like in was in Rio. I did 2 nights of swimming and didnt get back to my accommodation until 2.30am I have already started my spreadsheet with must see events and very much looking froward to paying Cosport an exaggerated exchange rate and service fee for little to no service.
  9. Hobart

    Gold Coast 2018

    Only ones i missed are hockey finals but hopeful pick some up between now and April. Athletics, Basketball W SF, Rugby 7s final and closing ceremonies. Also found a swap or buy/sell tickets account on twitter @gc2018tix so hopefully that will get me some tickets like twitter did at London Olympics
  10. By far the most ridiculous bid i have ever heard of. I think someone got the date wrong for this announcement April 1 is April fools day. I live in Ballarat and the venues they are suggesting here are in need of more than an upgrade to bring them up to standard. Dont even get me started on travel times between venues. Each sport would have to have its own village as the shortest travel time would be almost 2 hours. The wont be the peoples games the will be the sitting on a bus for hours games.
  11. Hobart

    Rio 2016 Olympic Park

    i wonder if they are going to relay the paving in Olympic Park? By the time i was last at Olympic park on 12th August it was already in very poor condition in some areas with areas already cordoned off due to lifting pavers. Can only imagine what conditions it is in now after Paralympics and the dismantling of temporary venues.
  12. the price they charge for accommodation you would think they could do better than 8% Do you think transport concerns or just lack of interest is keeping people away?
  13. why have the 2022 Comm games suddenly become more appealing to cities? less than 2 years ago Durban won it unopposed now we have a dozen cities willing to take over the hosing. I know Edmonton dropped out due to falling oil prices and falling economy but has that improved that much. It will be interesting to see how many of these potential host for 2022 go ahead and bid for 2026.
  14. I was lucky enough to attend a function last week and hear a current IOC speak about there sporting and professional life. After his talk i spoke to him about the 2024 bids. I started off by asking him to vote for LA as i feel its a much easier sell to the wife for a family holiday. He thought that was quite funny. We then got into the bids a little more and he said it was a 2 horse race but i think we all knew that anyway. He also said both Paris and LA were great bids with neither of them needing to build may new venues. The only thing he thought would be the difference was that Paris had some underlying issues regarding security and issues they have had in the past. I think he was also a little surprised that i knew so much about the bids and bidding process.
  15. Hobart

    Tokyo 2020 Look of the Games

    looks like blue is going to be a strong colour. Strange considering the flag is red and white.
  16. charge $30 for spectator guide then not have any in stock when you pick up tickets sorry no refunds. Anyone get stuck with rowing tickets that got cancelled? love to know if cosports gave a refund but i think i know the answer!
  17. I went on 7th August they had a line for people with tickets for sessions that day or who had lined up on previous days. Wait was about 15 min so not to bad. I think cosports could make it easier in Tokyo by using e tickets or reducing cost of postage. Au$47 for a small paper envelop is extremely overpriced and clearly an attempt to make more money.
  18. I did love the street/train paddlers on the train to Deodoro drinks, chips, chocolates and dish sponges!
  19. Hobart

    Team Oz in Rio

    He did withdraw from the 20km walk to rest for the 50km. i cant see him winning a medal.
  20. Hobart

    Team Oz in Rio

    Aus team sports have been very disappointing all but Woman rugby and men Basketball were beaten in quarter finals or earlier. Swimming still has some issues even after major review from London. Aus had 10 individual medals at swim worlds in 2015 of those 10 Rio return was 1 silver. 15 Swimmers before Rio were ranked in top 3 and Rio return was 3 medals 1 gold and 2 silvers. Cycling and hockey also has a issue with underperforming. Boomers could be the biggest success of the games. I spent 8 days in Rio 22 sessions over 9 sports. No muggings, robberies or Zika. Can honestly say at no stage did i feel unsafe but i also didnt go out on the drink or spend large amounts of time not at Olympic venues.
  21. if anyone was robbed mugged or dead please post here. Also if you got Zika let us know. I did 8 days and the worst i got was 2 mozzie bites at the Hockey and very sore feet from walking so much.
  22. Hobart

    Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

    Went to Deodoro yesterday and man the walk is long and doesn't need to be. Should be about a 10 min walk but the make you walk past the entry gate cross a closed road to walk another 10 min back o the gate. On a positive when you exit you leave from the station inside the venue not sure why the couldn't use it for entry as well rather than a 30 min walk.
  23. Hobart

    Team Oz in Rio

    The 7 app isn't working. Have looked a few times and always says they are having technical difficulties.
  24. Hobart

    Rio 2016 Tickets

    Seen a few people on Twitter saying cosports ticket pick up is a mess. 2.5 hour wait systems down and people being turned away. Sounds like fun
  25. Hobart

    Rio-2016 News

    i can feel the Olympic love