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  1. by 2026 it will be a non binary gender neutral mascot so no one is offended. Why not an endangered frog or butterfly? but seriously the Bandicoot is very cute.
  2. Athletic Worlds move to 2022 Euros were going to be just before Olympics anyway so no different to 2020. Team sports that have qualified stay the same. I see the biggest issue being countries that have selected athletes for sports that may no longer be the number 1 selection in a years time. one Australian i can think of is Chloe Esposito modern pentathlon is having a baby so didn't qualify but in a year she may be able to qualify. If anyone is in Tokyo on here i would love to get my hands on some 2020 merchandise! happy to pay a bit extra plus postage.
  3. its been declared a pandemic and they fine print doesn't cover pandemics. I have called and asked and its not covered if games are cancelled.
  4. What about athletes and teams that have already qualified do they keep that qualification or have to re qualify? Some would be close to retirement and might not be suitable to compete in a years time? Will my current tickets still be valid? will my non refundable hotel just move my booking? (i already know the answer to this one i have blown $8000 thats for sure) In 24 hours i have gone from no spectators to full cancellation as my predictions. Bloody China!!!!
  5. I'm starting to think that the games will be held but with no spectators. Japan has already shut schools, Italy is in full lock down and most major sports events cancelled or run without spectators i think its they logical chose. I'm confident i will get a full refund of my tickets but not so sure im going to be able to get a refund on my non refundable hotel and travel insurance will not cover it.
  6. got to love a New Years ticket dump. nothing i needed but some good athletics and basketball tickets added. Wish they would hurry up with a basketball schedule so i can try for a ticket to an Aussie game.
  7. cosport have another individual ticket drop tomorrow. no idea what events of the number but sure to have plenty of boxing
  8. check out and join a facebook group Tokyo 2020 Olympics Planning they have a google doc going with tickets people want to buy and are selling. They also post ticket updates if any become available plus hotel booking tips and travel tips. Someone mentioned Hotel Mystays had rates and thats how i booked my accommodation. Twitter #2012tweeps is still a good one to check out lots of UK/Europe people still using it about tickets. People to follow @matt_shoreditch and @volshy who i think in on games bids and where i first heard of ticket swaps at 2012. Thanks to twitter and #2012tweeps i swapped a water polo ticket for an athletics ticket.
  9. just notices on the Tokyo 2020 website the venue map now have venue colour. https://tokyo2020.org/en/games/venue/olympic/
  10. I have signed up cost me about AU$25 so a good investment if i can get a few more tickets to my must see list. Will let you all know when i get my first email about new tickets.
  11. Just saw it a few days ago be interested to hear from anyone that has used it.
  12. try making the screen smaller have had issue like that on a different website.
  13. yep just checked it this morning on the off chance. still tickets for quite a few sports in Basketball and gymnastics. I got a beach volleyball ticket.
  14. just saw a tweet tickets added on cosport US but not Australia 13 new #OlympicTickets available on CoSport USA: BK303B,BKB23C,BKB28C,GAR11C,HBL31B,HOC42B,RUG12C,TEN09C,TTE29C,VBV06C,VBV08C,VBV19C,VBV28C Best sessions probably gone by now.
  15. I did see some Athletics ticket but only morning sessions and cat A so the expensive ones. Certainly no tickets for 100m final night. Im guessing the next sales will be Nov/Dec or early 2020
  16. so logged in about 1 min before 9am and joined the wait list when it went live hda 98 people ahead. Got swimming prlims but only 1 tickets, Womens basketball final, mod pentathlon sports climbing and rugby 7''s mens final. did have an issue processing payment clicked on payment and then got an error and lost everything in the cart. after a bit of yelling i logged back in and went to orders and order was there fully payed and confirmed.
  17. there will be plenty of tickets left for prelims and team sports just dont expect to get athletics, swimming or gymnastics finals.
  18. Rio was the first Olympics i have attended that i had to pay for transport.
  19. Does anyone know if transport is still free for ticket holders? i know the bid books stated it would be free on the day of your ticketed even but in sure Rio also said the same in bidding.
  20. Cosport stuff ups its all part of the Olympic experience. I purchased mine as soon as i logged in to see the results. Added to cart deleted a session i got double tickets to and payed in full no issues. Im guessing this will now delay the live ticket sales for a few weeks
  21. 30 July Canoe Slalom 3 Aug am Athletics 4 Aug 10am Basketball QF (hopefully USA) The one that got me was modern pentathlon 50k seat stadium and i couldn't get a ticket. Im amusing Australia wasn't allocated any tickets.
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