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  1. I just found the route that is going to be taken in Pairs it all starts at 10:35 GMT (so in about 40 minutes or so) So i'm sure we'll be seeing something soon.
  2. Amanis: They have used the Temple of Hera since 1936 when the Germans did the first Torch Relay (according to the BBC). And according to Wikipedia Athens 2004 was the first time the torch went around the world.
  3. Now that I think about it your probably right. I don't know the demographics there but i'm sure there are a lot of people who are not fans of China.......
  4. http://torchrelay.beijing2008.cn/en/journey/london/news/n214295096.shtml I wasn't expecting them to but no mention of the protest The first picture came close to showing some if these are the same people that were on the BBC video.
  5. I think that Paris and San Fransico will be just as bad (if not worse) but after that it will be much more calm.
  6. It looks like currency. But its nice. I don't know about the Pinks though.
  7. They'll be running through slush and puddles today
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