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  1. Point Taken Are media can do what it wants right or wrong (usually its for the best) i need to work on my glass half full thinking...........
  2. I agree but at the same time here in America at least on TV where most people get there information it all bandwagon. For instance the Iraq War. Leading up to it, it was wall to wall Sadam had WMD's he's working with Al Quida if you don't support this war you don't support the troops even the New York Times (arguably one of the most liberal papers in America) was in on it. Then when some European countries had some reservations most Americans freaked out the boycott of France comes to mind. The majority of Americans were willing to trash one of our oldest alliances over this and our media was right there egging it on. While I can't speak for Europe our major media is very collective. It wasn't always this way and it isn't all the time for instance MSNBC and CNN now are more fairly covering Iraq (when they even mention it) and FOX News is always slanted for the administrations view.
  3. From UK yahoo news China claims to have uncovered a criminal ring planning to kidnap athletes at the Olympic Games in Beijing. A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security said two East Turkestan "terrorist" groups had targeted the Olympics, plotting to attack tourist hotels in Beijing and Shanghai. They were also planning to target government buildings and military installations, but Chinese officials say they have detained 45 suspects and seized explosives and firearms. Spokesman Wu Heping said: "At the end of last year an overseas East Turkestan terrorist group issued an order requesting its members to enter the country to be ready to launch terrorist attacks at the Beijing Olympics. "At the same time it asked them to closely observe hotels that receive foreigners, government buildings and military bases." It is claimed the group asked members to perform trial runs using poisoned meat, poison gas and remote control explosive devices. Meanwhile, Gordon Brown has added to China's embarassment by announcing he will not attend the opening ceremony of the Games. Earlier, Olympic chief Jacques Rogge admitted anti-China protests have put the international torch relay in "crisis" but insists the Games will bounce back. The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) told the IOC's executive board athletes around the world are in "disarray" after the disruption of the relay in Europe. He said: "Go back to your countries and tell your athletes and reassure them that whatever they might have seen and heard, the Games will be very well organised. "This is going to be their Games and they will enjoy it. Tell them not to lose faith in the Olympic movement. Tell them we will rebound from this crisis. "Tell them that they are going to set an example and the world will be watching." Mr Rogge said the San Francisco leg of the relay was an improvement on the legs in London and Paris, where protests hindered the torch's progress but he admitted it still was not ideal. He added: "We were saddened by what we saw in London and Paris. We were sad for the athletes and the torch bearers. We were sad for the children who watched their heroes and role models booed. "Fortunately, the situation was much better in San Francisco yesterday. It was, however, not the joyous party that we had we wished it to be." In San Francisco, crowds were left disappointed and baffled by a last-minute decision to change the route of the relay. As a result, many people did not see the flame when it was diverted from the original route.
  4. Apparently a plot to kid nap athletes has been busted in Beijing. Just breaking on CNN.
  5. well heres a question from what i gather this bid was set up sometime in 2001 with most of the same people in the Chinese Government and the IOC (that are in charge now). So going on that wouldn't they have thought about somthing like this in the 7 years or so leading up to the games?
  6. Oh lord so your comparing what happened in SF to Chicago 68 this has to be the biggest international flop I have ever seen.
  7. Oh if this is whats going to happen in San Fransico I might wake up early to watch. I liked how the guy who was supposed to get the flame decided to run any way
  8. Now I don't speak French and the whole world could have been going to hell in a hand basket for all i know but it looks like they just turned it off and ran away for no reason the torch bearers didn't seem to know why either. Could anyone explain? Or is it just as it looks and they did it for no reason.
  9. You've gotta love CNN they lead the morning news with torch protest (and some actor is going to be protesting) then Iraq is exploding (again) and then General Petraeus is testifying in front of Congress. So cheery!!!
  10. Well its landed in SF we'll see what happens tomorrow
  11. Wow wow wow. I think thats a bit much they just need to hold there breath and get through the next couple of weeks untill it gets to China then it should be ok except maybe when it gets to Tibet. But this is just a bit to knee jerk for me.
  12. Well if Chicago does get it we'll have a Democrat in office by then
  13. Your right in the fact that the government doesn't have much to do with the games. And to tell the truth I only remember Bush at the Opening Ceremony. But you know people like Cindy Shehan (sp) would try to make an issue out of it (for those of you who don't know Cindy's son died in Iraq a few years ago and she frequently gets arrested protesting). And I think if the relay started off with her getting arrested (which I’m sure she would be arrested within the first week). It might be seen as a "call to arms" and things would get out of hand in cities like San Francisco, Seattle, New York and, DC.
  14. But see people want to relive the 60s they would go "just to be apart of somthing" and to spit in the eye of George Bush. I think there is a level of hatered in liberal areas that there would be a disruption.
  15. Oh the people in SF will be up in arms. They wont want to be out done If they do try to one up London and Paris I think Beijing should seriously consider canceling the rest of the Int. Relay
  16. I think a bunch of people would protest between Code Pink, Gold Star Families for Peace, American Friends Service Committee, and many other groups. I don't think they would go after the torch but civil disobedience yes. Sitting in the street and so on. And if the Police over react like they probably would it could turn violent.
  17. I don't know about that. If it was Boston 2008 and you had George Bush (or others in his administration) having there photos taken with the torch or having any part of the games as the undoubtedly would. People would go nuts even if the relay was only in America. Even if 1% of people protested thats 3 million people do you think that they would all be peaceful? I could see it turning very nasty very fast.
  18. Looks like its back at a differnt point in the relay. We'll see if they can keep it up for the duration...........
  19. It looks like they have either changed the route or just stoped the Relay in Paris. 4 arrested so far.
  20. I just saw on CNN that they arrested one person already. They got some video of her shouting.
  21. Of Corse!! He's just looking for some points because its easy and popular to be against what the Chinese are doing in Tibet. Now I don't know the guy but if he has spent years working on the cause then i will apologize.
  22. Looks like they're expecting trouble in Canberra too they changed the route http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/04/07/sports/AS-SPT-OLY-Beijing-Torch-Australia.php
  23. The mayor of Paris is going to hang a giant banner over city hall in protest as the torch goes by.
  24. sorry i think i might be off by an hour sooo its either 40 min or 1 hour and 40 min
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