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  1. that is true i forgot that that happened PS I think that your picture is wonderful
  2. It looks like the relay through Tibet could be really interesting. "Soldiers and police guarding the slopes of Everest have been authorised to shoot any protester trying to prevent the Olympic torch reaching the summit. Chinese climbers aim to carry the flame to the top of the mountain - on the border of Nepal and Tibet - in the first few days of May. Other climbers have been banned. Guards have been ordered to stop any protest "using whatever means necessary, including use of weapons," says Nepal's Home Ministry spokesman Modraj Dotel. They will first try persuasion and arrests - but if all else fails they will have the option of opening fire. Advertisement Meanwhile officials in Malaysia yesterday prepared a massive security cordon to protect the torch relay against anti-Chinese protests." http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/topstories/2008/04/21/we-ll-fire-to-get-torch-up-everest-89520-20390209/
  3. heh well if thats the case then the BOCOG have no one to blame but them selves its a shame though that it might hurt future relays
  4. I'm wondering if this just an attempt by the IOC to save face?
  5. With the internet anybody here in America can get "west" and "non-west" news. I can do a Google news search and it will come back with articles from all over the world. So how can you say that you get a fuller set of information? I just did a Google search for "Olympic torch" and the articles that came up on the first page were 1. Xinhua, China 2. Tokyo, Japan (through International Herald Tribune, France) 3. Bloomberg (USA) 4. Bloomberg (USA) 5. International Herald Tribune (France) 6. Xinhua, China 7. AP (USA) 8. AFP (France) 9. AFP (France) 10. AP (USA) So I think that we can get almost any news source we want from any country we want.
  6. Wow it sounds like every stereotype that I’ve ever heard for every minority in America I didn't know we exported bigoted stereotypes to Canada.
  7. Give them casinos like we did thats what we did and its been working so well.................... well maybe not
  8. Some problem countries for various reasons: China: Might be angry over there relay but who knows East Timor: Security might be tough Iran: Well America might have invaded by then but who knows Israel: Security reasons Myanmar: Well we know that’s a rough situation Nigeria: Could be a security risk Palestine: I doubt it would be stable enough and the Israelis might not like that Tibet: China probably won’t like that
  9. What's going to happen with the torch relay?
  10. See communism was meant for China!!!! But anyway I'm lazy I would not walk up several hundred stairs for anything. I hope that London will be smarter.
  11. It looks like there will be 15000 cops on the 6 KM route today in Delhi anyone want to do the math on that? That’s like 2.5 per meter.
  12. Well if at first you don't succeed try, try again
  13. Now did things like this happen in the 80 and 84 games? I know there were boycotts led by the USA and USSR but was it this controversial?
  14. I know its more of a knee jerk of mine to question people's motives (especially when i don't particularly agree with them). And I must admit that I am more than a little jealous that they were able to whip people up on such short notice
  15. It seems that these pro China demonstartions are happening all over the world I've just read articals about them in Munich and Edinburgh
  16. Okay question does anyone know if these people are immigrants or are they in Canada (and Australia) on Visas? Or both? And who is organizing these? It all seems kind of fishy. Just looking at the pictures and reading the article it seems to perfect to be a grass roots demonstration.
  17. From what I've read about it, it was going to go through Taiwan but there were a few sticking points politically so it was taken out of the relay.
  18. Oh never that is not an issue that concerns me (that sounds kind of bad but i'll go with it) i was just talking generally. I do more locally oriented things like Union organizing, and helping striking workers, and other more local things. I don't know how much I could really do for the Tibeten people.
  19. ha okay ill be the one to fight for social justice so long as history looks kindly on me and that'll be up to you make sure they put a good picture of me in the history books
  20. Well thats good i'm sure your mom would be happy to hear. I think i'm just too idealistic because there would be several things that at the very least i would spend the night in jail for.
  21. Is there anything that you would offer your bones over? I don't know it seems like real opportunities are rare for that the best known and most referenced that I’ve seen have been Gandhi and his cause in India, and the civil rights movement in America.
  22. Well that is the best way to get on the news and get your cause out there. Why change something if its not broken.
  23. Or maybe thats how many monks they will have jailed by the time the games are over
  24. I don't know i think Athens to Canada is good. With some stops on border towns such as International Falls, Niagara Falls, etc.
  25. Anyone want to take bets on how many people will get arrested in Dar Es Salaam
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