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  1. For 2023, six cities have shown interest. São Paulo- BRA (hosted in 1963) San Juan- PUR (hosted in 1979) Mar del Plata- ARG (hosted in 1995) Rosario-ARG, (never hosted), Medellín-COL (never hosted) Porto Alegre-BRA (never hosted)
  2. Ginásio Tesourinha Capacity 8,000Opened 1988 SOGIPA - Sociedade de Ginástica Porto Alegre It has twelve tennis courts, synthetic athletics track - pools and a sports center with over 14,000 square meters of built area, divided into three floors. Altogether, there are nine gyms for various sports, fitness centers, fitness, medical clinic and accommodations.
  3. More about Porto Alegre Population (2010) • City 1,509,939 (10th in Brazil) • Density 3,030/km2 (7,800/sq mi) • Metro 4,405,769 (4th in Brazil) Time zone UTC-3 (UTC-3) • Summer (DST) UTC-2 (UTC-2) Köppen climate: Cfa Temperature in August: Max: 20,4º C Min: 11,5º C The structure: The Gigantinho ("Little Giant" in Portuguese) is a sports arena in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Capacity 14,586 Opened November 4, 1973
  4. The mayor of Porto Alegre, Brazil also expressed interest and said he was scouted by members of PASO Source (in portuguese) The Current venues of the city: Arena Grêmio Beira Rio Gigantinho Complexo Esportivo da PUC
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