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  1. I think air quality is an important consideration. They had to undertake extreme measures in 2008 just to get passable air quality. I'm interested in seeing how Beijing handles it for next year's IAAF World Championships.
  2. Sports Illustrated has the top five nations being: Norway 35 (13, 12, 10) USA 34 (13, 12, 9) Canada 31 (12, 8, 11) Germany 30 (8, 8, 14) Russia 25 ( 9, 10, 6)
  3. I'm not in favor of including surfing, but a surfing venue could conceivably get a lot of use as part of a water park after the games. It's at least more useful than a velodrome or whitewater canoe venue.
  4. I've been putting on Today in the mornings to try and catch their Sochi stories. I didn't see Vonn at all, but I could have missed it. I did see a story on the mothers of Davis & White.
  5. The new events are definitely North America-centric. Based on the projection, Canada and the U.S. would net an additional 6 and 10 medals, respectively, in events not contested in 2010. Russia would gain 5. Also, if Canada took bronze in the luge relay instead of the U.S., which I think would be more likely, the numbers would be 7 and 9.
  6. I'd like to see the first ever Nordic medal won by a US woman, which is pretty likely, It looks like the first ever biathlon medal for either gender is still a ways away. Also, I think it's time for the women's hockey team to reclaim the gold medal.
  7. There's going to be a lot of pressure on the short program skaters. It's going to be hard for Russia, Canana and the USA to gain a lot on each other in the long programs.
  8. That's not correct. ABC would have shown a taped package in prime time much like NBC does. http://www.deadline.com/2011/06/olympics-will-bidding-be-a-games-changer-for-u-s-networks/
  9. So, for the top five I have Canada, USA, Russia, Japan, and then France or maybe Italy. I don't think UIkraine, Great Britain, or China has any chance, and Germany probably has a small chance.
  10. Looks like Wang Meng is out with a broken ankle. That's a huge disappointment for the Chinese team.
  11. I'm not sure Vonn would be all that interesting on TV.
  12. I watched the team relay World Cup race from Salt Lake on TV yesterday. It was pretty entertaining. Germans, of course, are in a league of their own.
  13. Well, the weather is not going to be all that different from Beijing. That was brutally humid, but everyone managed.
  14. Sound familiar? http://www.smithsonianmag.com/people-places/indelible-olympics-200808.html#
  15. And on the other hand, it's worse for Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, etc.
  16. I'm really thankful that wrestling is staying, but it was a sham for softball/ baseball and squash. Stupid to cap the number of sports while not addressing the addition of disciplines.
  17. The Q&A part is much harder for non-native English speakers. Lalovic's answer wasn't great, but I don't think it hurt the cause.
  18. I'm not sure she could have done better. I hate to see Greco cut, but it may be necessary going forward. Along with more freestyle weight classes All right, that was poorly worded. I meant to say cut Greco, but add more freestyle weight classes (maybe 9 apiece)
  19. No, Rogge cut off the presentation because he thought they were done.
  20. It's pretty clear that the IOC likes wrestling, but dislikes FILA (at least the old FILA)
  21. And they were both terrific. Good choice on the speakers all around by FILA,
  22. Although it's my 3rd choice here, squash really has their act together.
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