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  1. I think air quality is an important consideration. They had to undertake extreme measures in 2008 just to get passable air quality. I'm interested in seeing how Beijing handles it for next year's IAAF World Championships.
  2. Sports Illustrated has the top five nations being: Norway 35 (13, 12, 10) USA 34 (13, 12, 9) Canada 31 (12, 8, 11) Germany 30 (8, 8, 14) Russia 25 ( 9, 10, 6)
  3. I'm not in favor of including surfing, but a surfing venue could conceivably get a lot of use as part of a water park after the games. It's at least more useful than a velodrome or whitewater canoe venue.
  4. I've been putting on Today in the mornings to try and catch their Sochi stories. I didn't see Vonn at all, but I could have missed it. I did see a story on the mothers of Davis & White.
  5. The new events are definitely North America-centric. Based on the projection, Canada and the U.S. would net an additional 6 and 10 medals, respectively, in events not contested in 2010. Russia would gain 5. Also, if Canada took bronze in the luge relay instead of the U.S., which I think would be more likely, the numbers would be 7 and 9.
  6. I'd like to see the first ever Nordic medal won by a US woman, which is pretty likely, It looks like the first ever biathlon medal for either gender is still a ways away. Also, I think it's time for the women's hockey team to reclaim the gold medal.
  7. There's going to be a lot of pressure on the short program skaters. It's going to be hard for Russia, Canana and the USA to gain a lot on each other in the long programs.
  8. That's not correct. ABC would have shown a taped package in prime time much like NBC does. http://www.deadline.com/2011/06/olympics-will-bidding-be-a-games-changer-for-u-s-networks/
  9. So, for the top five I have Canada, USA, Russia, Japan, and then France or maybe Italy. I don't think UIkraine, Great Britain, or China has any chance, and Germany probably has a small chance.
  10. Looks like Wang Meng is out with a broken ankle. That's a huge disappointment for the Chinese team.
  11. I'm not sure Vonn would be all that interesting on TV.
  12. I watched the team relay World Cup race from Salt Lake on TV yesterday. It was pretty entertaining. Germans, of course, are in a league of their own.
  13. Well, the weather is not going to be all that different from Beijing. That was brutally humid, but everyone managed.
  14. Sound familiar? http://www.smithsonianmag.com/people-places/indelible-olympics-200808.html#
  15. So, you would rather follow up one poor decision with another?
  16. I have gone to around 20 Olympic wrestling sessions and have been to 2 U.S, wrestling trials. I also have seen Olympic softball and baseball, and I don't give a crap about squash. I think wrestling belongs in comparison to the other two sports in terms of tradition, international participation, and relatively low logistical demands. I don't think it's even close for that matter. The problem with wrestling really was its governing body. They seem to have gotten their heads out of their rear ends and made a lot of necessary changes, so I would be surprised not to see them back in 2020.
  17. It's actually a lot easier for MLB to accommodate the Olympics than the NHL, but they're too busy worshipping at the altar of the almighty dollar to give up their All Star weekend cash cow and play a few scheduled double headers. God forbid we don't get to see the Home Run Derby!
  18. I'm not comparing them, which is why I asked in the first place. I basically was wondering if Canadians beyond the Toronto area were interested in the PanAms, or if they're apathetic like Americans would be if they were held in the USA. Secondarily, I was also wondering how interest in the PanAms compared to the WWC, which, as I stated, is of particular interest to me personally. I don't think those are unreasonable questions to ask of people on this board. No offense intended.
  19. I was curious because they definitely wouldn't be high profile at all in the states. There was a time when the PanAms were much more popular here, and they actually were televised on a major US network. I remember some classic boxing matches back when the Cubans and Americans were two of the top teams in the world. I'm sure the PanAms would still be a good event to attend if it's in your backyard, but I can't see a lot of people shelling out for plane tickets and a hotel room to attend. It seems like the Women's World Cup is a higher profile event, but maybe that's just my perspective from following women's soccer since I first saw in in Atlanta. I actually will probably try to attend a few WWC games wherever the US team ends up, but I think I'd rather get to Toronto for an Orioles/Blue Jays game than for the PanAms.
  20. Do Canadians in general give a rip about these games? The PanAms are pretty much the junior varsity in terms of the higher profile sports. The only reason I pay attention is that some of the events qualify spots for the Olympics,
  21. Seems like having a round of 16 with a field of 24 is unnecessary. Good selection of cities, though. I'm thinking of going to it, although in 2015 I'm definitely going to Beijing in August for the IAAF championships and Las Vegas in September for the FILA World Wrestling championships.
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