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  1. One thing I don't get is the diffence between the NBC Live Extra mobile app and the nbcolympics.com website. The app is well designed and very organized (well, except for the splash screen locking up sometimes). There's a section for upcoming events and one for replays. Very straightforward. The website, however, is a hot mess. It looks like it was designed by someone who used to work for Facebook. Content thrown out there with no rhyme or reason. Too much content that never seems to stop loading. Waste bandwidth much? The video section of the site seems to decide what I want to watch rather than let me make my own decisions. I can't even find event replays right now. It really is a piece of **** at the moment.

  2. During the Olympics, it will be a 1 hour difference between Rio and the East coast off the United States and Canada. So based on that, I'm sure NBC will go through the motions and do their best to get big events held in primetime. Sure, some coverage in primetime will be on tape and that's fine, but I'm sure they'll do everything they can to get swimming, gymnastics, diving, and track & field held as late in the day as possible. Beach volleyball as well, although that goes until midnight local anyway, so that won't be an issue

    NBC shouldn't have to. Those events are all traditionally held in the evening. My guess is that they might request that the big three (swimming, gymnastic, T&F) be staggered so that they don't conflict with one another. That wouldn't be too hard for the organizers to pull off.

  3. It's like I always say here.. people have a right to be upset because NBC does do a lot of things with their Olympic coverage that serves their bottom line better than it serves their viewers. It just amuses me all the people who are so outraged on Twitter and elsewhere about tape delays and the like and then continue to watch coverage night after night as if they don't care. We all know NBC and Comcast are in it for the money, but every Olympics it's the some rhetoric.. "NBC needs to change their ways or else because this won't work in the 21st century." Well, it does, and it continues to generate huge amounts of revenue for NBC. So they're going to continue to laugh all the way to the bank

    If Ebersol was still in charge, I doubt they'd be streaming everything live. I think he was the dinosaur, stuck in his 90's model. I'm glad Comcast saw the light for London and Sochi. Personally, I don't care as much about the TV coverage now since I can stream the events I really want to see. It seems like the current setup is a good compromise to satisfy hardcore enthusiasts and people who rearely ever watch sports but love the Olympics.

  4. To me, the absolute most annoying thing about Abbott in this team event was his remarks afterwards. Oh, NOW you've had your Olympic disaster, eh? (thought that was four years ago.) And NOW you'll skate well?!?! Tell that to your teammates who have no chance of winning an Olympic medal except in the team event. Total arrogance. I mean, I guess it's the type of thing skaters are used to saying, but in this team event, it's NOT all about YOU.

    Not to mention that this is the guy who could barely get to his opening position at Nationals on time, and then who, admittedly after skating well, went around the arena glorying in his triumph like crazy. I just feel like he has little sense of self-awareness, particularly what he's actually been able to accomplish in this sport.Exc. The team event is his only realistic chance of winning an Olympic medal.

    Totally agree. It should be a good character test for the rest of the team. I still think they can pull out a bronze.

  5. Understood. And yes, I understand it's only the points derived from the ordinals, not the scores that are tallied.

    Was hoping they started with a clean slate in the long. C'est la vie.

    US Figure Skating should've known better than to have Abbott skate. I expect him to meltdown in the singles competition as well. He just projects psychological weakness and imbalance to me -- in every single interview I've ever seen with him.

    The sad thing is that if Ashley implodes too, the US could well not even make the top five.

    They really didn't have much choice since Brown doesn't have a quad. Having only two men's skaters qualify is really a detriment. Max Aaron would have been ideal for the short program.

  6. OK, so who won the Team event?? And then does everyone still get to do their Short Programs one more time before their longs????

    It doesn't end until Sunday. Today was just the men's and pair's short programs. Russia is currently in first followed by Canada, China, and Japan. USA is in a three-way tie for 5th thanks to Jeremy Abbott crapping the bed.

  7. Well here's the good news--the NBCOlympics Live Extra streaming worked perfectly for me today. Absolutely no buffering or freezing at all. A huge improvement from the first several days of the London Games.

    The bad news--the ridiculous number of ads in the streaming coverage. There was an ad after every skater, multiple ads during the warmup groups, etc. In 2012, I was able to block the ads using AdBlocker on Firefox, but this year, I just get a blue screen saying "Coverage will resume momentarily" during the ads. Not happy about that--I would gladly pay for a streaming package that does not include the disruptive ads.

    At least the ads didn't interrupt any action. I had a few problems. Early in the moguls coverage, a "competition ended "message appered and the video was out for about 4 minutes. The good thing is that they tweeted alsmost immediately that they were working on it. I had some freezing for a split second fairly often, which sucks if it happens on a slopestyle or figure skating jump. Also, they're slow to get the link out at the start of the event on the website. Still, it's way better than the old days.

  8. I am still confused about the scoring.

    Does the short and long program scores add to produce final points (10, 9, 8 etc) or is there 8 component scores? Because the Canadian commentators said they expect the winning score to be 33 to 36.

    Maybe they just mean the leading score after the short programs? I not actually sure how the long program scoring works still.

  9. Its basically game over for the Canadian team. Russia will beat us in pairs and ladies and will be one or two places behind in dance. They had to beat Plushenko to have a chance to win.

    Disaster notwithstanding Russia will win gold (and Canada silver).

    I would wait until ladies short is over, but yeah Russia is looking good at this point.

  10. 1. Will there be an 'terrorist' attacks? No

    2. Which nation will claim the first gold medal? (men's slopestyle) CAN

    3. Which nation will claim the last gold medal? (men's ice hockey) RUS

    4. Which nation will win the most gold medals? NOR

    5. Most silver medals? USA

    6. Most bronze medals? USA

    7. Will there be a gay protest? Yes

    8. Over/under 6th place for Lolo Jones? Over

    9. Which nation will win the most medals in the new events? USA

    10. Over/under 6th place for Evgeni Plushenko? Under

    11. White/Davis or Virtue/Moir? White/Davis

    12. Which nation will win the most medals? USA

    13. Which athlete will win the most medals? Fourcade

    14. Will there be a Germany sweep in women's luge? Yes

    15. Over/under 20 medals for the host Russians? Over

    16. Will A Canadian defend their gold medal from Vancouver? Yes

    17. Will any nation break the gold medal record (14)? No

    18. Will any nation break the total medal record (37)? No

    19. Will there be a Bradbury in Short Track Speed Skating (crash leading to an unexpected winner)? No

    20. Kim Yu Na or Mao Asada? Kim

  11. It seemed pretty clear they were going to split the women's programs after Gold said she thought it would be a good idea. I'm not too worried about Wagner, especially with her short this year. She's been a lot more consistent skater this season than Gold.

    I did wonder if they would actually give Wagner the opportunity to test out her new long since she's going with some crazy Frankenstein program that's been worked out in the last few weeks.

    Wagner faltered twice at Nationals, and she said afterwards that the pressure got to her. Not exactly what you want to hear going into the Olympics. I'm sure USFA is praying that she doesn't melt down in the short, given how she made the team. I guess when you get down to it, the only ones I feel good about are White and Davis, which is why I'm only picking the U.S for bronze.

  12. Playing devil's advocate here, but two to three venues less, hundreds of athletes less...a Winter Games without ice hockey would be a step to downsize them, though quite a radical one.

    But if the NHL wants to blackmail the IOC, maybe in turn the IOC could play the bully here just as well...

    No one is talking about cutting hockey.

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