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  1. Kim Yu-Na and Mao had best watch their backs.

    Yulia is not playing games.

    No kidding. Especially with home ice.

    SPOILERS if you don't know the current standings, don't read further!!!!


    This 6-10 scoring now is also taking away tension completely at least for gold and silver:

    Russia has a 7 point lead over Canada before the ladies & dance, but Canada can at the very best only make up 8 points from those two. And we know that's not going to happen,

    While the US is already 9 points behind Canada and thus its only goal must be to save the bronze, which won't be hard against Japan and Italy...

    They need to seriously rethink this event if it is to continue...

    Japan didn't even attempt to catch the US. Not that it was likely, but still.

  2. It can get confusing for non-followers/occasional viewers because some are on their "prone lap" while earlier starters are on their "standing" lap. In the longer races, there will even be 4 shootings, two each, and I think it's also there first the prone ones, then the standing ones.

    Yeah, I always thought it was alternating, but today it seemed like a few athletes did it different. It's a great sport to watch.

  3. The poor judging continues in snowboarding. The athlete who was fourth does a 1080 the first ever in this competition and finishes of the podium.

    So the athlete who lands the biggest trick on the last jump wins? I thought it was slopestyle, not Big Air.

  4. Finland is painfully overdue for another Olympic gold medal. Their last gold medal was in Salt Lake City, and since then they have won eight silver medals (six in Turino, one in Vancouver and one in Sochi). They have been so close so often.

    I didn't realize that. Short days and no gold medals = excessive drinking.

  5. I really thought the speed skating coverage was good today. Robinson and Jansen are a pretty good team. It's not that easy to find enough things to talk about during 13 pairs for the 5000.

    On the other hand, for cross-country it seems as though Trautwig has decided that talking a lot about ski wax is going to be his thing for this Olympics. Yay! Can't wait to hear him beat that to death for the next 2 weeks.

  6. The French Sports magazine L'Equipe is breaking the news that Russia and USA is trading votes at the expense of Canada's Virtue and Moir


    I'm calling BS on that. Do they think it's 2002? It's pretty hard to pull off a fix since the judges' scores are anonymous and they don't know if their score will even count. And it's based upon point not ordinals. No evidence is given of a fix either. Waaaahhh!!

  7. Kevin Reynolds will be skating for Canada in the Men's Long. Which pretty much means Canada will finish 3rd in the men's.

    A lot of Canada's position will now depend on Osmond. I would say that realistically 5th is the best she can do. But, Kostner and Wagner are inconsistent skaters. We'll see. Wouldn't be surprised if Canada only got bronze. We definitely need two 10's from Virtue/Moir.

    I would say Canada will get 19 points from Ice Dance, either 7 or 8 from Reynolds, 10 total from Osmond and 8 or 9 from our second pair. So 62ish points. Russia is probably looking at 70 points.

    There will only be five teams left. Will the placements be ranked 10 through 6?

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