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  1. Yes. Can't leave out the king. Congrats, Germany!
  2. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another record- Demchenko oldest luge medalist ever!
  3. Come on Zoeggeler. One more run into history.
  4. No kidding. Especially with home ice. Japan didn't even attempt to catch the US. Not that it was likely, but still.
  5. Yeah, I always thought it was alternating, but today it seemed like a few athletes did it different. It's a great sport to watch.
  6. I thought I saw the reverse during the competition. Thanks for the somewhat douchey response.
  7. It seems like most competitors shoot prone first, standing second. It seems like you would want to get the more difficult position out of the way when you're not as tired. Any biathlon junkies know why this is?
  8. I readily admit that I don't. But I see scores from the judges that are relatively aligned with each other, so I assume their judging criteria is being followed.
  9. So the athlete who lands the biggest trick on the last jump wins? I thought it was slopestyle, not Big Air.
  10. I didn't realize that. Short days and no gold medals = excessive drinking.
  11. That was a great finish by Cologna. I like seeing an aggressive move like that pay off. I think it's annoying when a skier just drafts off the leader and then sprints by at the end. Not much chance of doing it on this course.
  12. The course is pretty awesome. That lung bisting climb before the stadium entrance has made for two good finishes so far.
  13. I know jack about biathlon, but I'll show some love for Finland and take Makarainen.
  14. I really thought the speed skating coverage was good today. Robinson and Jansen are a pretty good team. It's not that easy to find enough things to talk about during 13 pairs for the 5000. On the other hand, for cross-country it seems as though Trautwig has decided that talking a lot about ski wax is going to be his thing for this Olympics. Yay! Can't wait to hear him beat that to death for the next 2 weeks.
  15. Yeah, that was my thinking. It would give teams the ability to come back on the last day, and it adds more strategy to the overall competition in general.
  16. Looks like Russia and Canada are resting their pairs teams for the individual competition. Medals seem to be decided now barring total disaster.
  17. How about old man Bjoerndalen? Even missed a shot to give everyone a fighting chance.
  18. I'm calling BS on that. Do they think it's 2002? It's pretty hard to pull off a fix since the judges' scores are anonymous and they don't know if their score will even count. And it's based upon point not ordinals. No evidence is given of a fix either. Waaaahhh!!
  19. I think the NBC daytime figure skating crew is way better than the primetime crew. Time for a coup!
  20. I didn't think Kotsenburg's run would hold up. Pretty sweet way to start the Olympics.
  21. There will only be five teams left. Will the placements be ranked 10 through 6?
  22. You're right, Quaker. I had the time difference reversed in my head. Maybe they'll have gymnastics earlier and then show it on tape delay with swimming live. We'll know in a year or so.
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