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  1. I'm not a Vieira hater, but I doubt that she knows a whole lot about obscure winter sports. Expect the studio interviews to be pretty lame. Why not have Al Michaels pull double duty for a night or two? On another note Rebecca Lowe has been great on NBCSN, but I doubt many people are seeing her shift starting at 3 AM Eastern.
  2. If they didn't get any mark for a fall, you wouldn't see very many quads and you would never see women considering a triple axel. I do think that a penalty of 1 point is down in the noise, though.
  3. Fairly surprising win by Tsuper in the women's aerials today. Belarus aerialists have a knack for stepping up their game at the big moments. I love that Lassila went for the hardest jump by far in the finals. She came fairly close to landing it, I'm not quite sure what to think about the new competition format. In a way I like the concept because it brings a more strategy into play, but I'm not a huge fan of just 4 finalists. Maybe 5 would be better.
  4. Pretty mediocre free skate across the board. Really good job by Ten, though.
  5. Given the rate at which the Winter Olympics are expanding, this is entirely feasible by 2026. But the shooting should take place during the run to make it more challenging
  6. Other than being totally wrong and posting in the wrong topic, outstanding post!
  7. Just keep on piling on more and more bodies on top of the sled. Can't wait to watch the quintuple luge.
  8. Abbott skated pretty well after he took a header into the boards. Maybe he should have made that part of his pre-skate routine all along.
  9. Any predictions for the relay? I'm going with GER, RUS, ITA.
  10. That was ridiculous. She got lucky just to make the final and then proceeded to trash it.
  11. It was 2-1 when I switched my phone to watch. By the time the ads ended, I got to see them clearing 7 red stones in the circle. So much for that.
  12. Canada has one kick-ass freestyle team. You really have to build a lot of depth to be successful as a team because of the haphazard nature of the disciplines. I hope whoever is running that program is getting seriously paid.
  13. That men's final was a carnage fest. I think we were all denied an epic sprint finish. Also, I really thought today was going to be the first medal for a U.S. woman. oh well, I guess they still have another chance.
  14. Quaker, now that you brought it up, I remember reading that SI article back in the day, and I also remember hating it when I read it. It's not even worth comparing those times to today. ABC didn't cover cross country, nordic combined, or biathlon then. They barely showed luge and bobsled. Why? Mostly because the US sucked at all of those events. In 1984, the US hockey team didn't make the medal round (in fact, they were putrid that year) and the speed skating team was really weak. Also, it was ABC's practice to never show a speed skating race greater than 1500m (execption for 1980 with Eric Heiden). The only alpine events at the time were downhill, GS, and slalom. The team ski jumping event didn't exist. They actually showed -gasp- hockey in prime time. I also remember them showing Torvill and Dean at least a dozen times in case the 0.001% of viewers following the Olympics hadn't seen it yet. So, I guess 63 hours could seem like an eternity under those circumstances.
  15. Yeah, I was watching it. Done now. Need a nap badly
  16. Damn. NBC's coverage hasn't even started yet and once the second round of ski jumping is over, I'll have seen every event today except for Russia vs. Germany women's hockey. Going to work tomorrow is really going to suck.
  17. My two posts were merged. The "Yes!!!!!! was for Zoeggeler. Demchenko is actually 2 years older than Zoeggeler. Seems impossible since Z has been around forever.
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