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  1. With the way Russia is playing, they will be lucky to get past Finland, let alone Sweden.

    Russia is probably 6th best based on play so far (behind Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA and Switzerland)

    I thought they would kick it into another gear once the elimination rounds began. Not looking so good for them right now.

  2. What redemption for Viktor Ahn! Wins Russia's first short track gold while Korea continues to disappoint in short track. The South Korean President is now asking for an inquiry on why Viktor Ahn (formerly Ahn Hyun-Soo) left Korea for Russia, investigating possible factionalism and favouritism concerns.


    What a drop for Korea. 6 golds and 10 medals in 2006 short track (Ahn responsible for 3 golds and 4 of those medals). 2 golds and 8 medals in 2010. In 2014, so far 0 golds and 2 medals, with only 3 events remaining where they can possibly medal. I'm happy for Ahn and tough **** for the Korean skating officials.

    Not to mention committing a crapload of fouls

  3. Slovenia with a massive upset against Slovakia. Absolutely massive upset. Probably the biggest hockey upset since 1980.

    Sweden also beat Finland in women's hockey. Which is another really big upset.

    I don't think it was that big of an upset. They played Russia tough for 2 periods. Belarus over Sweden in 2002 was more shocking..

  4. Wow, couldn't watch, but must have been really exciting. Great result (bronze for Germany \o/), but no medals for Norway and Russia? What happened?

    Norway had a bad second leg by Johaug and fell 30 seconds behind. They could never close. Bjoergen did nothing as anchor and actually got passed by the French. Just a poor effort across the board from Norway. Finland and Germany pulled ahead after the two classical legs and stayed there through the 3rd. Sweden was about 20 seconds back at the exchange and Kalla ran them down on the last hill and then blew the doors off in the sprint. Germany skied way above expectations. It was good to see them rewarded with a medal.

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