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  1. Well, at least this one wasn't as painful. Not compared to the women's final.
  2. Great result for Ukraine. Canada was looking good until the last station.
  3. What does medal count have to do with it? I'm sure the athletes involved are heartbroken, Well, at least the Germans.
  4. I heard on the radio yesterday that between Tara and Johnny, they packed 18 bags, 22 pairs of shoes, and 10 lbs. of jewelry for the Sochi trip.
  5. Mixed feelings about the men's team sprint. I'm happy to see Finland win a gold medal, but the Germans and Russians definitely have a beef.
  6. I thought they would kick it into another gear once the elimination rounds began. Not looking so good for them right now.
  7. If the Dutch find a way to sweep the two pursuits, that's when I start getting extremely suspicious.
  8. Other nations athletes need to step it up. Denny Morrison did.
  9. The Dutch will be heavy favorites in 3 of the 4 next races and a pretty solid favorite in the women's 5000. This could be one of the biggest dominations in any Olympic sport, maybe the biggest since the start of out-of-competition drug testing.
  10. What a debacle for U.S. Speedskating. The whole uniform thing was ridiculous, and heads need to roll. Congrats to the Dutch.
  11. Time for the women's 1500 and probably another USA disappointment.
  12. Not much drama in the men's relay. A lot of the American commentary was about Norway's woes
  13. Not to mention committing a crapload of fouls
  14. I don't think it was that big of an upset. They played Russia tough for 2 periods. Belarus over Sweden in 2002 was more shocking..
  15. Nice win by Canada over GB in the last end.
  16. Norway had a bad second leg by Johaug and fell 30 seconds behind. They could never close. Bjoergen did nothing as anchor and actually got passed by the French. Just a poor effort across the board from Norway. Finland and Germany pulled ahead after the two classical legs and stayed there through the 3rd. Sweden was about 20 seconds back at the exchange and Kalla ran them down on the last hill and then blew the doors off in the sprint. Germany skied way above expectations. It was good to see them rewarded with a medal.
  17. Interesting piece about the 2 different NBC teams covering figure skating. As I've posted before, I'm all for the new guard. http://www.awfulannouncing.com/2014/february/comparing-nbc-s-live-and-primetime-figure-skating-coverage.html
  18. I generally pull for Canada unless it's not in the USA's best interests
  19. I think Alvarez should have been advanced after taking one to the chops.
  20. Kalla with an amazing Olympian performance in the final leg. Norway 5th??? WTF?
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