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  1. Kelly Clark. 5th Olympics, 3-time medalist.
  2. Germany sucks but Netherlands appears to be the odd team out. I bet they would have advanced in a round robin format like volleyball has.
  3. Two-run downhill? Sacrilege. Also, does the author realize that the distance XC races are just more laps run on the same courses as the other races?
  4. Ho hum. Another one-sided women's Grand Slam final.
  5. Apparently, the bay will not be cleaned up in time for the games. http://espn.go.com/olympics/story/_/id/10948291/official-said-brazil-not-meet-water-pollution-targets-2016-games
  6. From the link you posted, "NBC's production was honest, immediate and technically superb.". That's really the main point I've been making. Given the context of how Olympics were covered at the time, I thought it was by far the best. Not the best from a business standpoint perhaps, but the best in terms of quality. You're free to disagree all you want.
  7. It was in the afternoon on a weekday. I have no problem giving it to ABC about their coverage back then, but there was only three or four hours a night in those days and that was it. And no one in their right mind thought the U.S. would be within 5 goals of USSR, so why would ABC preempt daytime coverage?
  8. I wouldn't say they treated it like weekend afternoon coverage, at least in prime time. There were athlete stories like all the other Olympics and plenty of commercials, What was different was the amount of live events and the coverage of stories like real journalists. They -gasp- showed live swimming in the morning, and then showed some same races again in prime time. Unthinkable after Uncle Dick joined NBC. There were a lot of controversial things going on at the boxing venue, and NBC did a great job covering it. In fact, the Koreans accused NBC of trying to embarrass the host nation. Today NBC is in so deep with the IOC that all you get is fluff pieces. I honestly don't remember a lot of criticism about the coverage, at least any more so than what ABC got. And I just don't agree with you about ESPN/ABC. But I guess it doesn't matter for at least another 18 years.
  9. Because it's part of the Olympic ideal. Are the ceremonies necessary? The torch relay? The art festival? Not really, but they make the Olympics uniquely what they are.
  10. Yeah, let's punish the athletes so that NZ or Thailand can get their international boner on. They're just a bunch of pawns anyway.
  11. The sad thing is that NBC provided the best American TV coverage for the Olympics that I've ever watched. That was going way back to Seoul. By miles. So, NBC could do it, but Uncle Dick's tried and true formula (I guess it's really Grandpa Roone's) apparently gets more soccer moms to watch, so there you have it. Sochi was the first Olympics I didn't attend since Nagano, so I have to say that it's much better now with the cable channels and live streaming. But yeah, I'd love to see ESPN get a crack at it.
  12. I went with Athens and Salt Lake City. For summer, I also considered Barcelona and Seoul. To me, Sydney ripped off Barcelona, Beijing ripped off Sydney, and Rio ripped them all off and made their logo a pacifier to boot. Or maybe it's just a plain ol' nipple. And London is an absolute train wreck. Winter has quite a few good ones. Vancouver was probably my second choice there.
  13. I'm old enough to remember the days when the days when U.S.and Canadian medal counts were in the single digits. Both countries should enjoy their respective current embarrassment of riches..
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