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  1. I would agree with JieJie. My enthusiam to obtain a opening ticket clouded my skepticism ability. In any case, off to Beijing tomorrow armed with some tickets obtained via CoSport but primarilly from good old eBay. I'm sure everone will enjoy the Beijing Olympics. Good Luck Bryce
  2. I would anticipate that thousand's have been scammed on this site, including myself for a opening ceremonies ticket. Really can't believe the site hasn't been shut down. What is needed is a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT aganist the organization with a method of finding as many victims as possible and collectively take these crooks to court! This will continue on and on for future tickets sales if governments don't step up to the plate and stop them.
  3. Any thoughts on Beijng 2008 Ticketing being a legitamate organization or not. I have posted 2 questions on their web site with no response and tried to call their British phone number from the United States inturn receiving a message that it was barred. Thanks for any input on this question!
  4. Recently CNN news indicated all opening and closing tickets would require a microchip with passport number, photo and other security information. Is this really true and how is this accomplished?
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