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  1. Hopefully we don't get Salt Lake Revisited, either.
  2. One for Germany and one for the Netherlands. Who will get it next on the long track? Stay tuned...
  3. The great Dale Begg-Smith's gonna need to up his technique a bit more if he wants to defend his gold and bring another one to Oz.
  4. You know what guys? I even made wrote a song parody dedicated to him: Here it is
  5. But of course, Roltel. And so far, so good for the North American sides in hockey.
  6. Let's try a Super-sized American sandwich in the women's moguls. And J.R. Celski making Filipino-Americans proud. See my topic on that in this section.
  7. I decided to put a little dark humor spin on this whole thing... More...
  8. Hey there. I have been busy with a lot of things: school, work, watching the games and writing on Bleacher Report. Great to see you, though.

  9. is watching the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

  10. Nice site on Seoul, tadeued! :wwww: :cool:
  11. Cross your fingers, everyone... :love: :sleepy: v :hmm:
  12. I was wondering, since New Zealand's government is generating millions of dollars through film companies who choose to make their films here, could that money generated be used to create a possible Olympic Games bid, be it Summer or Winter? If New Zealand keeps generating revenue through this, tourism, and other outlets, surely they should consider taking a stab at building an infrastructure for a possible future games. I think the climate and hospitality would put New Zealand in a good situation. Plus, the events would spread over a smaller radius (for the Winter Games; summer would span both islands), with the Olympic Village in Auckland or Christchurch (depending on which Games the NZOC wants to go for). Mattygs, anyone else, your thoughts on this? They hosted the CG a few times...why not the Olympics?
  13. On my user profile, it says regarding my Member Level, No Information Entered. How do I add my Member Level information to my user profile using the Control Panel? (BTW, thanks for answering my previous question. I apppreciate it. )
  14. Many of our users are posting pictures on posts. This is an example. Now given that, I want to know if there will be galleries created in the future for specific topics that contain pictures donated by these users on this forum. Do we need to ask permission, or do we need some similar/alternative source of red tape clearance to do that? Or is it all this and/or other circumstances?
  15. Hey GB Moderator, I want to delete all my topic subscriptions in my Control Panel, but I don't want to wait for them to expire, and canceling them one-by-one is tedious since I have a lot of subscriptions to cancel. How do I delete all of them in one shot?
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