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  1. Jacobellis is overrated. Pass it on. More...
  2. I wonder how the Reeds will do in ice dance. Alas, we shall save it for another topic, baron.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen... I bring you the Official Vancouver 2010 Doping Thread. Here, you can post articles and news on cheats, cheats, and more cheats. Sponsored by GamesBids.com. We start off our little doping adventure with...Russia. Who else! More... Let's take a look inside...the Doping Lab.
  4. Well, we sure found out one thing at Richmond: the world's fastest speed skaters (doping tests pending) are from East Asia.
  5. I wonder if anyone in the audience at the OC is selling their drum on eBay...?
  6. * USA breaks Nordic Combined drought * Canada gets first gold at expense of Aussie wannabe * Zhao and Shen soar to first after starting first to go on private conquests later on V-Day
  7. Will it be a China, Germany, Russia finish? Or will one of the outsiders launch a surprise attack? Find out tomorrow...on Gamesbids.com.
  8. Fineshot, it's safe to say that a number of those low expectations have been exceeded.
  9. For those three, it was their choice. But as I see it, it was a bad choice for Jason to choose the French, because we all know that the French are solid in disciplines like this and others at these Winter Games in comparison to the USA. I bring this up because a decisive majority of readers on a poll I brought up thought that Dale Begg-Smith was also a reincarnated form of Judas: See here.
  10. I think they were taking into consideration the silvers and bronzes, too. Hence the fact that I said that it's too soon to say.
  11. Mr. X was...back in the days, maybe. Anyway, have Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo started their private conquests in their Whister Olympic Village room yet? I mean, it's Valentine's Day and and they are in good position to finish in the top six at the worst. They can just watch the rest of the small fry in the confines of their own bed.
  12. Too soon to say, but right now, you guys aren't at the top. See here...
  13. Tulsa and fox334, while I respect your responses, my stance on him stays as it is. And it won't budge at all until he decides to jump ship and join the US Olympic Team. If he was born in France and not Missoula, MT this would be a moot point of discussion.
  14. Don't forget that Dale Begg-Smith is now Australia's first-ever Winter Olympics silver medalist. There's another piece of trivia for ya on GamesBids.com, mates. And Tulsa, it's bout time you lightened up for once.
  15. Congrats on the first gold, Bilodeau. All three of my favorites podium here: Canada, Australia, and the US. Perfect.
  16. Well, these guys can learn a thing or two from the ladies on how to hot dog those hills. Live and learn till Sochi, you also-rans.
  17. A good deal of those who were born after 2002.
  18. And Jason, in my view, is a traitor for skiing for a country outside his birthplace.
  19. Bing-o. Looks like you still remember what happened eight years ago.
  20. Or how about this...a podium sweep for the Yanks. That's more surprising than the Hessians getting punked in the American Revolution! Methinks.
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