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  1. Helped a lot -- I'm down to 26 nations without any events. My guess is most did not qualify anyone and will use the 2 athletic 2 swimmer rule. My guess is most will be in 50 m Swimming... Here is what I haven't found yet. Anyone know where these countries will compete?

    Antigua and Barbuda Cook Is. Mauritania

    Barbados Djibouti Saint Vincent

    British Virgin Islands Dominica Sao Tome and Principe

    Brunei Darussalam Eritrea Sierra Leone

    Burundi Kiribati Solomon Islands

    Cayman Islands Laos Somolia

    Central African Rep Lesotho Surinam

    Chad Liberia Tuvalu

    Comoros Maldives


    Antigua and Barbuda: Athletics and Equestrian

    Barbados: Athletics and Swimming

    British Virgin Islands: Athletics

    Brunei: Athletics and Shooting

    Burundi: Athletics

    Cayman Islands: Athletics and Swimming

    Dominica: Athletics

    Eritrea: Athletics

    Lesotho: Athletics

    Suriname: Swimming

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