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  1. Interesting thread, and results as well. Thanks for the info and medal count.
  2. What a fiasco from Brazil, they gave the medal to the US, didn´t even try to win the gold. Bad Brazil, way too many errors.
  3. I believe that the rest of the world did poorly in this Olympics, besides the US, China and the UK, everybody was so bad that let the US win as many medals as they wanted.
  4. Congratulations Panama on its first gold medal in the Olympic Games.
  5. Very bad start for Honduras, too bad, still two more games to go.
  6. Yes, futsal would be a good option, but beach football wouldn´t be bad either.
  7. GUATEMALA Kevin Cordon, BADMINTON Silver Medalist in Panamerican Games 2007, also the flab bearer in those Games.
  8. I will watch the Honduras -Italy game, since I am half honduran, Go HONDURAS!!!!! I am glad Brazil was able to tie Germany in their first game in the Female Tournament.
  9. They included Iraq now, just before Iran. so, probably I will have the chance to watch Guatemala, because probably they will show Iraq here in USA, and being just two after, then, there is a possibility.
  10. I would like to see at leat 2 seconds of each nation, and not 8 minutes of the US delegation. Oh well, such is life.
  11. Nope, both in Athens and Sydney, they did it taped, to show in Prime Time 8 pm east 7 pm central. So they edit what they want, for commercials. Believe me I was so disappointed not to see my country.
  12. I hope NBC shows the Guatemalan delegation this time, we always come after Great Britain and Germany, and being so big, they cut the small nations, bummer.
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