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  1. Okay...so some of you don't agree with my ideas. But even though I said that Americas and Oceania would not be represented, it would anyway, because people would associate the Red and Blue wih those continents. And about the lighting of the Cauldron...it seems more exciting when you see someone that is a potential future Olympic Champion light the Cauldron, lke Cathy Freeman in 2000. However in no way I'm I saying that Muhammed All was a bad choice in 1996,because that blends the older games with the new & current games highlighting the legacy of the Olympics. Again just an opinion, I
  2. I would have liked the Olympic Stadium to having a large opening on the Northern or Southern side...in order for large structures to get in and out of the Stadium during the Opening Ceremony. Although I am gutted that LOCOG don't want ideas for the Opening Ceremony from the public....since they have shown that a closed competition truly allows them to selected the best ideas...as shown by the amazing Olympic Stadium design, and the wonderful Olympic Logo (I'm being sarcastic)...I want to share a few ideas that i would have liked to see in the Olympics.... When the Queen arrives....she should
  3. Hi Moderator I am trying to edit my photo, but I am not sure how I can do this- would like some help plz cheers
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