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  1. Last night was even worse with the Chinese gymnast falling on the vault and still coming away with a medal.

    that's because she had the most difficult 2 jumps, i.e. a much higher point to start with (both 7.7), and she nailed the first one, which got her 16+, and she knelt on the second one, which got her only 15 but the average is still much higher than those who nailed the average difficult jumps which start at 6.5, which is almost 1 whole point lower there Fei's.

    As for the tiebreaker, the Chinese did not invent the rules by the International Gymastics Federation that said if there is a tiebreaker, whichever program is more difficult would win. This rule was set 2 years ago. They are not invented for Chinese to cheat. The same thing happened in the men's vault.... how come no americans say anything about that?

  2. Interesting.... how old do you think that little boy with Yao Ming in the Opening ceremony is?

    To some who judge the Chinese Gymast as underage, they might think he looks like 4-5.... he is 8 years old now. I don't want to bring in this racial issue, but caucasian (and especially those in American women with a diet full of growth hormones), just age much faster... that Alicia Sacranome.... her look on TV can easily come across as late 20's in Asia, when she is only 20. (and on Scarlet Johanasen.... she looks like 30 when she was only 19, and this Cameron Diaz age like 10 years in a few years' time..lol)

    China has 1.3 bllion, say 1%is 26 years' old, that's 1.3 Milliion to pick from... and out this, if nly 1% go developed like a little girl... tha tis 13,000 to choose from. Don't be so sour losers... if you look at the Yahoo Blogs... it's amazing how arrogant some of these posters are, thoguh I am sure it might stand for a tiny portion of the population.

  3. Everyone was faked out - Two Chinese gold medalists are actually, Titanium robots!

    - 14:35 pm EDT (ATPS)

    Breaking News – The spark of truth lit up when RTR reporter Don Wotjz noticed the unusual body motion and “calmness” shown by the two Chinese divers, Wang Xin and Chen Ruolin. During the 10-meter platform synchronization finals in the Water Cube on August 12, while viewers were stunned by Wang and Chen’s unbelievable precision, Don also noticed something overlooked by the overwhelmed audience - the exact same physical profiles that only belong to the twins - but they have different last names.

    Don went on to investigate the histories of these two "athletes". It became obvious quickly that neither existed two years ago, at least according to the international knowledge. In addition, their prior records were incredibly simple, or incomplete. It's almost impossible to find out any past stories about them, if there were truly any.

    The spark of truth became even brighter when Don got hold of a Chinese magazine - Official China Weekly. On the June 8, 2006 issue, there was an article about Hi-Tech robots made for the Olympic Games. It stated that at least two Titanium robots were completed, by HuaWei Technology Corp (http://www.huawei.com). The article didn't specify what the robots would be used for. Given all the Hi-Tech elements shown in the opening ceremony, it's not too much of a stretch that they were made to "divers".

    During the investigation, Don also met an American (Anderson Brown) who was at the Water Cube on August 12, telling him what he saw during the contest. Anderson witnessed a group of five men in a luxury viewing box, with some complex equipments, probably remote control/monitoring device. They were not interested in the dives, except of the Chinese divers. In fact, Anderson recalled, their attention was always focused on the Chinese divers, regardless what else was going on in the Water Cube.

    Don presented his findings to the IOC this morning, along with some other strong evidence yet to be disclosed. Given the inarguable facts, IOC officials promised a thorough investigation.

    No news matches the magnitude of this one. Although previous accusations on the simulated firework or lip sync generated big fanfares, after all they were parts of a performance show, openly announced by the Chinese to the public. But the impact and damage of this one can never be under-estimated.

    Meanwhile, Don has instantly become a hero, and the most famous reporter today. Asked about how he feels, he said: "Great, it helped me getting over the fact that China is sitting on top of my country on the medal stand… I’m also glad that I made it ahead of other people. If I don’t make up this story, they will."

    -Scott Swanson, Beijing

  4. i mean what's the big deal.... i think the BOCOG just have to shut up and not try to please everyone.... what turns out many times to be honest and good intention disclosure always get twisted and get blown out of proportion.

    look at how tight those ceremony Chinese dresses are like, and it would look really awful if the ladies are not in slightest proportion.... eithey way, they can never win... if they look out of proportion, there would be another story of why they look out of proportion.

    Give it up, all the Beijingers.. you guys are wasting efforts trying to please these people.

  5. mhh - that is the reason why I am "concerned" that more and more the reality is manipulated: when such thing is technically not possible then why should we pretend it is possible?

    Since every host wants to outdo the previous host we will see more and more fakes - we should think about if we want that.

    What kind of manipulation is "O.K." - what kind of manipulation is "not O.K."

    The final extreme could be that we will see one day a computer-generated Opening Ceremony...

    No there is a slight difference...my point is, they did not make it up... the 29 fireworks were INDEED fired right before the ceremony, real time, but for techincality reason, they cannot possibly shoot it live stretching the sky of the whole city, so hey used a pre-recording from the rehearsal.

  6. "Little Yang Peiyi’s failure to be selected was mainly because of her appearance, because we were concerned with the interests of the nation"

    I am just surprised. whoever writes this sentence either has some translation error, or was making this up...

    1. i browsed through quite a few Chinese reporting of this Arts Director said, and no where did I find he said they made the decision because of NATIONAL INTEREST... all he said was the girl in TV has better look and the giel who sang has better voice. It'sjust surprising people are making this such a big fus.... and the Financial Times even made an editorial out of this? What turned out to be good intention to give credits for both girls are so blown out of propostion.

    1. if the Arts Director think it's an issue, he did not have to disclose it at all, and no one would even know.

    2. The direction team made an effort to disclose both performers' name, and arranged both girls and their family for interview. If they really thought that was an issue, they did not even have to do it at all. Both of the girls are freinds, and the father of the girl doing the singing had made sure his daughter is fine with it, and indeed she said she is honoured to do any bit of it (of course, some people would say she is only a child, and what can she do. Talking about this.... we have this Daley 14-year old diver portrayed as a ingenious prodigy... and when the same thing happened in China (which it did back in 92 & 96), there were flooding stories about child abuse).

    To me, the media has run out of juicy story to telll (where are the 3,000 masks given to the atheletes now? Was it that live-threatening as some media tried o portray?) and now take things out of context and make a bid deal out on it!!

  7. To some, hands on the heart are equally uncomfortable. Doing it at the right time is fine, but last night, we have this 4*100 americans (Phelps included) on the podium, and they (and all 4 of them) put their hands on like 20-30 seconds before the anthem played and while they were still chatting among each other... it looked really robotic.

  8. There's no story or real progression to any of it. I understand that it's difficult to cram that much history into one hour, but with Sydney and Salt Lake, you at least had a kid serving as your guide who discovered the different aspects of Australian/Utah history along with you as a member of the audience. Were it not for the broadcaster's commentary, I'm not sure I'd be aware of what each segment of the ceremony was meant to represent. Maybe that's ignorance on my part, but I felt a bit distant from what was going on... I wasn't swept up in the discovery of the whole thing.

    I'm not sure if I agree... the scroll-theme is like telling the history of Chinese civilization from ancient to modern world.... you'd see how each segment leaves a mark on the scroll (now the athelete' turn to leave their footprint). This scroll would turn to the big torch.... i am not sure about if the commenter in your country made reference to the officiel media script about what each segment means, but from the TV station that I saw... each segment made a lot of sense, and really captured the key essence of the chinese civilization like the 4 great inventions, arts and culture.

  9. Whatever it is, trust that it will be something spectacular reinforcing the theme of a rolled scroll. That, btw, is an important feature of the opening ceremony theatrics.

    It was reported that the different sections would be linked by a huge rolled scroll on the field, like telling the different chapters of Chinese history..... so I think the scroll would eventually be transformed to become the flame.

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