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  1. that was for the pre-show that started from 7-8, right bfore the entrance Hu and Rogge.
  2. and both placido and the femaile singer are not lip-singing?
  3. for those freinds from UK, is the hair style of the London mayor always like that?
  4. Interesting, and yet it's very nice to see judging on 4 or 5 different sports here.
  5. that's because she had the most difficult 2 jumps, i.e. a much higher point to start with (both 7.7), and she nailed the first one, which got her 16+, and she knelt on the second one, which got her only 15 but the average is still much higher than those who nailed the average difficult jumps which start at 6.5, which is almost 1 whole point lower there Fei's. As for the tiebreaker, the Chinese did not invent the rules by the International Gymastics Federation that said if there is a tiebreaker, whichever program is more difficult would win. This rule was set 2 years ago. They are not invente
  6. Interesting.... how old do you think that little boy with Yao Ming in the Opening ceremony is? To some who judge the Chinese Gymast as underage, they might think he looks like 4-5.... he is 8 years old now. I don't want to bring in this racial issue, but caucasian (and especially those in American women with a diet full of growth hormones), just age much faster... that Alicia Sacranome.... her look on TV can easily come across as late 20's in Asia, when she is only 20. (and on Scarlet Johanasen.... she looks like 30 when she was only 19, and this Cameron Diaz age like 10 years in a few years
  7. Everyone was faked out - Two Chinese gold medalists are actually, Titanium robots! - 14:35 pm EDT (ATPS) Breaking News – The spark of truth lit up when RTR reporter Don Wotjz noticed the unusual body motion and “calmness” shown by the two Chinese divers, Wang Xin and Chen Ruolin. During the 10-meter platform synchronization finals in the Water Cube on August 12, while viewers were stunned by Wang and Chen’s unbelievable precision, Don also noticed something overlooked by the overwhelmed audience - the exact same physical profiles that only belong to the twins - but they have different last
  8. i mean what's the big deal.... i think the BOCOG just have to shut up and not try to please everyone.... what turns out many times to be honest and good intention disclosure always get twisted and get blown out of proportion. look at how tight those ceremony Chinese dresses are like, and it would look really awful if the ladies are not in slightest proportion.... eithey way, they can never win... if they look out of proportion, there would be another story of why they look out of proportion. Give it up, all the Beijingers.. you guys are wasting efforts trying to please these people.
  9. No there is a slight difference...my point is, they did not make it up... the 29 fireworks were INDEED fired right before the ceremony, real time, but for techincality reason, they cannot possibly shoot it live stretching the sky of the whole city, so hey used a pre-recording from the rehearsal.
  10. Techinically, I do not see how hey would even attempt to do it live...trying to shoot 28 footprint firework aerial shots from 1 end of the city to another end strectching 30+ miles in 10 seconds with no tolerance for error?! Give it to Spieldberg or Lucas and see if they would even dare to try, or they would also use pre-made recording.
  11. "Little Yang Peiyi’s failure to be selected was mainly because of her appearance, because we were concerned with the interests of the nation" I am just surprised. whoever writes this sentence either has some translation error, or was making this up... 1. i browsed through quite a few Chinese reporting of this Arts Director said, and no where did I find he said they made the decision because of NATIONAL INTEREST... all he said was the girl in TV has better look and the giel who sang has better voice. It'sjust surprising people are making this such a big fus.... and the Financial Times even m
  12. To some, hands on the heart are equally uncomfortable. Doing it at the right time is fine, but last night, we have this 4*100 americans (Phelps included) on the podium, and they (and all 4 of them) put their hands on like 20-30 seconds before the anthem played and while they were still chatting among each other... it looked really robotic.
  13. Well, cause a lot of the people come and support their own country and once their countries are done with the competition, they go.
  14. I bet at the closing ceremony... the scroll would be closed with some sort of images in these 2 weeks.... and then passed on to London!!
  15. He saved 3 of his little classmates and kept them singing while waiting for the rescurer to come....
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