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  1. OK, first images I've seen of the OC. Had a good night's sleep; didn't bother to lose any sleep over this because it'll show up on Utube anyway.

    From the sound of it, the dragon boat and the Lighthouse idea looks good! And of course, the lighthouse is so appropriate for Singapore...being an island nation and all that.

    Also, love the idea of 1-athlete/country! Hint! Hint to the IOC and LOCOG. That is how to do it!! Actually at the Barcelona OC, they had like 3-athletes per country. Hopefully by Nanjing there were be NO MORE ATHLETES...and that would be the BEST Ceremony ever!!

    Well done, Singapore! Especially the theme Phoenix Nirvana!

    Hope Nanjing to prensent a more original one.

    The deputy director of the Beijing 2008 openning ceremony has showed recently his wishes to direct the openning ceremony for Nanjing , his hometown especially.

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