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  1. The YOG CC's delegation was on their 2nd visit in Nanjing this week. The Rugby and Golf will be officially introduced in Nanjing 2014 before Rio 2016.
  2. Well done, Singapore! Especially the theme Phoenix Nirvana! Hope Nanjing to prensent a more original one. The deputy director of the Beijing 2008 openning ceremony has showed recently his wishes to direct the openning ceremony for Nanjing , his hometown especially.
  3. The organizing committee of Nanjing 2014 YOG will be officially established next Thursday, July 29th in Nanjing.
  4. the IOC 2014 CC is on visit in Nanjing from this wedneday to saturday
  5. Coordination Commission for the 2nd Youth Olympic Summer Games Nanjing – 2014 CHAIRMAN Alexander POPOV MEMBERS Dagmawit Girmay BERHANE Andrès BOTERO PHILIPSBOURNE Marisol CASADO Guy DRUT Lambis NIKOLAOU NOC representative DIRECTOR IN CHARGE Olympic Games Executive Director
  6. thanks gotosy. only the annoucement! the more interesting thing is their presentation, especially their bid video!
  7. If it goes to Poznan, there will be 2012 London, 2012 Innsbruck, 2014 Sochi...... good or bad news for Olympic mouvement? does it spread to the whole world?
  8. J'adore Istanbul! But for the 3rd(if i'm not wrong) appplication, how will istanbul suprise the world? a good question!
  9. anyway, the first bidding city who has launched the bidding site. Speed! how do you think of the bidding book of Nanjing? partialy, of course
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