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  1. Congratulations to Tokyo and Japan!! I know they will host an amazing games. I give hopes for Istanbul and encorage them to continue biding! And thanks to Madrid bid one more time for its great job. Maybe 2032; Who knows!! and of course to all people that spend hours and hours posting here creating funny and exciting moments. THANKS ALL!
  2. MADRID http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYcfKG_DYHI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6UwRC38K18&hd=1 http://youtu.be/IYcfKG_DYHI http://youtu.be/F6UwRC38K18 http://youtu.be/mNjAAbxNDGU
  3. Madrid. By some reasons: 1. A reasonable and efficient model of resources management. This is not because of the austherity of Spain candidacy, this is to change in the futures bids the wrong concept of "the bigger the best". For example, the new candidacy of Washington DC for 2024, that follow this line. Tokyo is not away from this, but they dont make a front speech of this. 2. A way to confirm the end of the recesion and finally to take out the markets fears of South Europe (what concerns to the global economy). 3. A price for the golden Spanish age in the most popular sports, to encorage the rest of the countries to promote sports as Spain did. 4. To illuminate the world with spanish warm, open and happy character, and creativity. Based on barcelona 92', but with a lot of new details and exciting goals. Less budget, but more brain. Spain always look for surprise and to be different. 5. Because of it experience in world greats events of all types and the quality of its existing venues. 6. Because in Madrid you feel like at home, and you can be like you want without fear. 100% fredom at the streets, in venues, in society, not at home. Also is the 2nd capital more secure of Europe (by a Recently European Analysis). 7. Because of its tenacy. It is the 4th time, and all of it with the complete process. that knowing a candidacy from inside I can say that the last year take 90% of thework and effort. 8. Because it is the only Western great european capital that didn't host a games. 9. To boost the city to the world media play and relevance that it deserves.
  4. We need to try to keep calm all of us, those comments are sometimes "normal" in those exciting process, but I don't think he really thinks that. Be happy, my friends!
  5. ALL ARE FROM THE SAME CITY? MADRID, ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW. Views and worthy places doesn't appear in promotional videos.
  6. Two things: 1.- About respect: You don't know me, you don't know my context, or my life, so don't talk about someone or something that simply you don't know, because this is really disrespectful. "I don't want to insult but..." + "very bad person" or "brain evolution didn't go the same for everybody" What lection are you trying to teaching? 2.- About heritage: In the picture of my "signature" appears a monument "El Valle de los Caídos". This place is owned by the Spanish State through Patrimonio Nacional, in which money is spent each year, through all the taxes we pay. It is therefore an place considered for our country and also an architectural and sculptural heritage of high value. Its Basilica is consecrated by the Pope Juan XXIII, and actually is under restoration. Conclusions -So this heritage place is not only legal, but belongs to all of spaniards and moreover, is supported and promoted by the State. Accordingly don't try to show me as a degenerated only because your ideology or opinion, I'm legal. -I didn't expect to discuss because of this pic, and I think this is not the forum. As a Madrid's lover I encourage all of you to visit "El Valle de los Caídos" if someone travel to Madrid, together with "San Lorenzo del Escorial" (are very close) which well worth!
  7. + Host city winner... Madrid + First city voted out... Istanbul and Tokyo + How many voting rounds to decide the winner... One + Which sport will be added... wrestling + Who will be the new IOC president... Thomas Bach
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