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  1. At least it is unlikely that any Norwegian bids will come forward. There are still too many pissed off people from the two previous attempts, and after Sochi the general idea of spending billions on a WOG and hence indirectly supporting IOC has little popular support. If I were a part of IOC, I would now be desperate to get the WOG back to Europe or North America were the real winter sport interest is, or they risk to slowly become less relevant. It is good to diversify, but after three WOGs in Asia (Sochi is also Asian by many definitions) they'd better off focusing a bit on the core w
  2. Clearly, Sochi was the worst WOG ever. Fake arenas, fake host athletes, and shamelessly used in political propaganda by Russia's leader(s). Pyongchang only has the first of these elements, and even if the number of spectators were few even at spectacular events like downhill, the legacy of this WOG will be clearly better.
  3. ^^ Sorry, can't let this go just yet The problem with the GDR program, and probably to some degree Soviet Union and other east block countries was that it encompassed all athletes starting in the teens, although it is unclear if all the athletes were aware of it: http://open.salon.com/blog/lost_in_berlin/2009/08/19/east_german_doping_scandal_refuses_to_die http://articles.latimes.com/1989-07-15/sports/sp-3016_1_east-german http://www.runnersweb.com/running/philip_hersh1.html http://www.atlantic-times.com/archive_detail.php?recordID=1954 Katarina With was part of the Stasi system.
  4. I am not sure what we are discussing anymore. DDR in particular, but also other east block countries including the Soviet Union had doping programs for their athletes. Some other countries and sports also have had serious doping problems, like Finland in cross country skiing and professional cycling in general. Of course this was not a fact that was pleasant to digest for some Germans, but hopefully most Germans now agree that medals won under such circumstances are nothing to be proud of. Even the Russians now at least officially try to phase out the "everybody else does it" argument (but
  5. When Bjørndalen does not win it is usually because hi makes mistake in the shooting. He has consistently been the best skier among the biathlon skiers save perhaps Berger (who almost always shoot badly). But yeah, surprises happens, that's why we care to watch. But when it come to the afore mentioned countries, organized doping in the past has been proved beyond doubt, and in the case of GDR and Finland at least, confessed. That is something different.
  6. In every sports, yes, but not anywhere. I am not naive, but the possibility to hide it is much greater if doping is organized at a national level. That has clearly ever been the case in for instance Norway / Sweden, and , afaik, the only winter sports athlete from Norway / Sweden that was ever busted for doping was a Norwegian ski jumper a couple of years ago who was busted for THC /cannabis (clearly not making him a better ski jumper, the guy has had some serious personal issues). For not many years ago there was hardly any control in many countries, and none what so ever regarding blood
  7. Oh, by the way, the last couple of days have indeed been brilliant for Norway, and in particular for my own home region: Trøndelag kicks butt! Norway has (temporaliy, I believe) passed Germany on the medal tally with 5 golds. As discussed by the above article, Trøndelag alone, which includes Trondheim, has taken 4 golds and 7 medals total, enough to place them at third place in the medal tally if they were a country of their own! And still the largest medal hope, cross country skier Petter Northug, has not really started, and we have the potential of winning many more medals in the week t
  8. If I were German, I would distance myself from the muddy medals of GDR/DDR as much as possible. Their sports program was ethical outrageous and a disgrace for the olympics. I wonder how many more medals countries like Norway and Sweden could have won during the "black" 70s and 80s and even during the 90s if their athletes did not meet "athletes" from countries with organized doping programs like GDR (not 90s in that case), Soviet Union / Russia and Finland. For instance, from 1968 to well into the 80s the by far best skier in the world cup was Oddvar Brå of Norway, but at each championship
  9. Ich finde, dass mehr Deutch in dieses Forum ganz Spass würde, als ich mein Deutch 20 Jahre nach Schule ganz schecht ist....
  10. I do not think LiuTian's posting should be ignored If you were a bit more polite, more people might care about what you are writing. You of course know more about China than me and most other people on this forum, but the problem in China is that only state-sanctioned news and other information is allowed, so how could you really tell facts from fiction? While these "facts" are clearly not clear cut, as Tibet had autonomy and sometimes were entirely out of control by the Chinese for large parts of this period, certainly 1911-1949, I must ask you: What is your point? What people are mo
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